' MINIMUM WAGE – SANTA CATARINA? 2010' ' Welinton Dos Santos is economist the minimum wage of Santa Catarina, approved in 10 of September of 2009 and that it entered in vigor in the State in 1 of January of 2010 587,00 R$ 679,00 go of R$. They had been contemplated the new minimum wage of Santa Catarina, professionals who are not enclosed in collective agreements or convention of work. To had been all benefited 400 a thousand workers, although protests of the FIESC? Federacy of the Industries of the State of Santa Catarina. In year of implantation it is normal to have protests, but all will be benefited to the medium and long run, with increase of the income of the worker who generates greater local consumption. Contact information is here: Amazon. The workers of the sectors of: tourism; agriculture; cattle; extrativista industry and improvement; it fishes, beyond house servants, civil construction, motociclistas, motoboys, employees in the urban transport (except drivers) and of documents and small volumes, they will have the floor of R$ 587. Already the minimum of R$ 616, engloba diligent of the industry of clothes and footwear, wiring and weaving, leather devices, paper, deliverering and selling companies of periodicals and magazines and used in boards, ambulant periodical salesmen and magazines, and employees of establishments of health services, companies of communications and telemarketing. The workers of the commerce, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, cinematographic sector of feeding and the floor are of R$ 647,00 Employees of the metallurgic industries and mechanical, ceramic, glasses and derivatives, graphical, private insurance companies and capitalizaton, data processing, establishments of culture, assistant of administration, drivers are of R$ 679,00. THE ALESC? State legislature of Santa Catarina approved in urgency character the subject for if dealing with benefit for the State, for the population of benefited low income, that transforms the reality social of the resident people, benefiting disorganized workers, not contemplated for accuseds, although not to englobar terceirizados and the public officers, but it is without a doubt an inductive mechanism of social and economic development..

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Economic Activity

Since November last year Chile began to reflect a sharp downturn in its economy that has maintained until today. One of the first signs of contraction was the fall of IMACEC (Monthly Indicator of Economic Activity) by 1.1% annually in November. However, the deepening of the crisis led to February this year the index is accentuated contraction to 3.9%. For its part, industry is showing trans-Andean consecutive falls since October, which in February stood at double digits (-11.46% on-year). 70% of Chilean exports are based on the copper market, after experiencing record highs in mid-2008, fell 65% last December and later recovered somewhere in the lost-21.8% since then. In this context, foreign sales fell between April and December last year 46.9% but, unlike the price of copper, not recover in the first two months of year but lost by 9.4% in value. To recover from this economic debacle, Chile may rely on two separate instruments.

On the one hand, the price of copper and the other interest rates. As for the price of copper, Chile is facing tax prices in the international market. For 2009 is expected to recover metal value but does not return to 2007 levels due to a drag effect that will suffer during the first half of this year. However, it is expected to recover value for 2010. Thus it is evident the high vulnerability of the Chilean economy against the international context because their incomes depend mainly abroad. Moreover, since the beginning of the year the Bachelet government is implementing a monetary policy of reducing interest rates. The TPM (Monetary Policy Rate) ended the year at 8.25% in March and is already at 3.27%. According to the Central Bank of Chile, would reach only 1.5% in December 2009. From the official agency, but it is expected that 2009 be a year that ends in a 0.5% contraction in gross domestic product and inflation of 1.8%, by 2010 it is projected that economic growth will reach 3%.

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Great Forces Affecting Market Prices

Then it is inconceivable that the great forces of the market is that prices have spoken. What has intervened is the need to feel secure before the wily attacks of Zionism who works for the policeman, is a double-barreled shotgun, but as the world policeman preaches peace, is supporting the Zionist Agreda all Islamic nations and the other felt the need to protect all Moslem nations to buy her deceiving arms so your attacker can protect themselves from enemy. If you do not have this need, the Islamic nations have made great strides made without running after the deceptions of the officer and his partner Zionist. Focus on oil is the one who decides international trade has its edges, as we know fuels of biological origin are entering a period of scarcity and if discovered, would not be enough to cover international demand, as some countries are being targeted in their replacement. Alternative fuels. Entry also dangerous to use some varieties of species for the production of fuels or also known as biofuels, especially from corn and soybeans, which are foods high global demand for food, it is entering a trend very Most dangerous for humanity, for his position to increase malnutrition and hunger in more than half the world population that is coming to meet the three third parties who are suffering hunger.

The funny thing is despicable and Mexico to name as democratic. Narcocracias did not know that they are democratic. As we know the World Narcocracia in Mexico has great operational and financial bourgeoisie in this country, as is also the Gran Colombia, in both countries the structures of drug trafficking to the marrow have corroded the political system, finance in these countries and because not to say cultural, intellectual voice as none has raised its voice in protest of the state lumpenisation and especially politics. Where Peter excels as his house of business ties of predation by the lives of thousands of millions of young people worldwide. And it’s ironic that as talk do not win the rich who want to make up their businesses with the lives of young people mentioned incompetence wins the state distributes to the needy. Tremendous mistake or delirium tremens of his mind. Are there other civilizations more civilized and uncivilized? Another contradiction because we have to have the perspective to analyze them all and still our perspective is limited by our Terms of origin, but if we understand from the Western scale we will see as backward, but they will see Westerners as worn, no technology can decide this variable, the size of the child Alvarito calling uncivilized pope as their ability to coexist with nature rather surprising capacity for self-destruction of the West is also amazing, not only Western man wolf man himself, if not just for himself.

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Understanding Venezuelan Instability

No one tests the depth of the river with both feet. Venezuela currently manifests turbulence scenario, which can not be ignored, especially by its citizens that face and that has led to instability, insecurity, risk in the economic, political, social, requiring actions, programs, plans from well-defined the current revolutionary government under the administration of President Lt. Colonel Hugo Chavez, who has been proposed as it is doing, introduce the XXI Century Socialism. This no doubt has caused serious problems in the population who were not prepared to deal with this change is to institute, where the inhabitants were accustomed to living within a capitalist political climate, Alberio with traditional political parties Copei, Democratic Action without fear of state intervention in a manner so as in the present tax. All this change is being made has given way, plans, actions, strategies that have impacted significantly on economic activity, productive, social, cultural politics that can not be ignored.

Notes: For each exported $ 100 last year, 93 came from the oil electricity crisis arises as a consequence of the lack of maintenance of production facilities and distribution, but also by the lack of investment in 29 power plants required to meet the increased service, of which five have been completed and only operate 3 with part of its capacity. It has also been abandoned and never Planta Centro four dams were built the High Caroni. The devaluation affects, through inflation, to encourage the financial sector and transnational inevitably reduces the real wages of workers the minimum wage lost 62.3% in the fall of Bolivar, because 55% of assets and services are purchased with U.S.

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