They are discriminated for reasons of ethnicity, gender, colour or social class, and their increasing number converts the exclusive service, putting into question its legitimacy. Suffolk County Rep. insists that this is the case. Different Governments have raised as a solution the educational credit and scholarships, insofar as they allow, through the funding of demand, facilitate better access to those offered by the market. In the case of Colombia, it is evident that this orientation of the loan has enabled, while maintaining support for the higher income strata, optimize strata 2 and 3 access, not so the 1, in part because it has no input into the educational system as a whole. The first reason for the importance of equity in education is the role played by knowledge in the economy of the Nations and the possibility for the whole country to occupy a worthy position in the global concert. On the other hand, education is the means of formation of human talents and the most important route so that people can build a life project worthy and a position deemed valuable for themselves in society.

Quality, against the poor but the measures taken in this area in the field of higher education, Governments, depend on guidance on which they are established. Indeed: it’s equal opportunities for those who have the talent and the conditions that would ensure in principle access to the elite, under the budget of the existence of an innate, intelligent and suitable but differently distributed nature in a population? This option assumes that what is urgent is create equal opportunities, so that the most talented have access to the highest possible level of training, and at the same time having a scheme differentiated for the rest of the population. Therefore, the right thing is universal access to basic level and ensure the selective formation of a competent elite at the top level. Or, the emphasis is on establishing a targeted policy to increase equality by way of education, in which case break that talent has a social basis, and thus intelligence is a multidimensional process in which numerous factors as the primary socialization, early stimulation and quality of psychomotor development.

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