Latin America

Do you have trouble understanding of mathematics? Even if you study, are the results bad? Tranquilizate. It may not be your fault. Because you say this? If your look at our traditional education model matematicapodras you realize that operates in this manner: 1) the teacher arrives. It explains the class. students little or nadaparticipan in the development of the subject. (2) The teacher arrives. Applies a test. He is not verified if all students have come to understand him fully.

Result: a total massacre. (50 Students only 5 approved). Sen. Sherrod Brown understands that this is vital information. (At the end the motto becomes: 1) you learned. learned. 2) Which reprobo. reprobo. (for bad). This happens much especially in the early years of universidaden those professions such as engineering and related.

Now I wonder do you think that this is teaching? I don’t think so. So how our education should aim? There is a better option: 1) the teacher arrives. explains the class and at the same time you daparticipacion to the student, but not to humiliate but to that aprendade actively.(gives participation in the) Board). Read additional details here: James Donovan Goldman Sachs. (2) The master llega.verifica that alsoperformed all have understood and applied the test. At the end: all learning for life. This is possible? Of course Yes. In Japan it are doing long overdue results conexcelentes.(the Japanese students are mejoresy not only in mathematics but in many areas more). Be implemented this model in any country in Latin America? If. Now what they are doing in chile through an enconvenio with the Japan program, with excellent results in children deprimaria.(congratulations to the Chilean country, is on track). I hope in the near future this model is this implemented in more countries, obviously adapted to the reality of each one.

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Share Oil

Why not share oil ministers that is the question? Understatement of oil prices in the budget will lead to a comparison of healthcare expenditures on science and agriculture by an average of 30% of the economic development minister warns Elvira Nabiullina.Vitse Prime Minister Alexei Kudrin assured of the validity of this approach to budgeting. Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin convinced of the need to budget forecasts underestimated the price of oil. Ray Dalio pursues this goal as well. If the price of oil is $ 70 per barrel, or $ 71 that the budget deficit will be equal to 4% of GDP, and if suddenly oil will fall in price to $ 50 or $ 49 then the deficit will be 8%, "but it is a dangerous level," said Alexei Kudrin, speaking after the Minister Economic Development Elvira Elvira doubted this tactic. To broaden your perception, visit Jim Donovan Goldman. She considers it appropriate to budget "conservative but realistic" forecasts $ 76-77 per barrel for the next four years (on Friday, oil costs $ 77.7 per barrel). If the plan budget expenditures based on undervalued oil prices, as proposed by the Ministry of Finance, when you save the social welfare payments and defense spending will be reduced by 30% in real terms spending on science, health, education and agriculture, she warned. Board of Finance was to be held even on April 2. According to unofficial information, because of the explosions in Moscow metro29 March board meeting was postponed indefinitely. Next event scheduled for April 28-29. As a result, on Thursday at Government House has passed a joint meeting of boards of Finance and Economic Development with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

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Economy And Politics In The Same Plane

Excitement about Westerwelle travel companion and the defeat of Airbus in the United States. Excitement reigns in parliaments and in the press; the events seem fundamentally different: Guido Westerwelle is again this time to his administration as Secretary of State – hard in the criticism. The selection of his travel companions abroad seems heavily of personal and party friendships. At least many old acquaintances, and including not only his life partner are piled, members of the business delegations usual on such occasions. At the same time it was other European capitals accusations in the wake of the EADS decision to withdraw from the bid battle the order”armor of the century” in the United States from Paris, Berlin and – in rare bipartisan agreement -. The selection process to the re-equipment of the army with tanker aircraft, which now already for the third time over the award of the contract should be decided, was apparently (with hindsight!) strongly been tailored to the offer of the American manufacturer Boeing. The heavy guns, which are now operated on are “Abuse of authority” on the one side, “Protectionism” on the other side. But what have the two cases – except for the heated comments – to do with each other? Well, except for the fact that aircraft here in a way constitute the “corpora delicti”, the Zankapfel, like there, it comes to the special relationship that combines politics and economy in the foreign trade.

Also the World Trade Organization (WTO), free trade zones (such as the NAFTA of North America) and even the European single market, in which the economic link of the Member States has reached a very high degree, in this area nothing fundamental changed: as soon as the economy of a nation operates across their borders, the nation-State in a sense sees itself as a business Agency and represents the interests of the own economy first and foremost. This is true all over the world, and usually deals with the State attention to the interests of big economic actors. That Foreign Minister Westerwelle seems slightly less calm than its predecessor takes people of own “network” on business trips, and one of those people that is also his life partner, you can call politically insensitive, and at some point, you must also criticize it. But – as well as in the case of the accompanying journalists – the Chancellor’s Office or the Foreign Ministry different make together delegations depending on the “Color” of the respective heads, is, however, so banal as anything in politics. When SPD General Secretary Nahles so speaks of business delegations as a “matter of course”, on the other hand the “mixing” economic with the interests of State warns, this is nothing more than a logical nonsense. Excited – and foolish still – sound the rants about us “protectionism” in the face of the tanker competition and the withdrawal of Airbus/EADS. Because there is no sector of the economy in which national calculus played a bigger role than just the arms industry. The almost incredible waste of taxpayers of European citizens in the cases of the “Eurofighter” combat aircraft or the troop transporter Airbus “A 400 M” – equivalent offerings could have been bought elsewhere just finished at a fraction of the total – were, if anything, never otherwise politically to justify. We had seen the parliaments in Berlin or Paris, as the mass acquisition of Russian “MIG 29” or “Antonov 147” (the much more powerful counterpart to “Eurofighter” and “A 400 M”) decide. Everyone have a good flight. Andreas Kellner news /…

