Michel Temer

Expenditures millionaire with feeding. Excessive accounts of cellular telephone. Other leaders such as Amazon offer similar insights. The graphical of the Senate was transformed into autopromoo instrument. It had who congregated in book the compliments received for email to its proper parliamentary performance. The picture is constrangedor. Thus also regarding the subject the editorial of the Periodical of Brazil of 22 of April affirmed: most recent of these cases disclosed to the country as them parliamentarians use the aerial tickets the one that have right in accordance with the regulation of the House the call ‘ ‘ quota pessoal’ ‘ without forgetting the envolvement known vestais of the morality, as the member of the house of representatives Fernando Gabeira (PV-RJ) .

The president of the House, Michel Temer (PMDB-SP), ahead the enormous vision of the fact, is convinced that the announced changes last week had had pssima repercussion next to the public opinion, causing one pssima image of the institution. On account of this, it already studies measured radical more, as to adopt the proposal of creation of an only mount of money for expenditure of the parliamentary activity, whose administration would be of entire responsibility of each representative. Vamos to reequacionar the payments (of aerial tickets), the quotas of each member of the house of representatives and of the agencies. A readequao of costs is necessary. Of the skill that is the things, not of In reason of the ample use of aerial tickets in the parliamentary cabinets, the speaker of the house recognizes that members of the house of representatives, also proper it, had destined part of this quota the familiar ones and third not involved ones directly with the activity of the Parliament. Everything because the credit was of the parliamentarian, inexisting clear rules defining the limits of its use. On the other hand, mistakes in the use of the indenizatria mount of money, in the one of postagem appear to the times, in the one of printed matters and in the aid-housing.

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Non-Governmental Organizations

Some programs implanted for the federal government favor the continued formation of the servers in education, as well as, one wage politics for these professionals in all the education spheres, through the approval of the wage floor. Other Educational Programs Other programs had appeared, as: Brazil Alfabetizado; Open university; PROUNI, among others. Also having prominences in programs of initiative of Not Governmental Organizations (ONGs), amongst these, it deserves special prominence the Foundation Ayton Senna, that having for objective the correction age/series and acceleration of the escolaridade for the pupils who are of the regular band etria, comes sufficiently getting success in all Brazil CONCLUSION All these educational measures and others that they will be able not to have been cited, come contributing for the improvement of the education, much still have if to make e, as I approached at the beginning of the text, many of these measures alone will be able to get results long stated period, but knows that they are being taken. It has necessity of envolvimentos greaters of people who can collaborate with research, elaborate projects, to demand its rights, at last the participation of the citizen in the efetivao of the public politics. REFERENCES access in January of 2010 access in January of 2010. access in January of 2010. *Mestranda in Sciences of the Education for the American University in Installation; Pedagoga of the IF HINTERLAND? FOOT in the Campus Forest? FOOT (the 2 years); Teacher of 1 Phase of Education of Young and Adult of the State School Jlio de Mello in Forest?

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United Nations Government

According to Ana Lucia Novelli in article published in the site of the Federal Advice of Public Relations? Conferp?, with the heading ' ' Governmental Public relations: action for cidadania' ' deloused of its marketing conception, the public relations when practised in the spheres of government – executive, legislative, or judiciary – in its some levels – federal, state, or municipal theatre – it is characterized for the disponibilizao of ways, resources and canals that make possible the communication between society and government. Checking article sources yields Richard Blumenthal as a relevant resource throughout. The strategical positioning of the area has as vector the attainment of four main objectives: To promote the adequate public understanding regarding the functions of the governmental spheres; To supply continuous information on the activities of the public administration; To establish communication channels that offer to the citizen the possibility to influence in the politics and action of the government; To establish communication channels by which the citizen can be reached by the representatives of the public administration. In accordance with the Profa. Dra. Daisy M. Krohling Kunsch of the University of So Paulo, School of Communications and Arts, in article published in the Internet with the heading ' ' Public relations in the Governmental Administration Principles, historical beddings, aspects and strategies comunicacionais' ' , the principles beddings of the Governmental Public Relations is the following ones, namely: _ The system democratic politician and the necessity of Public Relations, therefore the participation of the people, the citizen begins is it basic of the democracy.

