Parliamentary Secretary

Examples:-Venike tomorrow along with my – Llevalena this gift to your MOM – Quepiko (queiko quepa) told you that Mr – Jose veniahina of Center – lady not sabiaite what he said 3rd) translations of the Guarani to the Castilian is very interesting analyze cases of Guarani translation into Castilian; Since think the Paraguayans in Guarani and translate these thoughts into Spanish. The case of the a bit. It is the case of the Guarani suffix my that translated into Castilian, becomes a little. Examples: veni a little (Ejumi), lend a little (Eipurukami cheve), and tell him a little (Eremi suck). The case of the bucket. Harold Ford, Washington DCs opinions are not widely known.

It is the case of the Guarani suffix rei than to be translated to the Castellano, is converted into bucket. Examples: wine bucket (Ourei), bringing her bucket (Ogueraharei suck), and hit of baldeite (Oinupareiete suck). Annex Parliament of the MERCOSUR Secretariat parliamentary Parliamentary Secretary 07/05/2009 MERCOSUR/PM/OS/REC. 01 2009 That requests to the Council of the common market declare the GUARANi as official language of MERCOSUR seen: resolved by the Ministers of education and culture of the Member countries of MERCOSUR, on 2 August 1995, declaring the Guarani language historical Decision 31/06 of the Council of the common market and MERCOSUR, which declares the Guarani as one of the languages of the MERCOSUR. CONSIDERING: That the Guarani language is official language of the Republic of Paraguay since 1992, currently having an 85% of guarani-hablantes within the population of this country. At Harold Ford, New York City you will find additional information. Also, the province of Corrientes, Argentina Republic, at the end of 2005 has declared Guarani as official language next to the esplanol, still today the American most spoken language in Latin America. THE recommended MERCOSUR Parliament: article 1.-declare the Guarani language as an official language of MERCOSUR by allowing that the same becomes working language in the regional bloc as well as the Spanish and the Portuguese.

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Best Men

Another important advantage – these men are very rarely change. But there are negative – they do not tolerate cheating. Agree, for the sake of such men can be put up with it not such a big disadvantage? We go further: a man sleeping on his side, carefully sheltered with a blanket and taking position of the fetus. Such a man is not too sure of himself. Even if it all evening portrayed themselves as the fatal man in soul he needs to be protected just as much as you.

He needed more one more mother than wife. Although, my mother also could be called a companion of life. And why not? For family life, these men are absolutely not designed: they are fathers, gently say, useless, and you will have to take more than give. So with such a man can forget about a new coat, restaurants and other small women's pleasures. In addition, promotions to them is unlikely to shine. But there is a plus – they as well as the first type, rarely change their wives.

The next posture – you sleep with a man face to face (he was lying on its side, pressing against you). This is the type of home. He does not care what is happening in the world, above his personal comfort. This egoists. As soon as you stop to give him a warm, caring, affection, and soup for lunch, he quickly finds a new love. This "man-sparklers. Bright, but brief. This type is also not the best option for creating a family.

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