Freedom Of Thought

Can you imagine a world without the Internet? something difficult would be because after that humans will get accustomed to the facilities, it is quite difficult to imagine without them, even if the individual is extremely adaptable, it would create a great shock because of the way in which human beings have become accustomed to having the information by simply powering on your personal computer. Perhaps not affect ones, since they grew up and in his time barely existed typewriters and to date not even have failed to learn to use a word processor in the small computer’s grandson; others will perhaps be affected by purchases that normally made between which could highlight cheap wedding details or the continual search for original perfumes for half price. What seems an idea of a science fiction movie or a subject of a book of revelation and world disorder, is not far from reality. There are currently countries where its political regime prohibited and moderating the content of what is seen and searched on the internet, in few words; the Government is nanny’s Internet in your country. It has reached the point of restricting the use of certain types of cell phones which offer modes of communication in which people could undermine the idealism that lives there. Although it sounds like an absurd idea that this happens, as happens more than you think and this is why young people driven by a freedom of expression, are involved in riots, protests and demonstrations calling for freedom of ideas. Anything else in the world can ban or moderate, you can not even censor what the ideas of men, and all the myriad of thoughts that go through your head, and the worst mistake that someone can commit, is underestimating the ability of reasoning of another.

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