UN Conference in Bali

Results of the UN conference in Bali … Last Saturday, December 16, ended with the UN conference in Bali. She has been hot debate, as well as many important decisions that seriously affect the immediate future of mankind. At the very end of the debate of global warming. The Last Days Forum noted a compromise agreement to launch negotiations on further reductions in carbon dioxide. Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has called it 'good news', encouraging a relatively safe from an environmental point of view of humanity's future. Agreed in Bali also, that by the end of 2009 the negotiations under UN auspices will be accepted specific obligations of the parties.

The new treaty, known as the Bali 'roadmap' will replace the current Kyoto Protocol, the term which will expire in 2012. Speaking at the launch of the report the UN Development Programme (UNDP) 'Human Development', Ban drew attention to the Bali forum on the main conclusion that global warming may slow the progress of mankind. "Climate change is already beginning to affect the poorest and most vulnerable countries and populations around the world '- according to the authors of the report. According to them, growth average temperature of the planet in coming decades by three degrees Celsius in the lifetime of our generation would lead to floods, melting glaciers and massive displacements of people, as well as to reduce production supply. 'All the scientists in one voice say that climate change can be seen with the naked eye, they are global in nature and are the first victims are the poor countries', – said the head of the international community.

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Psychological Science

In recent years, interest in the science of psychology has grown significantly. It is hard to find someone who absolutely did not understand anything in psychology. If before the internal and external conflicts of man considered only superficially, if at all considered, but now it is paid much more attention. This is not surprising. Psychology Today – a rapidly growing branch of science that is constantly finds its way into most various areas of our lives.

Why did people used to pay less for psychology? This was associated with a variety of faktorami.Ranee for many psychology associated with something incomprehensible, confusing, relating to abstract phenomena of the human psyche, finally, something forbidden. Probably each of us had heard about secret government experiments on the human psyche, of the terrible consequences of such research, on that is a secret behind seven seals, which carefully concealed, so know the uninitiated simply do not know. Today, more and more often you can find various information about a variety of psychological practice, films about psychology relations and not just a lot of programs on the topic, as well as a huge number of articles, publications and training courses. World Wide Web has made a real breakthrough in the search for information. In addition, there are a large number of training establishments where you can get proper education. Another important reason is that in recent years, humanity has become many people realize. It is as if awakened and brought to the attention of new areas that have hitherto remained maloizvedannymi.

If the above person was an appointment with a psychologist for some unknown reason, it is now increasingly people are turning to the very specific issues on which they need professional help. In addition, modern psychology has undergone some changes and today you can find a large number of professionals are very narrow areas of psychological science. Where traditional science can no longer cope with the tasks, the psychology of looking for new approaches and new solutions to existing problems, which until now remained unresolved. Today psychology goes to a new stage of development where everyone can find their way to self-understanding, resolution of internal conflicts, removing their own limitations and seek new horizons of their possibilities.

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Holistic Education

The lack of progress in education an integral model has the same characteristics of modern thought that we have seen is fragmented nature. So our challenge is to move from fragmented to comprehensive models models, inclusive and articulated. In holistic education, integrity is the achievement of unity through diversity, the development process means greater integration through differentiation, pluralize and integrate, integration, unity in diversity. For example, we currently have more integrated concepts in various fields of education and intelligence, learning, knowledge etc. Through having differentiated. Educators who urgently requires our society, educators are holistic, which consider that learning is a natural process and not a product that can be created on demand.

Teachers need to have more autonomy to design and establish appropriate educational environments to the needs of their particular students. The mission that we have as educators is advisory and training resource not only professional but also deeply human, to train students so they can live in society of interdependence and change. The holistic Educares we: v Recognize and make creative use of alternative visions and multiple ways of knowing. v recognize the principle of spirituality and strength training involving law enforcement or transcendent reality. v says that the process is as important as the product v consider the learning of context of the family, school, community, global society and the cosmos. v They take into account the spiritual mystery of life and the universe in addition to the empirical reality. As the proposal as presented by the holistic model is a flexible image, developing open and shows the integration of different aspects of education as a Holarctic as a whole, holistic education is the way to the evolution of consciousness to its omega point: spiritual awareness.

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