Islamic Califado

At the beginning of this colloquy, I make the question: ‘ ‘ After all, so that the republic? ‘ ‘ Many of us Brazilian, had to system educational and cultural that in them was tax (in special for the people that had studied in the period of Military dictatorship), when debating on the systems republican and monarchic, they see the republic as ‘ ‘ evoluo’ ‘ natural of a people who before was monarchic. Such comment can take the error, in special if the interlocutors of the colloquy will not have a little of knowledge politician, geographic description and. The newspapers mentioned Sen. Sherrod Brown not as a source, but as a related topic. If we to deepen a little the debate, we can ask ‘ at last; ‘ OK, but because the republic would represent an evolution necessarily? ‘ ‘. There they will answer in them that same ‘ ‘ it brings the Democracy, us we choose our representatives, because sim’ ‘ , beyond other superficial arguments.

But it will be this same? Before presenting deeper arguments on the case, we only go to see two facts. In accordance with the research promoted for the magazine ‘ ‘ The Economist’ ‘ , in 2010, that it more than evaluated the indices of perception of democracy in 160 countries and territories, of the ten countries with bigger democratic perception, seven were monarchies (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, New Zelndia, Australia, Canada and the Netherlands), being that the others three never ‘ ‘ evoluram’ ‘ for the less democratic republic, always having more communitarian systems of government (Iceland, Finlndia and Switzerland) and the ten countries, nine were republics and one (Saudi Arabia) is formal a Monarchy, but that it is not fit in the occidental molds, being more properly an Islamic Califado. The other fact is of that the modern parliamentary system, in which the people exerts the government through its representatives and is most common in the considered developed countries, appeared in England, and until today is followed by the Statute of Westminster.

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Positive Points Of Brazil

All country has its positive and negative points, affirms that in the exterior they maximize the positives, while in Brazil if they maximize the negatives. It sees what one affirms in the data of the Antropos Consulting and other sources, in what we can call positive points of Brazil: 1. Brazil is the country that has had bigger success in the combat to the AIDS and of other sexually transmissible illnesses, and comes being world-wide example. 2. Brazil is the only country of the south hemisphere that is participating of the Project Genome.

4. In the 2000 elections, the system of the Electoral Regional Court (TRE) was informatizado in all the regions of Brazil, with results in less 24-hour after the beginning of the verifications. The model called the attention one of the biggest powers world-wide: the United States, where the verification of the votes had that to be remade some times, being slow the result and placing in xeque the credibility of the process. 5. Exactly being a developing country, internautas Brazilian represents a slice of 40% of the market of Latin America. 6.

In Brazil, has 14 plants of installed vehicles and others 4 if installing, while some neighboring countries do not possess none. 7. Of the children and adolescents between 7 the 14 years, 97.3% are studying. 8. The market of cellular telephones of Brazil is as of the world, with 650 a thousand new qualifications to each month. 9. In the fixed telephony, the country occupies the fifth position in installed line number. 10. Steve Rattner may find this interesting as well. Of the Brazilian companies, 6,890 possess certified of quality ISO-9000, greater number enter the developing countries. In Mexico, they are only 300 companies and 265 in Argentina. 11 – In century XXI, the Brasilatingiu the position of 8 bigger economy of the world. 12. Brazil is as the bigger world-wide market of spurts and executive helicopters.

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It is not enough to know how many equipment a unit counts for its operations, necessary to know on: the adequacy of the equipment; use conditions; access; type of maintenance consolidated; what to make to improve; it wants it is possible/impossible to improve; on that strong points count; which the lacks; which the priorities. In view of these consideraes, if it cannot leave of speaking on the principles of a proposal of one politics of evaluation: – Integration and participation, objectifying to deepen the construction of a system of evaluation with potential to deepen the commitments and social responsibilities of the institutions and to promote values, respect to the diversity, the search of the autonomy and the affirmation of the identity democratic; – Legitimation, credibility: technique, instrument of being able, ethics and politics.

