Converting Fuel Oil

The municipality of Torre Pacheco has launched an environmental project aimed at collecting used cooking oil for further processing into biodiesel, making this population in the first of the Region in promoting a service to recycle such waste. The Director General of Environmental Quality, Antonio Alvarado, and the Mayor of Torre Pacheco, Daniel Garcia, presented yesterday at City Hall, the town where the biodiesel project, which includes the conduct of the campaign 'Recycling cooking oil for biodiesel. " The regional government reported that this campaign seeks to inform the final destination of this waste, which is the production of a biodegradable diesel fuel, and to encourage citizens to work with the Administration and authorized managers in the work of recycling . Perhaps check out Ohio Senator for more information. The campaign is promoted by the municipality of Torre Pacheco and funded jointly by the Ministry of Industry and Environment. According to sources, at present there is no service household collection of used cooking oil as the only option for recycling is put it in the ecoparks. In fact, there are eco-park in special containers to deposit this kind of oily waste, very harmful to the environment if released uncontrolled. Moreover, the dumping of this residue in the pipes clogging and expensive favors the process of purification of waste water treatment plants, while if it is thrown away in boats closed helps to contaminate the soil and increase the risk explosions in landfills where they are transferred.

Torre Pacheco thus becomes the first municipality in the region that drives a domestic collection service of used oil. For its part, the company Reagra (Recycling of oils and fats) is responsible for managing the oil poured into the seven collection stations set up by the city in its urban core and translates it for recycling, which is responsible for one of the three processing companies that exist in Spain, property Bionet Europa company, which is a leader in the production of biodiesel from used cooking oil. Residents can also take used oil to Ecoparque, located on the outskirts of town, and soon the future of Waste Management Center, located in Roland, whose works are well advanced. The total budget for the project is over 20,000 euros, of which the general direction of Environmental Quality will provide 10 440 euros.

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Spanish Plastic

Avoid drips and leaks from faucets. Simply washing dripping tap means a loss of 100 liters of water a month. There are market shower heads low. The taps can be placed flow reducers (aerators). Dual flush systems or partial discharge to the toilet can save a great amount of water. GARBAGE domestics Every Spanish citizen, according to IDEA, generates on average more than 600 kg of waste per year. Over 65% of all waste generated in Espna is recoverable or recyclable. TYPES: Organic matter: the organic agriculture waste can be recovered principally as fertilizer (compost).

Plastic: Keep in mind that all plsticos are made from oil. Therefore, by eating plastic, it contributes to the depletion of a nonrenewable resource. Paper and cardboard recycling are easy: in fact, in Spain, are recycled every year more than two and a half million tons of paper, although a similar amount is sent to landfills or incinerators. Adems of deforestation, recycling of paper reduces water consumption by 86% and 65% energy on. For each page that is recycled, saving the energy equivalent to running for an hour, two energy saving light bulbs of 20 watts.

Glass: 100% recyclable. For every bottle that is recycled saves the energy needed to have a TV on for three hours or the energy they need five energy-saving lamps of 20 W for 4 hours. Cans: Its use is a major cost of energy, the energy needed to manufacture an aluminum soda can, you might have to operate a TV for two hours. Bricks: They are made from thin layers of cellulose, aluminum and plastic that are very difficult to separate, making it difficult to recycle. And remember: Whenever possible, choose products that are not accompanied by superfluous packaging or packaged. Choose family-size products. Avoid packaging waste. Moderate use of aluminum foil and plastic wrap. Refuse bags do not need. Try to always carry your own shopping bag. Pay close attention to when purchasing products called “disposable”; think if you are truly indispensable. You should always prefer a glass container a metal, paper and a plastic one

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