Susan Boyle

When President Peron returned from exile to meet a new mandate wisely said he was convinced that his government was not very good, but, like all who followed him had been worse, had managed to put yours in first level. A truth that did not end with his life. All that remained inexorably ruled after bad. And it has not imported at all, they were right, left or center. All that is good policy in Argentina is that when you learn a name and not have to spend more time learning neurons.

The same listen for generations. Its staying power is eternal. Returning to the beginning of this press release, with this change I made in my life I could change one of the errors, the place of his birth. And I'm not implying by this that the politicians of other countries are good. Only the assertion is true with respect to Peron government. They are not, but compared to the ones I met all my life, become the best.

Unfortunately I could not change the time. But upon arriving in Europe with access to personal knowledge of the technologies has allowed me to transform this last stage of my life and made me live in this time as if it were younger than I am, so somehow, and although either in a metaphorical way I could also change. That's why I wanted to re-emphasize that it is never too late to start a new life. Today, I feel like that person who was born in the wrong body and thanks to surgery becomes what it really wants to be. I started a new life although considering my age, not many people had been animated. And of course I'm happy to have achieved. Of course I can not pass as Susan Boyle of being an ugly duckling to a sophisticated lady. My hand does not have that magnitude. But though I feel small achievement. I managed to fulfill my dream. " And thanks to all those people who read my news I feel I have found a new profession, so that somehow I have changed my time on it, so I can confirm that I really have started a new life.

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