Green Orange

If you treat people to the traditional view of things, the classic and conservative at heart, prefer a calm and classic color solutions in the situation and choose to complement, rather than contrasting colors: red, pink and yellow Violet-mauve-pink yellow-lime-lime green-yellow-blue light-green-blue-aqua All colors in the interior will look good with a classic silver, gold, white and beige. Contrasting combinations color in the interior fit people who always go to all new and unexplored. These colors are: Yellow – purple or violet Lime – Purple lime – Pink Red – Green Orange – celadon Egg yellow – blue in the apartment should be a corner where anyone can relax, calm down, and conversations will always soulful. To create this environment prepletayte orange, terracotta, red color in the interior of combination with tones of sand, and yellow. Only under these notes of color you will achieve the desired effect.

If the room is designed for relaxation and comfort – the best way to mix colors in the interior will be cold and plexus warm calm palette. Blue, blue, sand and pale yellow in the interior will give a chance to rest and gather the necessary force to restore and soul and body. This room will seem spacious and filled with peace. These particular colors of the interior will allow you to create even a tiny room of a wonderful continuation of the apartment, which will be comfortable and useful. Before to determine the color of the interior, you'll first need to find out what deficiencies need to hide in the room?. What should be done about it? What are the benefits you want to select? For this is all possible combinations of colors in the interior. Any premises, with the help of a chosen color and the color scheme, you can visually increase or decrease, depending on what we need. Hide all the flaws in the room and bring to the fore all the positive aspects this room.

To create a small space the effect of a high ceiling, more space should be used cold colors mixed with bright colors in interior design, but the warm dark shades, on the contrary, uncomfortable large room, turned into a comfortable and warm environment. Before you select range of color combinations in the interior to specify the appointment of the room. In the kitchen, where the whole family gets together, it's best use warm palette and bright colors, because it increases the appetite and can recover, lost for the day, life force. If in the interior of the kitchen used a mixture of bright and cool shades, they will contribute reduce the number of food intake and thereby influence the process of losing weight. Which color in the interior of a bedroom is required? No definite answer. Colour design environment of the room chosen by the people. There are the influence and age, and lifestyle. It is believed that cold tone is preferred by people who want to relax in the bedroom of life's problems. But the cheerful shades bedroom – red, yellow, beige, terracotta need people seeking physical pleasure.

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Foreign Ministry

Tiles of fireclay. From time immemorial man has learned to handle the clay, using it to facades of dwellings, ceramic manufacturing, and even creating works of art. In Ancient Egypt masters created items such as sculpture, fireclay tiles, which have remained intact or natural disasters, nor time. Ceramics, which were made from these products, which have reached our times, are the monuments of ancient architecture and architecture. Mankind is constantly searching for more durable ceramic compositions. In the middle of the XIX century in the architectural world, the term appears fireclay tiles. C the mid XX century tiles is actively used in the design of exteriors, garden sculpture and finish the facade.

In many European countries chamotte is used as cladding for building facades, and for cladding fireplaces, arches and other interior items. Sample of fireclay tiles is the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. In Russia, the apogee of the use of fire clay tile was in the mid-50's and was embodied in such famous buildings, such as hotel Ukraine, Central Grocery, the building of the Foreign Ministry. Prospect Mira, Kutuzov Avenue, Arc de Triomphe. Standing for more than half a century, fireclay tiles, has not lost its appeal and greatness. Neither rain, nor frost did not affect the facades of these houses, what is the best sign of quality fireclay in the Russian climate. Products made of gypsum plaster moldings.

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Doors Economy Class

According to the masters – the most popular doors in the country. Today, the world crisis and every other person draws our attention to the price. Doors – this is not the bread which is eaten during the day and the next buying a new one, no. Doors – purchase for many years. And the selection of such goods should be treated very carefully. When it comes to interior doors, most buyers say they were not ready for them to put a round sum, and would prefer something relatively inexpensive but good quality. On the other hand, when the consumer plans to select a door to an economy class, he really did not even pay attention to the particular operation.

Our business is to remind you that the main function of the door – heat. And, of course, acoustic. Here's a question of him often does not even arise. It would be nice to always remember that content and material is strong enough influence on the characteristics of isolation. Thus, even If you decide to buy an inexpensive door model economy class – the interests of producers and stuff. What is the difference between the outer door of the interior? Outdoor protect the home from uninvited guests, and the doors between rooms simply separate them (sometimes cold rooms from heat, used to be impractical, quiet and noisy). What are the doors of an economy class? They consist of frames and filler.

Immediately turn your attention to the quality material from which the door is made. Rama – the basis of the framework. It will be very unpleasant if it turns out the bad stuff spoiled what is responsible for the stability and normal functioning. Doors may consist of particle board, and may from MDF. By itself, the frame – not too reliable, so it needs to be filled. What is the importance of the filler? It provides better sound insulation and protects against thermal effects. Most often for these purposes used a very tough paper, which is resistant to pressure. The better it is dried – the stronger will be the door. It is foolish to think that the door of an economy class entirely ineffective. They are slightly worse than conventional doors, but have little Wt. Buying a door, you will significantly save not only the product itself, but also in the transportation and installation.

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