Social and Cultural Abyss

To a social and cultural abyss between the women contemporaries, an abyss where of the right side it is the execultivas and the candidates the Presidency of the Republic. Of the left side the funkeiras and other dancers and its dances that insinuate the sex. These of the left side are the imitation of the baseness, libertinism, so natural moral and sexual looseness in the men. These of the right side are the ones that are in the power, Them represent intelligence, intelexto, the conscience social politics and. These of the right side are the ones that we men Envy, times furious, and love with an intellectual and sexual love. I am made a mistake, or you it would vote in a funkeira for President of the Republic. These of the left side are our basenesses, Each time deeper, because these of the left side Proliferate amazingly, and in them they together with sink When she allows in them to be so dirty with them.

It is not truth, but she seems that the women Of the left side and of the right side had combined that: Enquando they of the left in entorpece with its rebolados desconsertantes and its envergonha dirty liguagem that until the men flabbiest in the moral. The women of the right side light wonderfully with its studies, Its research, its dimanismo, with its Intelligence, its intellect They later had divided the power. What it is truth is that the women of the left side sink the men together with. Valley to observe that the men had always been weak ahead of its intintos, However is of course hypocritical and this hypocrisy has in the saved one Of a social catastrophe, or will be that you Would allow a point of travesti and Prostitudas in the door of its candy home Where its children are being educated as men and women who one day Estaram in the power.

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Colombian Resources

In turn, the socialization of the proposal has generated confusion that must be cleared in time to prevent that they divert attention and bog down discussions that are really required. From March 10, 2011, the national Government decided to put the proposed reform to the law 30 of 1992, before taking it to the Congress of the Republic for consideration of Colombian society. The objective of this methodology is to build a project that meets the needs of quality, relevance, coverage, modernization and internationalization of higher education. Although the presented text (164 articles) would have a direct impact on most aspects of the Colombian higher education system, the main concerns and confusion against the initiative have focused on the financial issue, which has various implications for both public universities and private. (In this regard, the Ministry of national education (MEN) has raised four major strategies: 1) increase resources to the public universities; (2) expand the number of beneficiaries of the Icetex credits; 3) manage private teaching and research resources, and 4) authorize the establishment of private for-profit universities. U public, without sufficient resources Moises Wasserman, rector of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, based on studies by the UN and other universities in the country, has made several comments to the proposal for the MEN. Against the financial plan for the public universities, he noted that the current Government maintains the one presented by the former Minister of education, Cecilia Maria Velez (2002-2010), increase the budget base of these institutions 1% of current resources in 2012, 2% in 2013 and 3% between 2014 and 2019. This offering, formalized in the Bill submitted to the Congress in May 2010, had already been rejected by the rectors of public universities. Since then, has been considered that these resources are insufficient and do not respond to financial calculations that public universities have done before their budgetary problems.

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Ukrainian Society

” I think that I should really lucky. After all, I was fortunate enough to meet simultaneously with “two” Maskinymi. Since the Ukrainian mova for me – almost my own, I had the opportunity to enjoy a double: authentic Russian-speaking Maskinym plus the Maskinym that perfectly rozmovlyae on Ukrainian move in a beautiful translation of Oksana Humeniuk. Boris Krieger masterful ability to juggle words manifested even in the “Kitchen of Philosophy” and “thousands of lives. And in “Maskine” a play on words at all inconceivable.

That Ukrainian perekladachu also had to excel, to be on the level The result was just great! The author and the translator as if made a roll call, a couple of playing the fool. For example, the president of one of the almost unknown countries surname Bushkin. And in the Ukrainian translation – not just Bushkin. He Bushkin. That in the reverse translation from Ukrainian into Russian means Bushkon. This is just super! (Probably for the Russian-speaking reader should clarify that the name Pushkin – in Ukrainian, of course, Pushkin, and Pushkin is not any.) Yet this “indulgence” of the author and translator: Plato – Platoshkin – Plankton; Aristotle – Aristoshkin – Ariston.

So I had to constantly switch from Language Society on the tongue and back – to enjoy a double. I read in Ukrainian. Funny! “Oh! And what there were in the original? “Looked:” Ha-ha-ha! Wow! “For example, let’s look at the description of known historical events in Maskina interpretation: “By order of Maskinogo Left sneaker passed through the World Wide Web Monkey Spider-dabyl dabyl-dabyl-Yushkin, shot cruisers ‘Glutton’ heel of the palace was the signal for the beginning of the heroic assault on “the last stronghold of .

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