Monitoring Social Media

General Manager, "Aykumen-business information system", a developer of intelligent solutions for business management and search and analysis systems, Valeria Merkulova describes a new solution for monitoring of social media – the system IQBuzz (Aykubaz). To whom is oriented service IQBuzz (Aykubaz)? Who are your customers? Our potential customers and partners – manufacturers, public person, commercial structures, PR-agencies and the press-service. By creating our service, we have focused primarily on business owners who need to understand the relationship of online communities to the results of its operations. For me, as head of the company very important to evaluate the attitude of consumers and potential customers for our products and the actions we take, for example, in terms of PR-promotion. IQBuzz may be of interest not only to commercial structures.

For example, know the situation when a couple of posts in the popular blog has led to the cancellation of several public tenders for the millions of rubles. This clearly illustrates how the online community can affect the development of business politics and government activities. Our product can prevent the emergence of threats, understand and identify areas where there is discussion of any order before it will lead to negative consequences. What practical benefit users receive IQBuzz (Aykubaz)? Using this information from social media, you can directly enter into a dialogue with customers, interact with bloggers and invite them to events, advertising campaigns to attract lawyers and fans of the brand of their products. Through the service, producers will be able to hear customer feedback and use it to improve products and services. Connecticut Senator wanted to know more.

New ideas unexpected scope of products, service clubs, reducing the cost of marketing research and advertising campaigns – all these and more can be done through monitoring of social media. Through the service IQBuzz You can manage your reputation, to respond instantly to discuss the brand and include a discussion of your company. After all, the ultimate goal of monitoring the blogosphere and social networks – to turn towards its customers, to hear and respect his opinion and eventually get better. Can IQBuzz (Aykubaz) to help reduce marketing costs for companies and reduce the reputational risk? Yes, indeed, with using IQBuzz can reduce marketing budgets and risks associated with the emergence of social media in negative feedback about a company or product. It is known that in recent years, marketing budgets are significantly shifted in the direction of online advertising and attract consumers from a variety of online communities, including of social media. In the near future, social networks could become the leading means of communication between people, and the cost of advertising to the Internet ten times cheaper advertisements in the press, on radio and television. How to become Service IQBuzz (Aykubaz)? In November of this year we created a website service IQBuzz, who tried to think through every detail, both in terms of its user-friendliness, and in it relates to creativity and design. We invite you to visit our website and their own experience to try IQBuzz in action. We have provided a free test rate, which allows users to evaluate the advantages and Service-our need. Summary IQBuzz can not just listen to their customers in social networks, but also respond to their comments and suggestions, manage reputations, increase loyalty to their company and improve products and services. We are confident that demand will IQBuzz product on the market for monitoring social media.

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Internet – Gateway To Cyberspace

If you give a very short definition, one can say that the Internet – a telecommunication supernet, or rather a community of networks covering the entire planet. Now there are about 30,000 networks involved in this community, and each is independent of their education with the purpose and terms of use. But each of them has a minimum yield on the two other networks, which provides the interaction of the whole community networks in general. Source: Connecticut Senator. Internet access is usually done through telephone lines using a telephone modem with a speed transmission of information from 2400 to 19200 bps. In the Internet, this option determines not only the speed exchange in the network, but the level of service provided.

The most popular service on networks – it's e-mail. Each user is assigned a network address such as. And it can send emails to point the planet, unless, of course, your correspondent also has an email address. Most often these letters reach their destination within a few hours. Another option – a subscription to the so-called conference call. The Internet information on virtually any subject, but it is grouped by thematic sections: Politics, Computers, Leisure, Philosophy, etc. Each section contains, in turn, a lot of subsections. For example, Section Computers There are subsections: Software, Hardware, Networks, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

The topics can also have their own division. All this is reflected in the title of a teleconference. For example, in the conference relcom.comp.language.pascal discusses issues related to programming in Pascal.

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Russian Federation

October 25, 2010 there was information that the Russian government plans to close the accounts of users who pretend to be officials of the Russian state, placed on some websites, including those on anonymous service issues Ask.fm. Also, there was information that Russian officials will be obliged to register for Ask.fm for direct communication with voters. Due to the fact that this information is widely used in blogs and online media, the administration finds it necessary to express Ask.fm its official point of view. The text of the news published on the portal wallnews.ru () There was an unofficial information that the leadership of the Russian Federation plans to close the fraudulent accounts of the president and cabinet members, which are placed on certain Internet services. So on the microblogging service Twitter has long writes Perzident Roissi (twitter.com / kermlinrussia) and Vladisval Srukov (twitter.com / srukov), and the service anonymous questions Ask.fm communicate Vladimir Mutin (ask.fm / mutin) and King Bear (ask.fm / kremlinrussia). Own fake pages are very popular and attract less attention than the activities of politicians.

The official twitter account of the President ( twitter.com / kremlinrussia) has about 100 thousand followers, and account Perzidenta Roissi (twitter.com / kermlinrussia) yields only slightly – about 40,000 subscribers. On the closure of fake accounts decided to go less rigid and to offer audiences an alternative option. So officials rank governors and mayors will be required to register for the service of anonymous questions Ask.fm to create a virtual community to foster direct communication with voters.

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Lack Of Understanding Of The Sequence Of Actions

Lack of understanding of the action sequences. Many times you tried to start his own business and also repeatedly threw begun, and you give up because there is no quick return on investment? Thousands of beginners are faced with similar situation, and some after a few attempts, threw his initiative on the back burner. In his piggy bank advances they put one more example of failure and thereby increasing their distrust of himself, evaluating themselves, as not knowing how to reach her in real life. This happens not only in the Internet business, but also in normal off-line lives. Why is this happening, at what point we are making a fatal mistake, which become insurmountable obstacles on the path to success? What are the details and criteria we have been ignored at the stage of inception of our business? And is it possible to properly enter into the business, to anyone, not just the Internet? After all, look, there are a thousand failures made their way through dozens of successful projects that enhance their capacity every day. Hence it is possible, success is possible! Using what exactly the rules and laws that helped elect to break at the start? Actually y 'Success "there are certain rules and a clear sequence of steps, breaking, discharge the same and we can not achieve their desired results. One of the main reasons for the failure in business is the lack of specific spirit of your mind, in other words – not quite correct understanding of your inner self with your true desire.

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