1) Observe the correct tire inflation pressure, you should check the pressure in the wheels, 2 times a month 2) Keep clean the wheel of your car 3) Apply to clean the tires a special air conditioning 4) Examine the imbalance of tire at least in once a week. 5) Always keep the back wheel in the proper inflated state. 6) If your car is aimed tires, the back wheel is better to have that installed on the right side of the motion vehicles. 7) Strive to always carry a kit for rapid tire repair puncture: a special awl kit repair harnesses. 8) Avoid using tire sealants 9) You should always have a set of jack and pump.

10) It should be remembered that having spaced rubber, movement of the car changed dramatically. 11) To improve the exchange rate stability rear-wheel drive car company Pirelli recommends that you install on the front axle tires with directional the figure, the rear axle tires with an asymmetrical pattern. 12) Since producers of automobile tires are constantly updating their model series, we will advise you to seamlessly update the model used by you at your car, have to update them in pairs on the axis. 13) If you have a car kit is an asymmetric tire, for even wear rubber, we advise you not less than two months to change it on the diagonal. 14) If you have a car worth set of directional tire, for even wear rubber, we advise you not less than two months to change its axis-keeping its focus. 15) Check and follow the correct torque the wheels of your car remember that the tightening wheel runs diagonally to the desired use of a torque wrench. 16) Try as much as possible to make an external inspection of your wheels! 17) Remember that the use of low-profile rubber detrimental effect on the suspension of your car with the quality of road surface in our country!

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Western European

Under the new decree of Vladimir Putin in March will be issued amount of 50 thousand rubles for recycled cars. The order was given to the head of the government, again headed, but Minpromtorga invited to begin the payment of such subsidies since March 15, because at this point would be to prepare all necessary documents. But then broke a stormy debate over the timing. Mr Putin said: "And why the 15 March? Let's March 8. Strictly speaking, this debate and over. So, ladies, on the feast you can make yourself a nice gift. Apparently Prime Minister specifically timed the beginning of the resolution to this remarkable number.

If you dwell on the program itself sharing the old car (made before 1999 inclusive) for money, you should say that it is based on Western European counterpart, launched in last year and allowed to slow falling sales "iron horses" on the national markets, as, for example, in Germany and Slovakia, even to raise them. To take part in it, the owner of cars older than ten years to write authorization for disposal of car dealers, admitted to the program of the Ministry of Industry, and pay for his services (amount varies by region, but does not exceed 3 thousand rubles) There are several prerequisites: rentable car should be owned by the owner at least a year, to be staffed, not enrolled in a serious accident or theft. The dealer, in exchange will give the owner a certificate for a discount of 50 thousand rubles. to buy a new car Russian assembly.

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Protective Devices

The world's first car appeared on Jan. 29, 1886, when engineer Karl Friedrich Benz was granted a patent on the crew with a gas motor. Since the advent of the first car passed over a century, and throughout the history of development automotive industry has been and the evolution of car protection, which has always contributed to professional activity of the robbers. The first mention of the road offense can be considered documents dated 1896 year with published by the circumstances of automobile theft, which occurred just a decade after the invention of the automobile with internal combustion engines. According to historical records, on June 8 in Paris, from the personal garage Baron Julien lost automobile Peugeot. Stealing a registered French gendarmes considered the first in the history of automobiles.

At the beginning of xx century, the most appropriate remedy is a mechanical lock the car. As a rule, they were enduring mechanisms (connectors, pin locks, fork), is installed on the steering shaft, wheel, door locks and hood. Mechanical anti-theft device (MPD) were originally external and required no special setup, but in what the advantage was given to embedded mpu, as they were more reliable and have smaller dimensions. And if at the dawn of motoring lpa was effective mechanism to protect the car, in the second half of the twentieth century, the availability of these devices was insufficient to raise ugonostoykosti machine. Replaced by mechanical means of protection came electronic security system. In World War ii, many governments have banned the production of automobiles for civilian use.

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