Integrated System

It sees if, therefore, that with the advent of Law 8987/95 that it regulates the justinian codes of concession permission, the difference practically enters these does not exist more, time that the permission left to have legal nature of administrative act, passing the administrative contract, as well as the concession. The INSTALLMENT OF the SERVICE OF COLLECTIVE TRANSPORT OF $FORTALEZA the delegation of the installment of the public service of the city of $fortaleza was made to the private initiative for the regimen of Concession. The private initiative generates this public service, but it does not make it to its exempts alvedrio. The city hall, through the ETTUFOR, manages and fiscalizes this service. Valley to remember that the ETTUFOR is today a total public company. In 1990, a cooperation accord was signed technique enters the Municipal City hall of $fortaleza and the Company of Transporte Coletivo (CTC), making possible the delegation of the planning activities and operational control of the System of Public Transport of Passengers for bus for the CTC. It had a concern with the renewal and systematic inspection of the fleet of bus and with implantation of the managemental and operational control, as well as with the routine services of maintenance of itineraries and sizing of the lines of existing buses. To complement the system of operational control they had been implanted, in strategical points of the main corridors of public transport, a set of control cabin, in which employee of the CTC they inside verified and they controlled the ticket of the buses of the specified schedules, making possible the verification of the data informed for the Operting companies. (Source: Paulo Coelho). Parallel to the works of implantation of the control and management of the System, the project of the Integrated System of Transports was developed, that had as main action the inauguration of the Terminal Antonio Heifer and the Terminal of Messejana.

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Emilio Pucci

Of certain form, Italian designer revolutionized the fashion of years 1950 with an unknown concept of the union between the formal suit and the esportivo suit. Its intention was to free the woman of the heavy and bothering clothes, facilitating day-by-day of that they started to enter in the work market. It already if had become, still in the years of 1950, a phenomenon of fashion, as much in the Europe how much of the other side of the ocean. Figura1: Print of Emilio Pucci. Source: . In accordance with LACERDA (2008), in 1951, Pucci came back toward Florena and made its first parade. The scene could not be more perfect: palace of the family, who if also transformed into its ateli and the headquarters in grife.

Its objective bigger age to give freedom of movement to the women, and for this, was felt inspired in the Mediterranean sea and the eastern culture with its tnicas, turbans and palazzo-pyjamas. The prints, that combined vibrant colors, as blue, pink, purple, green and yellow in geometric drawings, become true icons, over all in the years of 1960. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Amazon. It is not to toa that Pucci was known as ' ' Prince of estampas' '. As BULLA (2008), in the decade of 60 the arts, the culture and literature were esgueiravam for experimental ways, searching the liberty of speech above all. The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Motown and Andy Warhol had been the pioneers of these changes. These revolutionary airs had also dominated the fashion.

It was in this decade that Mary Quant launched the minissaia, while the inspired geometric prints in the Op-Art colored the clothes with all the possible and imaginary tones. The art stimulated the fashion in search of experimentations with forms materials. This was the time of the psicodelismo and op-art. Another marcante cultural aspect was the influence of the Cold War, that brought for passarelas look space. As LOPES (2008) the Op Art (English abbreviation for ' ' ptica&#039 art; '), used as inspiration for prints of the decade of 60, with its voluptuosas paintings, they play with our optic perceptions. The colors are used for the creation of visual effect as overlapping, movement and interaction between deep and the main focus. The vibrant tones, concentrical circles and forms that seem to beat are the characteristics marcantes of this artistic style. With virtual movements, using plain objects and geometric forms. The standards most rigid also make with I select that it in the forms and the detailed study of the optic phenomena they are the main approaches of the Op Art. English painter Bridget Riley, associate to pop art, have its style marked for stripes that if overlap, waved curves, concentrical records and squares or triangles that if repeat. Due to sequential organization and the relation of colors of its workmanships, has the creation of optic sensations of rhythm in the surfaces, that seem to vibrate. Figura2: Bridget Riley, Descending, 1965. Source: . Use of these forms and others had been sufficient

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The Success

Each professor must look for optimum to be able to make to its contents it work and having advantage. For certain he does not have doubt of that education favors the understanding in the way as if makes science. The professor engaged in task to teach will see that the experimental lessons can become a privilegiado instrument students to learn them: Observar; Discriminar; Organizar; Classificar; Medir; Experimentar; Avaliar. It is possible that same in a school with little experimental tradition the pupils pass: Desenvolver innovative abilities and techniques; Passem to use and to calibrate instruments; Passem to use a microscope; Possam to prepare solutions. To propitiate to the student concrete experiences that extend its capacity to establish relations and to understand concepts and principles. Propositadamente must be given priority so that the pupils start to understand me the propitious mentos for the valuation of the life, in its diversity, and the important development of the attitudes and valores, in science and the collective work.

4 SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENT Despite it has discords how much to some of the cited aspects, justifies the use of the experimental activity as resource capable to assure one efficient learning of the pertaining to school contents. Thus, the experiment can be carried through by the professor, as demonstration, and for the proper pupils, according to a script more or less detailed and previamente elaborated. The experiment must have a previous assay, must be carried through of anticipated form for the professor in order to guarantee the success at the moment of the execution. As general rule first it is used to explain the subject aiming at to introduce and to explore the subjects and, mainly, to motivate the pupil on ' ' que' ' he will be boarded. Of beforehand it must be thought and to have an inductive character, where the students can control 0 variable and discover or redescobrir functional relations between them, or deductive, when they have the chance to test certain predictions of the theory.

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