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The new blackmail of the Department of State JOSE BRECHNER the Chief of the Cabinet of Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, said that the efforts that will make North America to stop the Iranian nuclear threat will depend on the progress that Israel achieves in its talks with the Palestinian Authority. According to the Member of the Knesset, Yakov Katz, head of the National Union Party, what Emanuel calls is that Israel commits suicide, in exchange for United States stop a global threat. They expect Israel to accept the two-State solution, which will cause that Hamas not only US threatens missile from Gaza, but also from Judea and Samaria. And this is nothing less than the idea of a Jew, Rahm Emanuel, whose father fought in the Irgun against the British Empire, and who is identified with the left ultra that seeks the destruction of Israel. Is not the first time that State Department Israel blackmailing, he did so during the administration of George Bush father in 1991, urging him to not defend against missiles launched by Saddam Hussein from Iraq to change the support of the Arab world United States. Once Israel tolerated to be bombed, the same Government refused for a long time to secure a loan by 10 billion dollars, which was going to allow building homes for nearly a million Russian immigrants, inhumanly conditioning that please to not construct new settlements in the West Bank, while there were more than 200,000 people without shelter.

In 1948, when the Jewish State had to fend off numerous and well armed Arab armies, did with molotov cocktails and homemade weapons because his best friend did not give military support. Something similar happened in the wars of 1956 and 1967 when he had to resort to triangulations and arms dealers, because the U.S. Government refused to sell military equipment he needed to not be razed.

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Carnival: Freedom Or Libertinism

As ship that sails in sea and the water of the ocean does not obtain to penetrate inside of it, therefore it was planned and structuralized to resist great secular and torrents of winds impetuous, thus are children of God, because they are in the world, but not belong it, nor neither are ludibriados or involved by information liars propagated through the press spoken and writing, that shows the carnival as being a traditional and reverenciada party for that they proclaim the total and unrestricted freedom, where the taboo in addition is applauded by the folies and it does not have space for shyness or ' ' caretisse' '. Everything is allowed in the CARNEVAL, with exception of censorship and restrictions. It will be this freedom or libertinism? It has two theories that they point with respect to origin and meaning of the word carnival. It would have had origin in Latin carnevale (carne+vale = carne+adeus), and would be the assignment of ' ' Gorda&#039 tuesday; ' the last day of the Christian calendar where it is allowed to eat meat, a time that, in the following day, it is initiated Quaresma. Already the second theory is fixed in affirming that the word Carnival comes of Carrus Navalis, for influence of the parties in honor of Dionsio, where an car, with an enormous large barrel, distribua wine to the people in old Rome. Many of the carnavalescas celebrations are sufficiently older of what the proper Christian religion, having been white of different manifestations throughout history. In the deep one, all the carnivals are reminiscncias of the dionisacas parties of Old Greece, of the bacanais of Rome and the balls of masks of the Renaissance we were made for the louvor of the glory of God, and therefore we must honor you in whom to make, not leaving to attempt against for the principles that It established in its word.

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