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Development Unique

The fate of the Russian state was not easy. But there are some steps to consider that it makes sense, since these stages clearly reflect the changing mentality of the Russian people, which not only affects the quality Development of the Russian state, but also in relation to it foreign counterparts. Concepts such as mentality, social thinking, social values discounted dangerous. And even more dangerous not to monitor changes / deformation of these terms. Fraught with a fall from the pedestal and the inability to adequately back him up.

Mentality can not change? Wrong. Very easy. Enough to reorient a person with human values in a purely physical, bodily needs of man, and cultivating them, let's go out / fade to human values. In the early 19th century – in 1974. The time when the main thrust and directions Russia's policy has been to show / prove to everyone that the Russian people has a number of indestructible property. Namely: – congenital givens to the creation of sophisticated and unique in its unique products of labor, having embodied at all levels of social, productive, spiritual, etc.

Development of materials for imperfect and based on pride, strength and value the spirit of its own historical origin – like-minded. In Russian there own for centuries, historically, to be formed ideology. The position of the individual against attempts to invade and impose a non-native ideology coincided with position of the entire Russian society: "Do not touch. Sacred "- a tribute that has become a national tradition.

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Socialist Antonio Casimiro Gavira

They considered that the attitude of the municipal group goes against the guidelines of the party, so it They strongly disapprove of that Socialist Councillors have put their vote in the service of the right. This morning, Trinidad Herrera (PP) Mayor of the Grenadian town of Almunecar, one of the most important in the province, thanks to the support that have given you UI, PA and one of the four representatives of the PSOE achieved. The decision of the Socialist Party, as it has become known finished the session spokesman of this group, Francis meadows, was adopted by unanimity of the local Assembly that, despite nomination, decided that one of four Councillors vote PP, to avoid that it steers convergence Andaluza (CA), the most voted list in the elections. Record of expulsion in UI for its part, IU-CA has announced it will open record of expulsion to three councillors that this Saturday have been granted to the PP in the full investiture Mayor of the municipality from Seville Mairena del Alcor, traditional bastion of the PSOE, which over the next four years will be governed by the popular Ricardo Sanchez, despite the local grouping of the PCA had decided unanimously practice that does not support the Mayor proposed by the PP in particular, Alderman has been newly proclaimed because two of the votes of the three councillors from IU, voting themselves, have not prevented the proclamation of Sanchez, while the third vote has gone directly to support the Mayor which he thus overthrows the Socialist Antonio Casimiro Gavira, despite being the most voted force. Mairena del Alcor, the municipal elections of May 22 have resulted the victory of the PSOE by relative majority, although Socialist and popular they have been tied at eight Councillors IU-CA has risen as the key when it comes to form the new municipal government with its three councilmen.

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The President’s Proposal

Comment Recently, the press and radio was much discussion of the President's proposal to increase the term of office of the President and the Duma. At the same time put forward the most incredible set of hypotheses, particularly with regard to the haste with which these proposals have now become elbow. In contrast to the views of many political analysts I do not think that there is some mystery. Allow me to make his own version. In my opinion, on the contrary, everything is very even simple. The decision to change the terms of the matured at the top for a long time.

I hope you remember the sentence, uttered by the speaker Mironov before April 1, 2007, which was then 'touchstone' for sensing the public views .. Now hurry up and decided to push it as quickly as possible. What is the reason for such haste? I think the reason is simple – it is a crisis. The situation in the country is rapidly deteriorating, and our authorities do not believe that this situation will not soon disastrous. If it were pushing against the background of already high unemployment and the collapse of the financial system, voters would not understand our parliamentarians. I believe that the governing majority State Duma in this case would have signed his "death sentence" as politicians. That is why, in order not to tempt fate, decided to issue an urgent now that the crisis has not erupted in full force. Against the background of what we have in the Russian economy now seem quite bizarre plans developed in 2020, offered those who are elected only for four years.