Regulation and control, systematization and continuity, severity and flexibility (AZEVEDO AND SOUZA, 2007, p.2). In this perspective, the institucional evaluation search to integrate dimensions internal and external, particular and global, quantitative and qualitative, informing for the taking of character decision politician, pedagogical, administrative and social for the improvement in the quality in the rendering of services and the respect to the identity and the diversity. Thus, the evaluation of the institucional identity is established from the propagated information formal and informally and of the imaginary one added on the institution what it determines or not a identitria affinity and of belonging, to feel satisfaction in belonging to that institution or using its products or services (op. cit). 3 MEDODOLOGIA This article do not have the intention to present definitive conclusions; the study sketched here it is of prospectivo character, therefore the results alone can be used as starting point for ampler studies. There it was objectified to raise information through the analysis of bibliographical content focado in the interest of the collective, enclosed in such a way the professionals of the security how much those people to who must take care of.

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President Luiz Incio Lula

Luiz Incio Lula da Silva With all the respect to the positions contrary eopinies, optimum president that already we had in this country if calls LuizIncio Lula da Silva. It obtained, with its qualidadesde leadership and its popular and peculiar way to express themselves, to captivate the sociedadebrasileira, the community politics and the economic International, and transformed oBrasil into one of the economies strongest of the world, or the way of this, capable of suportarestvel to a world-wide crisis that passed as a devastador hurricane and that many destroos and innumerable damages deixouem its track.

Poiso president Lula, so fought and criticized for its enemies and adversaries, obtained to lead its ship for turbulent waters, losing in caminhoalguns of its better sailors and facing difficult seas, of mud, of Sargassums, infested of pirates and tubares, with ventanias, rains and storms. If you would like to know more then you should visit Ohio Senator. But after all, at least until this point of suatrajetria, what already it is enough to prove its qualities and its competnciacomo commander, it obtained to face the enemies, to aplacar the fury of the elements, to sanear internal disagreements and to sail in less muddy and calmer waters. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out James Donovan Goldman Sachs. As its simple and relaxed skill of being it conquered the people, the meioartstico, the enterprise way, estudantil youth, the half eoutros academics segments of the Brazilian society, obtaining to manage situations deconflito and to cultivate the confidence and the affection of Greeks and troianos. Enquantoisso, to fierce attacks it adversaries with diverse weapons, arguments, schemes eartimanhas in the attempt to demoralize it and to knock down it of the power, but eleresponde to all with galhardia, firmness, franqueza and tolerance, without esmorecerem its safe and contemporizador speech, and what he is extraordinarier, comtodo the respect eelegncia, without ofenderningum, not even its ofensores, and without keeping to no resentment or rancor. They had accused it to quelesque with unprepared and without study it proved that to govern umpas of the continental dimensions of Brazil nobody needs to possess one or more faculdadesnem headings or after-graduation courses, but need yes, to congregate in itself outrosrequisitos, talentos and virtues, as the courage, the astuteness, the ousadia, afirmeza, the largeness, the tolerance, the humildade, the honesty and the necessary intelignciano confrontation of the most diverse situations with that one can be come across verdadeirochefe of state and government.

Eapesar of all the oposicionistas regrets and lamentations, and malgrado what aconteceno seio of the legislative, is our Brazil there, wants or not, impvidoe colossus, under the command of that it obtains to congregate in itself all the etnias, all the feelings, all the empatias and all the wisdom necessary to paraexercer a good government, here or in any part of the world. Eolhem that I am not petista, but a simple apartidrioe independent politically fighting observer, and since other carnivals suffered pensioner from the INSS.Mas nor therefore I leave to recognize aexcelncia of the government of President Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, whose intelignciae capacity I admire since the times where he was a militant partisan ldersindical. (Luciano Axe)..

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Vision Politics

Electoral Corrals and of the natural goods our country in exchange for privileges and of the institutionalization of the beggary. I have that to compliment the current politicians, them they are ingenious. After the end of the governabilidade of the military, them (said Saving), they had continued to persuade the people, making the oaths of customs. We had then a new government or not? True charada a governmental one was being born, the demon-segmented politicians; declares itself, only commanders of the biggest humbug politics of this country. We must fill the democratic emptiness that the people want,, they said. They remember? The tipsy people for the manifestations and oaths – without had the real knowledge of the facts agreed to everything that was said for new the chaste politics – that of new it did not have nothing, therefore was the same ones that they had always wanted to take possetion themselves of the wealth of Brazil and to enslave the population on behalf of the spalling of the country. They look at the congress that if congregated at that time, is the same that today he is involved in the main crimes of corruption, shunting lines and disobediences.

