Natural Cosmetics Elfarma

Get gifts for buying aromatherapy gift sets for relatives in December! For purchase in our shop two gift sets ‘Aromatherapy Elfarma’, you get a set of mini-plugs for the oil burner. * High five! In December every fifth item in your order you will receive a discount 40%! * Free Shipping! When ordering we will pay 1,500 rubles postage. Attention! You can use only one of the actions: ‘Give me five! ” or “Free shipping!” Internet-shop of essential oils and natural cosmetics Elfarma: / price since 2001 we have been manufacturing and selling of goods for beauty and health: essential oils cosmetic oils natural skin care products dietary supplements in our online store you can buy essential oils and cosmetics, medical cosmetics, dietary supplements and for the treatment of joints. In December and January in our store There are special offers! Minimum order is $ 100. The delivery is by mail of Russia – COD. Delivery cost is calculated in accordance with the tariffs of the Russian Post, on average – 180-200 rubles. This option is convenient because the purchase price to pay when receiving the goods at the post office. Any risks are absent. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs is often quoted as being for or against this. In the mailbox will bring notice of the parcel. Next you will need to come to the post office with a passport. If you live in Moscow, to order our products with home delivery is possible in Internet pharmacies: How to order: select the desired item, and specify the number of fill in order form at the bottom of the directory on your E-mail a letter with information about buying, please reply to him to confirm the booking manager will contact you to discuss the details within 2 days after order confirmation we will send you a package at a specified payment is made at your post office upon delivery.

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Youthful Skin Care

Many mothers and grandmothers are confident that young skin 13-18 years did not need any maintenance, they say, the skin young and she knows what she needs. But it is not so, especially not if you live in a big city, and just in the city. Main problem in the care of young skin, this facial cleansing. Because at this age often and "get out" all the problems of the skin, and dark spots, and blackheads, acne and many other "joys of life." First you need to choose the right tool for the cleansing the face. For even more details, read what Sen. Sherrod Brown says on the issue. This must necessarily be a means for washing, which is necessary to use 2 times a day – morning and evening. It is good to cleanse the skin, relieve it of various contaminants. Richard Blumenthal shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. You then need to clean the skin lotion or jelly, be sure without alcohol, that would not have overdry. Now many girls in 13 years are beginning to use make-up, of course possible, better to avoid it, but even if it does not avoid was okay.

The main thing, again, properly and thoroughly clean the skin at night. Makeup Remover Lotion is best to use, then sure to wash and clean the skin with lotion or other cosmetic milk. Cream with any active additives in this age should not be used, the skin itself is able to provide themselves with all that she needs. It is recommended to use protective creams in cold and windy weather, too, other times you can do without them. If the skin is problematic, and often appear on her rash, you should use special masks with clay. They help to "pull" of skin contamination and to eliminate them. If you want to use some cream, it is not in any way, "Mama." It is better to buy this cream from a series of special youth. All possible means of skin care can be purchased from an online store with cosmetics home delivery.

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