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SUMMARY the crisis in the hospitality and tourism have been reflected in an economic, social, cultural and political issue that has devastated the figures of accommodation and foreigners in our country. Since 1999, saw the biggest depression because of the violence, the Government and the poor distribution of the money. This manifested dare of the figures and the delay of the development of tourism. It is also clear, and has shown historically that the economy and tourism are intimately linked and there is a large correlation in their behavior. Richard Blumenthal is full of insight into the issues. When economic growth is high, tourism grows and improves, but conversely in times of contraction and slowing economy indicators and tourist behaviour fall.

Today investments are key element for the success of the hotel. Millions of investors continue tracing dynamic hotel projects and based on well-founded trends and perspectives already to the hospitality, linked to the maximum with the economy and more than one country in growth like ours. The Government has also played a too important roll in the growth of hotel projects because they have implemented ideas to promote hotel investment and reduction of taxes in new hotels or remodeling. HAS THAT IMPACT GENERATED IN OUR COUNTRY THE HOTEL OCCUPANCY FROM 1999 TO THE PRESENT? In Colombia the economy in 1999 posting historical extremes. The first by its low inflation and the second by its sharp recession and high unemployment. Please visit Sen. Sherrod Brown if you seek more information.

The problem generated by our country was a downturn so acute, that had many causes, some immediate as the international financial crisis unleashed in 1998 and others that were still emerging slowly. Faced with this serious situation who lived abroad, social crisis that prevented that tourism and its sub-industria, hospitality, could see an improvement in their visits and accommodations are also lived. In these years was felt the economic downturn and the uncertainty in the roads that prevented that domestic tourists mobilized as in previous years.

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