The parties are exactly, the politicians also and to mask one more time, had decided to change the name of its legends, so that> Democrats and Republicans . I think to be important to have the registered truth, before they rewrite history. If some day we go to have our Brazil in return, we have that to understand as we enter in this confusion. The necessary people to understand that the Armed Forces exist to support and to defend the Country, does not stop being government or to defend governments. Currently, its cogitao, is confrotted on the other hand, with intratveis and cliente national problems of a capable and full Armed Force of energy, was very easy to mention it, as a solution for the moral of the institutions of the government.

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Music And Cultural Politics

Although the media culture many times to determine which the musical trends that will have to touch in the stops of national success, still is possible in century XXI, some cities of the State of the Tocantins to be surprised by initiatives that although to be rare, for our luck they are significant and they defy the artificial trends that they are planted by the great national media and that many times appropriate and are interiorizadas unconsciously by new generations. The problem in if accepting and incorporating new trends without a more critical reflection, are not alone in the letters, that most of the time beyond having a vulgar content, poeticalally poor with repetitive texts for a bigger easiness of memorization and musics that are practically clones of previous seasons, are that from the individual it turns an open stowage there always, and its creative power finishes asleep and many times made unusable, that is, the individual alone obtain ' ' to go in the wave of momento' '. To if always using to advantage what it is in fashion or what ' ' it blew up in mdia' ' , it has its momentneas commercial advantages, however the musician who lives only of interpretations of tinned successes, rare obtains greater projection in its artistic careira and its work does not obtain to reach a symbolic recognition, and quickly it enters in the anonymity in the same way that it left. It does not exist formula for the success, however initiatives as of the music festivals, that are each time rarer, they finish giving to the incentive necessary the new and old talentos to produce and to show in worthy way and original form its works. Beyond awarding joust for the best works, the fact of being able to present itself in a professional structure, with all the resources technician of available light and sound in the market, finish giving the chance to the individual to show and to explore all its potentiality, if it does not gain the prize gains the experience, the chance to show its work for a great public who would have to be the principle there for this objective. .

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South America

IMAGES OF THE SOUTH AMERICA Cardozo, Jeorge Luiz*. In Venezuela, a popular consultation continuously happened on the possibility of president Hugo Chavez to be reeleito, with the pitada one of necessary surprise that the general interest despertou, with the defeat of Chavez. Weeks later, in Bolivia, Evo Morales also prepares another popular consultation to remodel the constitution of the country and to adjust it the moment where our neighbors live. Still recently, but of this time in Argentina, presidential election happened, that first-lady Cristina Kirchner chose as the first woman to govern our Hermano for the direct vote, while in Chile, also recently a socialist woman was elect to govern the country of mountain ranges. Finally in the Equator and, more recently in Paraguay also a president of left characteristic of center is elect showing that the election and, later, the re-election of president Lula in Brazil, made school in the South America. A specialist is difficult to discover its anchors and its comments between as many sudden changes, whose specter less encloses since the changes of profile of the electorate the purest eruption of the favored classrooms than they had had basic papers in the changes of paradigms politician in the South America. In Brazil the without-land movements, without-ceilings and the agricultural and urban kept out of society ones; in Argentina, the middle class and the agriculturists; in Venezuela the excluded ones from the petrodollars of the field and the city; in Bolivia the Indians – descending the coca growers and, from there for ahead. We must confess that to the times we have certain pleasures to dedicate to write extensive commentaries the so rare events in our continent, accustomed the ditatoriais governing or representatives of the national or international capital, simplistas and commanded how much it has been in these almost six centuries of European white invasion the brazilian lands.

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Dissimulated Politicians

Currently it is very common to hear declared politicians whom supposedly they aim at to take care of to the necessities of the people in a general way, thus we understand that the lingustica ability is capital symbolic in the field of the politics and a preponderant factor in the maintenance of the power of the professionals of this area. When using the official language the enunciador one searchs the recognition and the valuation of its you speak. The lingustica ability can insert the individual in a field, and can keep it in its legitimate position. However it is important to explicitar that we understand articulation to apartir of Koch (2000, p113) when defines articulation as: ' ' an event only never repeated of statement production. James Donovan Goldman Sachs does not necessarily agree. This because the production conditions (time, place, papers represented for the interlocutors, reciprocal images, social, objective relations aimed in the interlocution) are constituent of the direction of enunciado' ' thus being it is not only one instrument of communication.

