The Basic Law

and the life and historical experience also confirms the need for participation as a defender of a close relative. Given the historical experience of our people who survived the mass repression and a huge amount of terrible miscarriages of justice, and adopted a new Constitution. And the country's basic law provides for a guarantee of protection of the rights and freedoms. The Basic Law of the State – the Constitution, in the first section, "Fundamentals of the constitutional order," declared the position that the Republic of Belarus – democratic, social state of law in which "man is the supreme value of society and state" (Article 2) This situation – one of the fundamentals of the constitutional system of the Republic of Belarus. (As opposed to Senator Richard Blumenthal). The term "highest value" is not defined by any other constitutional system in a legal state.

Recognition of the rights and freedoms the supreme value means that in case of conflict of human rights and other constitutionally protected values, priority should be given to human rights. And this is reflected in Article 21 of the Constitution, which declares, "Safeguarding the rights of citizens is the ultimate goal of the state." It is very important that the rights and freedoms of citizens are adequately guaranteed, otherwise they will benefit from turning into an empty slogan, not are of no value. Although the authorities conducting the professional process is known, that in accordance with Article 62 of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, the opposition legal assistance in the Republic of Belarus is prohibited, Nevertheless, prosecutors and judges often prevent close relatives in the provision of legal assistance for its motivated and illegal decisions.

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Internet Auctions

An atypical form of acquiring a property is purchased at public auction. The reasons of because a home goes to one auction public are varied, unpaid mortgages, disagreements between owners, tax debts, etc that are born in sad story of misfortune and disagreements that end up in the courts that causes the building to go into stop on sale at auction by judicial decision. Swarmed by offers, Sen. Sherrod Brown is currently assessing future choices. Before, these buildings fell into a network of coexistence mafia semi between employees of the courts and the so-called auctioneers, which made it almost impossible to the participation of an individual in this business. Today these handlings are over in large part and individuals can participate in these auctions, although the actual fact is that uncertainty that produce away fans and usually homes end up in the hands of the usual auctions… To be informed, the Internet gives us some tools.

The best way to learn what is Web published auction that has the best information about judicial auctions that occur in Spain. Among the tips Basic and at the same time essential to go safely to an auction, are as follows: 1.-learn about everything that goes on auction and choose the good that interests. Easier and more complete medium is to sign up for public auction, which has specified costs on their website’s products and services, however there is a wide possibility of free consultation on the web where you can select by type of well province etc. Payment service, reports automatically via e-mail of the auctions on goods that meet the conditions that we choose. 2 Visit the property and obtain the maximum information. If the occupant is the defendant you may be interested in selling before going to the auction. Once you have selected the good should personally visit and contact the owner, because there is the possibility of reaching out-of-court agreements before coming to the auction date.

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United Nations Crisis

The globalisation of the information and the communication are an irrefutable fact. It has allowed us to know experiences of tada nature in other scopes. To share them, to discuss them still more and, we have ourselves bold to raise solutions of problematic that we understand common. So it is the particular aspect of the multi-factor violence that is experienced in the daily traffic. The transit system to carry of our medium countries of and low income has a similar behavior, and the difficulties and indicators for the implementation of effective programs also are comparable, that is to say: – Rate of social motorization referring to motorcycles, in growth. – Rate of mortality by each 100.000 inhabitants, in increase. – Marked definition of the vulnerable users. For more information see this site: Amazon.

– Absence of a plan of integral road security. – Deficiency of forecast in the safe road infrastructure investments. – Lifted expenses in health as a result of the road tragedies, – relative Indifference of the citizenship and the official and deprived organs before other people’s pain motivated by the cotidianidad the tragedies. – Deficiency in the quality and amount of the information. – Absence of official stimuli of plans of integration and international cohesion, – Ignorance of the bond of the road security with the subjects of present crises and of sustainable development, among others. To control all these elements entails much effort and sacrifice, besides many years. Nevertheless, some nations already lead themselves to apply policies of State to swear in what the United Nations Crisis of the Road Security calls .