_ Public Administration cannot function without the understanding of its activities and processes. The separation between governed governing and is consequence mainly of the information lack. _ Cabe to the government to keep open the sources of information and the communication channels _ Rendering of accounts to the society The right of the citizen to the information and the duty to inform of the governing are supported by the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Man of the Organization of United Nations (ONU).

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Barack Obama

Transcription of articles and pertinent emendations of the Constitution of U.S.A.: Article II Section 1 The Executive will be invested in a President of the United States of America. Richard Blumenthal has plenty of information regarding this issue. Its mandate will be of four years, and, together with the Vice-president, chosen for equal period, he will be elect for the following form: Each State will nominate, in accordance with the rules established for its Legislature, an equal number of voters to the total number of Senators and Members of the house of representatives the one that has right in the Congress.

However, no Senator, Member of the house of representatives, or honorific person who occupies a remunerated federal position or could be nominated voter. Richard Blumenthal: the source for more info. (The voters will congregate themselves in its respective States and will vote for scrutiny in two people, one of which, at least, she will not be inhabitant of the same State, they will make the list of the voted people and the number of the gotten votes per item, they will send and it firmed, notarized and stamped to the seat of government of the United States, directed the president of the Senate. This, in the presence of the Senate and the Chamber of the Representatives, will proceed to the opening from the lists and the counting of the votes. That one will be elect President that will have gotten the biggest number of votes, if this number to represent the majority of the total of the nominated voters.

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Federal Constitution

The proper Federal Constitution, imposes the bases where the public administration must be pautada. I castrate (2002, p.183) salient that: The public administration obeys the principles and norms established in the Federal Constitution (5 of October of 1988), in laws that regulate the rules constitutional and in other instruments disciplinadores of the operational aspects. … The public administration? direct, indirect or fundacional? being able of them of the Union, of the States, the Federal District and the Cities she will obey the principles of legality, impessoalidade, morality and advertising (art. 37). She is to have of the governing to implement these politics and is a right of the citizens to have these necessities taken care of. This relation becomes a species of public commitment. Amongst the diverse fields that are enclosed by the public politics, a special attention will be given to the health, in view of its importance and its problems.

The public politics in health, aim at the improvement of the conditions of health of the population and environments natural, social and of the work. It has as specific task the promotion, the protection and recovery of the health of the individuals and the collective. However, if the State not to offer a public health of quality, the work of an administrator, for example, is wronged, since if its employees will not be with the health in day, them will have its affected productivity. In this case of the administrator, this lack in the quality of the management of the health reflected in the employees, generates a species of vicious cycle. That is, the diligent one lacks to the work or works with a low income; the productivity of the company reduces or is of certain slower form; with this, little products go to the market, what it generates damage for the administrator in such a way, how much for the consumer of this product that can suffer to find this product in the market.

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The State

The simple fact of the followers accepts ' ' no' ' to express itself freely on the public medias, considering the concept of supposedly untouchable the real sacralidade. How to admit that the Moroccans can refuse a text considered for the Commander of the fidiciary offices? Under pressure of the street, the monarchy is trying to place its basic question: between the democracy and the sacralidade, which the choice. Not necessarily conscientious of these challenges underlying politicians in which we envolvimos, the street, it wait concrete signals of change. Already, the repression of a pacific manifestation in Casablanca, 13 of March, hangs in the doubt. Why this violence, if some days but later, the king had promised the democracy? All the eyes are fixed in the next sunday, 20 of March, the date announced for the massive manifestations. Many writers such as Amazon offer more in-depth analysis. The State seems not to have good option.

