Black Cat

By According to the elm, the higher the level of perception will take (it does not have in mind the blind worship of superstition), the more chances to see what is beyond reality, so what its sees the majority. (More on this I shall tell one following articles devoted superstitions). Ie than above consciousness level man fact above warning level capable even cancel ascribed man destiny muck. How this happens I tell in next article: "Dog, Kru u GOM! Or pigeon archway ". Now sign for on shelves cats carrying information at its multicolored sherstku. We begin with notorious, ferrous cats capable turns, alert and not to harm …. Black Cat and …: The solid black color cat – is a wholly-owned warning troubles emanating most likely from a man.

If this cat, she will introduce you to his persona female unfriendly lady. But as mentioned under the tail pussies you look, most likely, will not, we assign them an appearance on your way to a "normal troubles." I immediately noticed that these characteristics are very rarely affect humans mirrors, rare specimens of the human race who can (mostly unconsciously) reflect the well-established human opinions, including superstition. These people will adopt its so this article might be for them as an assistant, and just a thought. Black and white cat – warns about bad things is not so bad, it all depends on what spots on the fur more: the "black" or "white." White cat – all the grace of heaven.

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