Others call to him Quiet Tsunami. In which we do not have doubts, it is that Pandemic is one , since it has been typified by the World-wide Organization of the Health. However, what has lacked so that as so east problem treats from the high instances of the social power, economic and political? humble to understand, the lack of political will. From this last one, one begins the process of integral solution and social awareness battle to this evil that it affects to thousands of Dominican families.

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Viktor Yanukovych

Further along the route followed by district B-3, or rather, a vacant lot between gray paneled five-story building and handed over last year mnogopodezdnym brick house. Kurylin showed the deputies and representatives of the Government of Samara region, where there should be a kindergarten for 330 places, as well as three houses on which construction scheduled for relocation of dilapidated housing. And somehow unobtrusive, slightly shifting the extended arm, Alexander, said the chairman of the srs Sazonov: – Viktor Yanukovych, here is the mountain, where Martynov (Director npf meta – approx.) Plan to make the ski slopes. And, suddenly, could not resist one of the deputies – the deputy chairman of the Committee on Local Government srs av Gontar: – Viktor Yanukovych, so I listened to today (Kurylina – approx.) – a very optimistic forecasts. Here we are in the Duma, and in the city we have everything in Samara there crying, weeping, weeping. Here, only one positive. No negatives.

– And do you want? – Immediately reacted Kurylin. – Do now – these words have were made by the laughter of Deputies, to evaluate the joke in stride. Discussing the positive and : "Well, the second straight Switzerland!" Deputies took their places on the buses. New march and now the fence btf, followed by the sad site of the future, but it is extremely needed and welcome – the morgue. Yet appeared dug pit, in which, as explained Kurylin, filled with 500 mm reinforced concrete slab. Under her order of a meter of rolled gravel.

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The Process

And so dictates what the national tenor, in article 93 of the C.P.C, that letter reads as follows: when the decision revert to affect process in a uniform manner to all summons, shall be only validly issued all appear or are located, as it is active or passive, joinder respectively, unless legal otherwise is an exceptional procedure figure, due mainly to the burden on the conformation of the procedural relationship, especially in the passive area.Indeed, due to him, the actor can not choose who litigate, but that if it decides that there is process must necessarily prosecute all who can to all those who may be affected by the thing judged the same 33 in the necessary joinder, the dependency is total since we have the case of a causal legitimationcomplex or common under which the reference deduction claim substantial legal relationship.34The special or qualified joinder produces wider effects. This joinder occurs when there is need of a uniform resolution to all summons; or when the demand has to be presented by several or against several. 35 Is characteristic of the necessary joinder, the situation of procedural solidarity between the summons.36 The terms, if any of the summons meets a procedural document or take advantage of it, is considered such a situation for the benefit of others. The deadline for appeal of the ruling is individual. Resources favour, however to all summons, with the following caveat: those who have lodged are not part but you to participate before the superior court. The ruling puts an end to the process, benefits or harms to all summons and that is spoiled, only when you can make use of resource impugnatorios against it. The procedural momentum corresponds, however each of the litigants separately, so that if alone can put in place the process, with the single obligation to notify others. Notifications are also individual for the summons.

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New International School

Traditionally the most popular country among willing to learn from abroad has remained the uk. And the trend is manifested both in the field of English language courses, and so in higher education. But this year Russians are suddenly together drew attention to the countries of the New World – have rushed for knowledge of the ocean – in the United States and Canada. Companies involved in youth tourism, mark an unprecedented demand for education in the U.S. and Canada. The flow of students in the U.S.

increased by 4 times, and in Canada grew more than tenfold. And this despite the fact that earlier education in Canada was virtually no demand by Russians. What is the reason for the rapid 'discovery' of America? In the first all, this is because the dollar has fallen markedly, respectively, and studying in the U.S. has become more affordable. Furthermore, we know that the American and Canadian universities are renowned for their prestige and give a quality education.