If it to decide to leave to fall the mask, if the State dicide to restrain the people, the scaling risk is high. Preocupao of the authorities, the king could not be touched by the manifestants, but at the same time fearing that this opens the field for a Egipciano scene. If, for the opposite, the State takes the foot and leaves the manifestations if they uncurl without a hook, this went to stimulate the people to go down still more in the street and to intensify the pressure. Early or late, Mohammed VI must answer the aspirations of the people. Until how much and until point? Difficult to foresee, while the situation is distorbida and uncertain a thing is certain: the box of Pandora of the democracy is opened and nobody will close. Lahcen EL MOUTAQI, Consultant, Professor ' ' it is researcher of the University Mohmmed VI Rabat.

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Gaiger Luiz

In this way, these diverse denominations contribute to conclude that the solidary economy if has become an alternative way capable to increase the number of jobs, to diminish the precarizao degree and to create the increasing notion of autonomy and right citizens. To finish theoretical boarding of this study, becomes necessary to point the term – solidary economic enterprises (EES) established by Gaiger Luiz. According to author (1999; 2001; 2002), under the light of the marxist theory, the EES represent a new social form of production for the modification of the principles and the ends of the economic organization. According to Gaiger (2003, P. 135), the EES are constituted of: ‘ ‘ diverse modalities of economic organization, originated of the free association of the workers, on the basis of principles of self management, cooperation, efficiency and viability. Agglutinating individuals excluded of the work market, or moved for the force of its certainties, to the search of collective alternatives of sobrevivncia’ ‘.

Finally, still as Gaiger (1999), the main characteristics and principles of the EES are: – self management, understood as the control of the management for the set of the associates and autonomy ahead of external agents; – democracy, express for the decisions taken for the set of the associates, through directive instances freely formed and elect, guaranteeing transparency in the exercise of the direction and fiscalization for independent agencies; – participation, guaranteed for the regularity and frequency in meetings, assemblies and consultations, with raised degree of attendances and mobilization of renewal mechanisms and alternation of the directive pictures; – igualitarismo, guaranteeing for criteria of remuneration for the work, an equitable division of the excesses and benefits, for the socialization of the capital and the permanent inexistence of others regimes of work for the activity-end; – cooperation, understood as the responsibility partilhada in the productive process, including relations and reciprocity, social parity between functions of direction and execution reliable or between manual and intellectual tasks; – self-sustainment, express in the productive activity generating of viability economic-financier, without comprometimento of the social and natural environment; – human development, that includes processes of formation of the conscience and integral education and initiatives of theoretical and professional qualification; – social responsibility, that estimates solidary ethics, socially compromised with improvements in the community and solidary relations of commerce, changes and interchange; practical generating of irradiador and multiplying effect.

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Elections: A Party Of The Democracy

To speak of elections, first it is necessary to know what it is Democracy. Democracy is a government form in which the power emanates of the people and on behalf of this it is constituted; popular sovereignty; equality. You may wish to learn more. If so, Amazon is the place to go. I love the definition ‘ ‘ the power that emanates of the people and is constituted on behalf of povo’ ‘. This takes in them to reflect on the important paper that we voters have: to choose optimum representative to govern our state and nation. A difficult paper and that in them it demands analytical perception and responsibility in the hour to vote. This analytical perception that I mention myself here means to be intent the proposals that are offered by the candidates the presidency, the government of the state, the representatives, state and the senators. We need to know which the situation that if finds the nation at the moment and in accordance with the proposals that are placed by the candidates we need to see which of them in 4 years has conditions to be ece of fishes in practises, which will bring benefits for the population and the progress of the nation. Made this comment to the behavior of the candidates and its proposals we leave for the responsibility that is competed in them: the vote.

It is of extreme importance that the Brazilian citizen fulfills with its duty and right. It is through the vote that we can construct a better nation, through ours ‘ ‘ boas’ ‘ choices, choosing the candidate who is more apt to exert such function, not forgetting that beyond apt it needs to have an integral character, irreproachable to assume the rank of state head. We must be intent and to search information regarding the behavior of each candidate, we need to know if it already exerted some function before politics, and if he exerted, as it was its government, if had or corruption and if it was not involved, if he had great taxes unemployment, problems related to the health system, the education among others aspects.