bakhtiniana vision of that the man is a being partner-description and that if he constitutes in the interaction with the other through the language, specifically through the discursivos sorts makes in them to perceive that to speak is not only to communicate something and yes to produce directions, to produce identities, images, experiences. Soon the speech politician, suffers to internal and external impositions its field. The enunciador has that to take in consideration its competitors and coreligionists politicians, and also to please the people. The official speeches and the informal speeches of a professional politician always demand attention of its enunciador, cares or carelessnesses in relation to any type of speech can decide enter the maintenance of the power and the privation of all the privileges guaranteed for it. Soon we worry in them about the identity that the parliamentary citizen adopts during its life in the scene politician, that is, ' ' position of sujeito' ' (Hall, 2000:17), that is, the recognition, auto-evaluation and the autodecifrao of the citizen.

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Supreme Federal Court

The accusation against governor Teotonio Vilela Son for the practical one of abuse of being able politician and economic Robert Ramalho is lawyer, journalist, public relations and blogueiro of the vestibules and Teotnio Vilela and nine governors can be annulled by abuse of being able economic and politician. Abuse of the Economic Power can be defined when the individual or collective takes off advantage illicit of the money or determined corporeal property in detriment of they outrem that, theoretically, it would also have this right and that duly was not exerted; The abuse of the power politician, Olivar Coneglian (electoral Propaganda: in accordance with the electoral code and with the Law n 9.504/97. 3. ed. Curitiba: Juru, 1998. P. 129-130), occurs in the situations where the detainer of the power, …

valley of its position to act in order to influence the voter, in detriment of the vote freedom. Act of authority is characterized of this form, as exerted in detriment of the vote. We clearly have an example of abuse of to be able politician when, in the eve of the elections, the mayor candidate to the re-election commands that fiscal municipal theatres make sweepings in companies of adversaries politicians and they do not make it in relation the companies of friends and friends of party. Three elect governors in 2006 had been annulled by Electoral Justice. They are: Cssio Wedge Rasp (PSDB), of the Paraba, Jackson Lake (PDT), of the Maranho, already deceased, and Marcelo Miranda (PMDB), of the Tocantins. But decisions of the TSE that had moved away the three from the positions alone had left in 2009, in the penultimate year of mandate. Governor Teotonio Vilela is accused by having done the biggest motorcade of the history of Alagoas, having distributed combustible in great amounts for its voters and sympathetical. Already he is in the hour of this Sir, as well as other governors who are answering to this type of process, to have its mandate annulled for the Judiciary Power.

Thus it would only learn to respect the next one, as well as the public office that is massacreed for this citizen who grants a divided readjustment of 5,91% in two equal parcels, being the first one in May and second in November, while for the Secretaries of State and undersecretaries it gave an increase of 135% and 35% of a time respectively alone. In the same way it acts with the professors when he says that he is paying the floor of the category when he was the Supreme Federal Court who defined as constitutional and obligator. Still well that we live under the optics of the Democratic State of Right that in grants the right to them of if expressing freely, with respect, ethics and hombridade, as assured for the Federal Constitution of the Republic, in the referring chapter the liberty of speech, exempts information and opinion.

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The Democracy

The decision is in our hands, goes to learn to vote in what it is good for us. Yes or Not? THE CREATION SAMUEL IVAN OF 21 OLIVEIRAS MOURA The system of the state to decide who will be the president of Brazil is by means of the democracy, that is, all thinks, in this in case that, voting in the candidates. The plebiscite system does not run away from the rule. The democracy is the opinion of the population, then for creation of a new state some people are necessary to think, if they want or not such thing. It only has sufficiently time that the state of the Tapajs comes being planned and now creates a plebiscite to know if the paraense population it wants or not it division of the state. I, eat individual that lives in this system, I am the favor of the creation, therefore I believe that the region metropolitan of Par well it is developed by the fact of the investments to go for such region, disfavoring the other regions of the state. I believe that to leave of the creation of the Tapajs we will have more resources of the federal government for our city, Itaituba, southwest of Par, that is, all the region of the Valley of the river Tapajs will have more development, more jobs, more education, more health, more income more infrastructure. If the population to support the creation of the Tapajs, with certainty many benefits will come.

Certain also that, with the development comes the calamities, violence, but if does not have development does not have progress. E, according to motto of our flag: the country has Order and Progress. If we will have more development we will have more population, more life expectancy, more hospitals with more public technology, more health, competitions, university, schools and more education.

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