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

But it seems, until they were. Over the last month talking about the possibility of renewed war in the East Transcaucasia been discussed in a manner that gives some grounds to say that it is not excluded from the Azeri leadership has a plan, a scenario which, to some extent the logic of the notorious Madrid principles, or at least not strongly contradict them. And now strenuously trying to Baku "knock out" of the superpowers member OSCE at least partial agreement on its implementation. First of all, we can recall a message that newly appointed deputy. Assistant Secretary Tina Kaydanau (or Kaydanoff) stated that in the event of renewed hostilities Azerbaijan Washington may recognize Karabakh's independence. This message, however, was disproved, but such "leaks" or "duck" is usually not random and are intended to proactively alert them about the undesirability of the recipient is mussiruemoy topic or issue. Following it appeared and the signals from the European Union: Some experts in the publications of the EU has expressed confidence that in the event of war, the West can really go on the recognition of the NKR-Karabakh. Finally, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recently said that "the conflicts in the OSCE area, such as Nagorno-Karabakh, Transnistria, Kosovo should be resolved in accordance with previously adopted the format." To interpret the words of the Russian minister, of course, possible in two ways, and in three ways. In the end, before the format adopted for the same in Kosovo and Transnistria has been defined as the preservation of the composition, respectively, and Yugoslavia (Serbia), and Moldova.

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Bako Sahakian

And September 10th is received proof when the authorities close to the Artsakh independent expert and analyst of political science David Karabekyan, commenting on the situation after the announcement of information about Turkish-Armenian protocols, and responding to immediately followed the proposal of Ankara on the establishment of the so-called "Roads of the World" in the region, clearly placed all the accents. "The desire of Turkey and Europe join Armenia and Azerbaijan to Europe under the" Roads of the World "can be would be welcome only if it is equally the interests of all stakeholders ", – he said, specifying that in fact this is not in sight. "One section of the road, according to a" global project between Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey, "according to the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu are scheduled through the Lachin corridor. Experience in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict shows that the party whose security is most vulnerable, should be extremely cautious and prudent in matters relating to its security. The current president, Bako Sahakian called NKR security and territorial issues immutable values and priorities. He added that official Stepanakert not agree with any decision that would have jeopardized the existence, security and territorial interests of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic ", – said Dmitry Karabekyan hard. According to him, "compared with Israel, a situation exacerbated by the Nagorno-Karabakh uncertain borders of NKR and Armenia and Azerbaijan, the international non-recognition actual or assigned by the freely expressed will of the population status of Nagorno-Karabakh, and the paucity of its small land area, and so unsettled these problems can not just put in front of Nagorno-Karabakh, but also initiators of the project is very serious legal, technical and other problems.

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Expansion Without Revolution

At this stage, the adoption of a new aristocracy (in the true sense of the word), consisting of leaders and heroes, raised on surface waves of the revolution. They take into their own hands the state apparatus, which is usually accompanied by destruction of the old degenerate elite, redistribution of property, etc. From defense to attack those who try to strangle revolution at this stage, one way or another have their own nation a disservice. Do not crush, and to grow in the second stage, which means turning from defense to attack, ie transfer of the national revolution beyond the state. In That's the dynamics of nationalism and its natural extension. The motion of a different scenario will deadlock, failure to continue the struggle – a betrayal of the nation and the revolution.

Shutting themselves in, the nation will lose its form, decrepit and stopped halfway again sooner or later will be in a foreign yoke. Thus it appears that the nationalism of liberation and nationalism is nothing aggressive as interrelated stages a national revolution. Expansion Without exception, all the states and their borders in the world are the result of expansion of various nationalities in different historical periods. At issue is the relationship of ethnic groups only two ways to solve: 1. When one ethnic group expels or destroys the other 2. In the case of complementarity between them arose a mutual assimilation. Third in the history is not given. Expansion – is not just killing and occupation, but the need for creative violence, vital to any nation in the struggle for survival.

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Foreign Minister

Armenian Foreign Minister went to Brussels for a meeting of defense ministers of NATO Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, during which Representatives from NATO and Partner nations block examined several issues related to the implementation of the program "Partnership for Peace" (PfP). During the visit, S. Ohanian also met with the heads of the Ministries of Defence Germany, Romania and Georgia. Apparently, Armenia try to "take the demand" for having refused to take part in Yerevan held in the Georgian military exercises under the PfP itself. But let's not speculate. After last Friday The Georgian Parliament unanimously adopted a decision according to which formally ended with the release of this procedure respublikiiz CIS. The supreme legislative body of Georgia after two-month break for the first time going to a plenary meeting, despite the ongoing action in the heart of the opposition.

"Georgia is already out of the CIS. On this occasion there is a formal letter that I sent to the appropriate authorities of the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly of the year ago. So today we complete this process and the decision is formally legal point of view "- stated David Bakradze, Speaker. Well, on health, as they say. Now it will be difficult to argue that any other member countries CIS, for example, if tomorrow's application to join the Commonwealth served Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Georgia itself is also unlikely to oppose anything similar scenario of events in the region. In addition, as reported by the media, in Georgia are mass arrests of opposition leaders.

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