Not surprising that many young people (and their parents) to shift attention away from Albion to another continent. Of course, in America or London to study, to choose you. And for our part we want to give you a little information on various language courses, which we hope will be useful. Courses 'language + career' – New International School ef English First (). They are intended primarily for those who want to get on the linguistic courses all at once: the language to learn, and take another step up the career ladder. The program is called "International career, she has few options – choose according to your professional interests. Marketing and business (at ef in Cambridge). Students will expand vocabulary, business vocabulary, study skills of business communication. In addition, out of 26 English lessons per week four will be devoted to specialized topics – jurisprudence, international relations and public policy. The development of an international career (in ef schools in London and Chicago). Here the focus – on the job search and career development in international companies. Many emphasis on business vocabulary, preparing for interviews in English, the study of international law resume writing, corporate culture. English and Law (EF schools in London and Chicago). Familiarity with legal vocabulary. English and it (at ef in Cambridge). You expand your vocabulary of programming, software, information security and other professional topics. Even with Computer Slang acquainted. On all these courses you can go to any initial level of English – even the very beginners. Classes begin year-round every Monday. Course duration – from 1 to 4 weeks. If for any reasons, study abroad for you a problem, do not despair – there is a solution. However, in the first place, this information will be interesting to residents of Moscow and Moscow region. In Moscow Club Native speakers, where you can improve in foreign languages, with experienced teachers, native speakers. Visit the club's official website and read the information you need.

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Some Thoughts About God

Thomas Aquinas was more blunt “Per se notum secundum,” its existence-of God is evident by itself, or Dostoevsky” Without God everything is permitted “and so there is something for everyone at end is a personal decision, “the FE allows access to deeper layers of the human being … The Heart!, including the reasons that reason does not understand” (Blaise Pascal) 10 – You Believe in Miracles? Of course, yes, the Miracles are not events that are to be found only in the extraordinary, are events that are near us and happen every day at every moment, 11 .- You think you benefited from a Miracle? Of course! On more than one occasion, for example, you count them the following facts as recorded in medical charts and state officials, police investigation reports and in the minds of many doctors: A) on June 4, 1989 at 10 pm a frontal car crash at 100 Km Per hour, which stayed with Spleen broken and bleeding, liver, pancreas, omentum, bowel lacerated, with the steering wheel embedded in the abdomen, with comminuted fracture of femur and so on. Of injury in these circumstances … the easier it was to die … but incredibly survived such an impact B) Dying in the middle of North American, Sunday at 10 pm Who’s going to help? …

But it appeared a truck and a bus with two drivers willing to do anything to help coincidence?, drivers and Marcial Jauregui Saldana Napoleon., with strings tied to his truck allowed the midfielder out of the abdomen to breathe, when she could no longer more. C) the time to reach Emergency Hospital, with blood pressure in 0, with 3 oz. Hb., Finding blood in the bank and have a UCI good at hand, doctors first level D) Support 3 Cardiac Arrest, where at each stop of this magnitude along the mortality 99%, support a septicemia, bronchopneumonia, renal failure when mortality reached 99.9% is this survival may be luck, chance, milk? E. “Hearing God’s Voice and travel to Mexico when Peru had already said that he was evil and when we got there they tell you showing that was the exact opposite and will operate three days of this tumor prolongandote few months of life … milk? F) Finally, when you’re in the last stay, dying, comes an anonymous donor gave you the liver, we operate 12 hours, endure, do not reject it, evolve it and you save yourself and you’re healed and saved, when in this Mortality in transplant years was nearly 19%, it is luck ?… NO!, add up all these acts of fate, is Macro luck? …

NO, that’s called Miracle! 12 .- As you’d expect such miracles to give back to God? I’ve stolen from St. Augustine his personal experience when he said “my conversion at age 42, but a personal effort, it was an act of grace” and that I am making a personal effort of conversion … and waiting for that Gracia 13.-Say you’re a Leftist, a believer in God Tony Blair said in his memoirs that the Left and Right, it was the French Revolution and lasted for centuries but is now obsolete, are now talking about opening and Censorship! … 14 .- Miguel A final message I’ll take the call that made Jorge Mendoza need Decency in Politics! And for this we must create citizens committees to audit the Politicians and the promises of these have the value of a Contract Moral! … between politicians and the people, with all the rigor of a contract … well I’m still Believer and Mariano. ‘.

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