Family Code

In Ukraine, the conclusion of the marriage contract is not very popular. Primarily because they do not correspond to moral principles of the majority. After all, the family – an alliance built on trust and love, it would seem, some here may be contract. But the statistics consistently shows that in many cases, a divorce the spouses is difficult to reach consensus, often one of them left with nothing on the street. Yes, and in everyday family life, sometimes at times there are cases when one spouse materially prejudice the other. Richard Blumenthal has firm opinions on the matter. That in order to avoid similar incidents and there is a prenuptial agreement. According to the Family Code of Ukraine marriage contract may be individuals who have filed application for marriage registration, as well as spouses. James Donovan Goldman Sachs follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

Treaty regulates property relations between spouses, as well as on the content of children. Contract must be made in written form and be certified notarized. In the marriage contract can be defined property which the wife, the husband passes for use on general family needs, as well as the legal regime of property donated by the spouses in relation to the registration of marriage. If housing, in which the family resides belongs to one of the spouses, the contract can specify rules for using this housing. For text of the treaty, of course, better to see a specialist who listened to your requests, among other things, tells how to better regulate property relations in each particular case. Importantly, remember that the marriage contract – a mutual agreement, and you with your other half at any moment can to change its terms and conditions or terminate it altogether. Modify the contract at the initiative of one spouse can only be in court and in the case of his interests or the interests of children. Do not you want to somehow to secure its future and their children? Think about it. The marriage contract does not imply a divorce, but only simplifies things a bit relations between spouses. It can not provide personal relations, this sphere remains at your full disposal. And only you personally depends on how strong and harmonious would your family.

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Consumer Protection

3. If you have already lost confidence in this model, a toaster, but the warm slices of toast in the morning you still enticing, you can ask the seller to replace your unit for the same, but different model, or even a different brand. However, if he turns out to be more expensive, you have to pay the difference. But if you choose cheaper model, the difference returned to you. 4. May happen that after all this to you and toasters do not want to watch. Then, instead of all of the above you can just require the seller paid for the good sum of money. As you can see, the legislator tried to ensure that you – the consumer, were the most protected.

But that's not all. In accordance with Art. 7, Article. 18 of the Law on Consumer Protection, you may require the seller to pay all damages incurred by you in the sale of goods of inadequate quality. For example, if you bought a sofa-book extra payment for his delivery, and then discovered that he had defective folding mechanism, you can refer to the seller to request a refund, not only for himself sofa, but also to reimburse the cost of delivery. It should be noted that the requirements relating to product defects, may be brought against the persons concerned in terms prescribed by law. There are warranty terms and expiration dates. Expiry dates are set for such products, such as food, household chemicals. Therefore, if you have spoiled sausages, which you kept in accordance with the directions on the package, and the expiration date has not expired, you may well ask the store where you purchased this sausage, and demand to return the paid money for it.

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Russian Federation

Contract for the provision of legal aid is in writing in two copies – one for each side. Each copy must be read and signed by each party personally or through a representative, whose authority must be confirmed by a power of attorney. To such a contract may be attached to the minutes. When circumstances arise that require documentation of the additional agreement to the contract or a new contract. Signing of the contract must be preceded by approval of its terms by the parties, checking the correctness and accuracy of the information (dates, numbers, names, details, etc.) specified in the contract. Agreeing on all terms legal assistance and signed a contract to make payment of the Executive (the lawyer).

There are two basic ways to determine the remuneration for providing legal aid. The first is the hourly pay of the Executive (the lawyer). With hourly pay remuneration determined by the number of hours spent on the response to the request for legal assistance under this considered only the time directly spent on the response to this request. Time spent on activities related to the execution order (the travel time, waiting for hearing in court, the time spent on analysis of legislation, etc.), but not the subject of the contract payment is not refundable. With hourly billing prepayment, its size is determined by the expected number of hours spent on the execution order.

In If the amount of prepaid hours exceed the amount actually spent, undeveloped portion of the fee shall be returned to the principal. The second way is to establish a fixed amount of remuneration for legal assistance. The amount of remuneration is determined by project cost performance of the commission, which takes into account the complexity of the case and includes the time taken by the Executive for the provision of legal aid costs such assistance. When determining the remuneration and its size should take into account the opinion of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation expressed in Resolution Constitutional Court of 23.01.2007 1-P, namely: in the current legal regulation of the relations of compensated rendering of legal services they are not expected to meet the requirements of the Executive on the remuneration under the contract of compensated rendering of services, unless this requirement justified by the condition that puts the size of payment services, depending on the court decision to be taken in the future. This means that the customer (the principal) pays only for work performed by the Executive (a lawyer), but not decisions made in the case of government agencies and institutions. Thus the size and the payment of compensation can not depend on decisions made by state authorities, because they are not made by the Executive (Counsel) and, accordingly, are outside its competence. Determining the amount of remuneration must choose a way of disbursements. Remuneration can be made as bank transfer through a bank, and by making cash (through cash or bank transfer) at the expense of legal practice, law firm. Calculation with lawyers in private practice is carried out by direct transfer cash, in this case, the executor is obliged to issue a receipt stating the amount of funds received, date received, from whom on account of which received such funds. Thus, the fulfillment of the requirements law when entering into and performance of the contract for legal aid cuts risks of infringement of lawful rights and interests of the parties to such agreement. In turn, knowledge about the contract is prerequisite for the execution of the above requirements.

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HOA Has No Right To Check How Many People Live In An Apartment !

A53-2613/2010 Court dismissed the claims of society on the Recognition and illegal cancellation of management to involve society in the administrative proceedings under Part 2 of Article 14.8 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation in the form of fines, as society as a contract to manage the apartment building including conditions that infringe upon the rights of consumers (recovery) at the company that manages the apartment building, has been fined for inclusion in the contract conditions infringe the rights of consumers (tenants of the house). She appealed to the court. The District Court found the imposition of a fine and have a legitimate following. According to one of the conditions of the contract management company was entitled to a utility payments on the number of persons living in the apartment. This right arises when determining the fact of her residence in an apartment sobstvennikalits not registered in this room, and the non-payment for them platy.Pereraschet made after appropriate verification, making the act owner. As pointed out by the district court, the management company not entitled trebovatzaregistrirovat citizens living in the accommodation and check the facts . Accordingly, she had no right to include such a condition vdogovor to manage the apartment building.

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