Supreme Court

In addition, the appointment of the new judges of the Supreme Court of more liberal than their predecessors, who shall be elected for life by the President, in replacement of which will be leaving his post because of his advanced age, will outline a progressive trend difficult to change, which will affect the operation of the entire legal system and moral architecture from the insignificant to the most complex. If instead of superficially speak of politics, people listen to those who know, and were instructed about who are the candidates, would be eliminated problems that will affect them their economy, their health, their education; and it will disrupt the lives of their children, their grandchildren and the rest of her offspring for generations. Politics is momentous, left deep footprints, often of for centuries. Leftist, or on a more sinister level and paranoid stubbornness but not disposable, the Obama conspiracy is of such magnitude, that this may be the beginning of the end of the United States as a superpower. The great civilizations that reached its sunset, never again to get up. The Romans are not Italians today, the same goes for the Greeks, Britons, Spaniards, and all those who brandished the glory torch for a while which was thought invincible.

The only aspect in favor of the United States, is that its people are faster than most realize their mistakes, recognizing them and remedy them. Only that virtue can make that their society possibly recovers from this ill-fated experience, when the Republicans regain power in 2012. Almost three years of democratic government ahead in which it is very likely that live international wars, violent internal conflicts and unpredictable misfortunes remain. And all for not wanting to hear.

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