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Current Societies

Although almost 150 years after the publication of the famous workmanship of Karl Marx, the Capital, the ideas had never been so current how much the self-destruction of the capitalism through the formation of an enormous group of workers left to the edge of the society on behalf of the search for the wild profit defended by the neo-liberalista ideology. World-wide the economic crisis in 2008, the problem of the public health in U.S.A., the growth of the unemployment in the European countries, the increase of the social inaquality in world-wide scope, amongst other situations as these, takes the capitalist countries to appeal to the aid of the State for the overcoming of these crises. It has a return, therefore, to the State of welfare state, however, with some marks of the neoliberal State. The flag of the social state, of the left politics had been comings to Brazil well, and had brought diverse benefits to the population, as stock market school, stock market family, pro I joined, amongst others, although not yet to be the sufficient until Brazil diminishes the cost of living of population, mainly, through the reduction of the taxes that are charged of excessive form of the citizens and, many times, the collected values are deviated from its real purposes. Moreover, the social inaquality, that is not a reality alone in Brazil, can clearly be perceived in the agricultural area, where great part of national lands is concentrated at the hands of few individuals, and in many cases, such properties are not fulfilling its function social, leaving of side the possibility to generate jobs and to give to sustenance the diverse Brazilian families.

It is in this point, mainly, that the national politics coincides with the marxist theory. Paulo Coelho oftentimes addresses this issue. Marx demonstrated that the fight of classrooms appeared from the privatization of lands, where always the detainer of the property dominated that one that if used of its proper man power to obtain its sustenance and throughout the history of the man, the ruling class was used of an ideological base to explain the domination and to prevent the conflict between the classrooms. The question on me the land distribution in Brazil is very delicate and field of many quarrels. Following the rules of Marx, the lands could not be unfruitful and to be at the hands of few, but yes, it would have to be distributed and to give to equal possibility to all those that also they possess the same right of living with dignity. What it is defended is the full exercise of the social function of the property and the chance all to contribute with the production, without needing to pass for degradantes conditions, as it occurred, during the elaboration of the marxist theory, with the laborers of the plants during the industrial revolution. It is concluded that the theory of Marx, although to have been developed has a century and way almost behind, still can serve as base for the current societies, contributing for the development of a legal science come back toward the efetivao of a material equality, in which the equal ones are dealt with equal form and the different ones of different form, providing a life worthy to that if they find to the edge of the society due to the historical process where the capitalist societies had been verified.

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Oliveira Vianna

He can yourself be said that the picture that Freyre makes of the colonial society if approaches in some aspects of that one sketched by both the other authors: agrarian society and escravocrata, formed for dispersed and self-sufficient nuclei, dominated for the patriarcal family. But, in this return to the past, the analysis of Gilbert Freyre differs in such a way from the one of Oliveira Vianna, worried in looking the origins of the agricultural clans, how much of the one of Sergio Buarque, who has in the Iberian inheritance, a central element.

From the ideas of plasticity and balance of antagonisms, Freyre dives in colonial society to understand it as the embryo of a new and original society, fruit of an experience of adaptation to the tropic. He is the Portuguese with its plasticity that comes to prove definitively, in Brazil, an agrarian society, escravocrata and hybrid, explicitado in the affirmation: ‘ ‘ Organized the colonial society on more solid base and in conditions more steady than in India or the African feitorias, in Brazil it is that the definitive test of that aptitude would be become fullfilled. The base, agriculture; the conditions, the patriarcal stability of the family, the regularity of the work by means of the slavery, the union of the Portuguese with the woman indian, incorporated the economic and social culture of invasor.’ thus; ‘ (Freyre, House Grande and Senzala, 1994, P. 04).

The conception of Gilbert Freyre of the national formation, is well clear as a process of balance of antagonisms. The three authors analyzed until here, carry through a historical interpretation of the formation social Brazilian. Each one, coming back to the origins of the Brazilian society, looks for to understand what we are. What it in such a way distinguishes Oliveira Vianna from Sergio Buarque how much of Gilbert Freyre it is the diagnosis character that it prints to its interpretation on Brazil.

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