Automatic Incoming Groups

Entry doors and sash sliding doors. Folds is a very important component of the automatic door. To fold, having larger sizes and moving at high speed, there are special requirements for strength, weight, insulation and sealing the passage. Leaf sliding doors are made, usually made of aluminum profiles with the filling of glass 'triplex', or tempered glass and are used with automation companies faac, ditec, came, dorma, gu, kth, nabco, besam. Sash, made entirely of glass, look elegant, but in the Russian context are relevant only within the premises. At the entrance from the street put wings of "warm" aluminum. Profile for manufacture of sliding door wings has a number of features.

The fact that the sliding door, in contrast to the swing can not be absolutely dense adjacent to the doorway. To reduce the area of these cracks in aluminum profiles for entrances must be provided by special grooves for installation of sealing gaskets. Particular attention should be paid to the glass, which filled sash automatic doors. Russia has been issued regulations Acts of moe and the Moscow Government regulating the use of facade glazing. According to these documents, glass, used in exterior structures must be water resistant. – Laminated or covered with special film.

A typical scheme of organization of the entrance with automatic sliding doors in the Russian context – a tambour made, usually made of aluminum walls with translucent structures. Tambour wall – this prefabricated wall, foundation of which is a frame made of aluminum or steel profiles, which are mounted panels made of various materials or glass. Stationary partitions are mounted to the floor and ceiling, and have high strength characteristics and excellent heat and sound insulation. But, unlike conventional walls, these walls have, much more decorative features and seamlessly fit into any interior. Stationary partitions can be opaque (decorated with any material that gives the designer the maximum possible) translucent (glass) and even combined (this is when one part of an opaque partition, and another – a glass). Tambour doors are installed in pairs at a distance of 2 meters or more. This distance is dictated by the fact that if you put them closer, radar sensors are one of the doors will be respond to another door. If, however, reduce the radar detection zone, visitors will have to stop before the door, waiting until it opens.

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North Panels

Base thickness of insulation applied to the central regions of Russia: – 50-150 mm, Siberia and the North – 150-250 mm. For fixing insulation used special plugs "umbrella" type. 4. Vapor permeable film vapor permeable film does not allow moisture to penetrate to the insulation and at the same time, prevents the evaporation of condensate in the atmosphere. Factory – offers insulating material with a ready lamination – on the surface insulation boards applied vapor permeable material. 5.

Air gap air gap works on the principle chimney – thus not allowing to gather atmospheric and internal moisture on the surface of the wall. Another important function of the air buffer – a reduction of heat loss from buildings. 6. Facing Facing materials in the construction of ventilated facade perform protective and decorative function. They protect the insulation, design and building of the wall from damage and weathering. At the same time, the cladding panels are the outer shell of the building, forming an aesthetic appearance, are his calling card. Currently, there is a wide choice of front panels for cladding buildings. In addition to appearance, they differ in material, size and type of fasteners (visible, invisible).

Materials used for making panels can be very different, and this list is constantly updated: composite panels, aluminum sheets, flat sheet panels, ceramic granite, ceramic tile, stone, etc. You can highlight the main ventilated facades advantages: – the materials used, dimensions. Profile system of ventilated facades can be used for cladding buildings of different materials – protection from precipitation.

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