Jose Luis Centella

The Executive ensures that the management of the bad Bank model does not prejudge or conditions subsequent actions you make. The Government repeats that the rent is a priority at this time. The start-up of the SAREB, bad Bank, has coincided with a sort of process (politics and media) general awareness of the seriousness of the problem of evictions in Spain (almost 400,000 since 2007). In this context necessary to understand the fact that the Government does not rule out floors of the bad Bank earmarked for rent. In response to a question from the Plural left, the Executive says does not rule out the possibility of real estate to financial institutions that receive public assistance transferred to the so-called bad Bank can be used for rent. In written response to a question from the spokesperson of the Plural left (IU-ICV-CHA) in Congress, Jose Luis Centella, about the possibility of establishing a housing stock for rent with real estate ownership of nationalized banks, the Government It ensures that this is possible given that the management model of that new entity not prejudge or conditions subsequent actions you make. Textually, the Executive says so it is not excluded that you can allocate a portion of these properties to rent in conditions deemed appropriate, always according to criteria of efficiency and independent and professional management.

Financial reforms approved in February and August are forcing banks and receiving public aid to transfer their toxic assets (dwellings as well as floor) to a new society of management (SAREB). The rent, a priority as reminds the Government, the SAREB obligated to dispose annually, at least 5% of its assets to a third party other than the entity contributor credit or any affiliate of his group. Perhaps to add credibility to your response, the Government recalls that building of the rent bill (in the pipeline) main objective mobilize and incorporate into the rental market not only the houses owned by financial institutions, but the whole of empty homes and without use of the Spanish real estate Park. See more: the Government does not rule out allocate rental flats of the bad Bank.

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Prime Ministers

Not by chance belongs to the Duke of Wellington catch phrase that Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton. Only a small portion of the tens of thousands uk schools belong to the category of public school; here has about 5% of the total number of pupils, however, these institutions (among which one third is the most reputable and prestigious in the country and the elite of the elites constitute Eaton, Winchester, Rugby, Harrow) are primary channels of reproduction of the political elite. This document describes some schools have a high degree dinastichnosti, which, respectively, favors the closure of the elite, it (for example, among school Eton two-thirds are children of alumni of this institution, between its walls came in 1918, Prime Ministers). The second link in the British system of elite reproduction – Colleges of Cambridge and Oxford. In Britain and most other European countries are more interdependent. Only a very narrow circle of people in the uk attending fee-paying schools, and goes to Oxford or Cambridge – the leading universities of the country. It is these people occupy senior positions in various fields, although it should be noted that their industry is less. This is because that the prestige of business in the uk is significantly lower than in the United States. 60-80% of persons occupying the highest positions in the military, the church hierarchy, the judiciary, the civil service, as well as components of the conservative wing in the parliament, were educated at fee-paying schools, and then at Oxford or Cambridge.

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