Rio De Janeiro

The cumulative effect of these changes arrives the point to make of proper poverty one of the flagelos greaters of the world. The commission concentrated its attention in some areas, elaborating politics lines of direction, that englobavam: population, security, to feed, extinguishing of species, human exhaustion of genetic resources, energy, industry and nestings. These lines of direction contained some recommendations, where all the areas if established connection and they could not be treated separately. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit novelist. Such initiatives had finished generating plus a meeting, Conferencia them United Nations on the Environment and Development, called ECO-92 or River 92, organized for the ONU (Organization them United Nations), and carried through in Rio De Janeiro in the year of 1992. According to Martins (1995, P. 47): During some meeting one argued on the environment and its relations with the development, disclosing itself clearly that poverty and ambient degradation then closely related, and that the standards of production and consumption must mainly be modified, in what it says respect to the industrialized countries. Agenda 21, result of this meeting is considered as a strategical program, of universal reach, and that objective to reach the sustainable development in century XXI.

It reflects a consensus and a commitment world-wide politician, in what environment says respect to the questions involving, economic growth and international cooperation. As much the Declaration of Rio De Janeiro on Environment and Development, as Agenda 21, adopted in elapsing of the accomplishment of the Conference of United Nations on Environment and Desenvolvimento (ECO-92), represents a referencial landmark of the effort expended for countries of everybody, to identify actions that conjugate development with protection and preservation of the environment. The Declaration of Rio De Janeiro on the Environment and Development consecrated the principles of International the Enviromental law, translated in the sovereign right that it withholds States in exploring and using its resources in accord with its proper ambient politics; in the international responsibility for damages that exceed the borders of the countries; in the obligation to develop the international law in the field of the responsibility and to adopt an ambient legislation of application more effective; in the duty to cooperate with the too much States, in the defense of the environment and to solve all pacifically the possible international ambient controversies, that can appear future.

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Japan Tsunami

Already in 2010, official Russian cities are Moscow protesters, Krasnoyarsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Kazan, Serpukhov, Novosibirsk, Abakan, Kemerovo, Gorno-Altaisk and Kyzyl. It should be noted that this year's event 'Earth Hour' started with a minute of silence dedicated to tragedy in Japan. In Japan, the rising death toll and ongoing radiation leak at nuclear power plant accident in Japan continued liquidation of consequences of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami him. The lists of those killed in end of the week there were over 10 thousand people, among the missing – more than 16 thousand people. Most of the victims – in the prefecture of Miyagi on the northeast coast of Honshu main island of the country.

It should be noted that the past week continued to shake Japan, earthquake: magnitude of the strongest of them up to 6 points. New tsunami destruction and they did not cause. As for the tsunami that emerged on March 11, but today scientists and seismologists claim that his elevation on the Pacific coast of Iwate Prefecture, Japan reached 23.6 meters. The height of the tsunami waves that struck the area where the plant is an emergency "Fukushima-1 ', could reach 14 feet above the level Sea, which is three times the maximum level, incorporated in the calculation of the safety systems on the station. Furthermore, they note that satellite imagery showed the approach of an earthquake in Japan.

Remains tense situation around the nuclear power plant 'Fukushima'. Last week, the columns of white smoke rose over again the second and third unit of Japanese nuclear power plant emergency "Fukushima-1 '. The radiation level on the second emergency power generating plant "Fukushima-1 'has reached its maximum value, recorded after the accident. Radioactive materials found in just 11 kinds of vegetables in the Japanese prefecture of Fukushima. Among the contaminated food – spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, and some specific types of vegetables consumed in Japan. It should be noted that the radiation levels in Europe remained stable after the accidents at nuclear power plants in Japan. Recall that hit Japan in 11 March 2011 earthquake and tsunami were the most horrific in its disastrous consequences for the last 88 years, ITAR-TASS. The largest in Japan over the past two centuries is an earthquake in Kanto, which occurred in 1923. His victims included 105 000 people. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin spoke in defense of wildlife, said the desire to revive the Przewalski horse and spoke about the stray dogs in Russia last week, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin offered to do the revival of the Przewalski horse, which in the wild is not found. Putin said he was willing to take personal control of a number of projects to conserve populations of rare animals. In Specifically, he said he would do rebirth of saiga populations and freshwater seal. Putin noted that all the projects it tracks controlled by staying informed. Currently, under the personal Putin's control are programs for the conservation of polar bears, whales, tiger and snow leopard. As well, Vladimir Putin expressed his opinion that fight in packs of stray dogs can be allocating additional funds and set specific tasks to the municipalities. According to him, funding for catching stray dogs – not a task that must be solved at the level of the federal budget, but additional funding can be solved. Head of Government noted that the stray dogs when compared with European cities, in Russia a little more, but if you look at other regions of the world, in Russia, yet so many stray monkeys, as in some countries.

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