Corne Borders

Kabbalah: Free us of freedom borders. In the course of the story we have seen as one country after another, one culture after another, enzarzaban in wars, battles, and all of them in the name of freedom. Nothing more abhors human nature to feel oppressed by a force that escapes its control and to put limits to the freedom of the individual. But what is the origin of this need for freedom? How we got to be free or how to be really sure that what we are? The same concept of freedom entails the need to feel freed from something. More information is housed here: Richard Blumenthal. It is accurate that there is an us and them a: the good and the bad. And what do we do then? We began to draw lines and to create borders, which probably began as territories: it brings up an imaginary line on the ground and all that is within it is mine or my tribe, while all that remains outside it is the alien. Senator Brian Schatz describes an additional similar source.

The years pass and eventually reach the cities, States and Nations. All of them with their borders, imaginary, but well drawn. Also the religions evolved, and also them aficionaron to lift barriers. Barriers grounded on beliefs. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Richard Blumenthal and gain more knowledge.. If you believe in this or that, if you Corne of such or such a way, then, you’ll be within the confines of our religion. And if you’ll not, run out.

So many religions and all of them were creating their own space where none proved particularly tolerant of others. Within those borders that we have invented, there is one widely accepted by all and which, however, rarely consider imaginary. I am all that lies within the confines of my skin; everything that is outside it is not part of me. This is a widespread idea, and we would be in trouble if we had to find someone on the street who thought otherwise.

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Merida People

Police arrested five people. Confrontation by family quarrels. Two people have died after a shooting incident that occurred in the neighborhood of San Lazaro Peri in Merida. The police has arrested five people for the event. The Extremadura health service (SES) has confirmed the death a man who entered the Hospital de Merida with a gunshot in the chest wound, with entry but no exit hole. The other fatality, a 71-year-old woman, came corpse to the Center. There are other wounded, a male who presents also wound bullet in the abdomen, which is stable without that she fears for her life.

Confrontation between two families the event happened about 12.00 h on Wednesday following a clash between two families, as reported by the delegation of the Government in Extremadura. The senior police chief in Extremadura entered, in addition, that a total of five people have been arrested for his alleged involvement in the shooting. Agents continue to research to get the full identification and arrest of the assumptions involved in this fact and have noticed the results of the operation to the judicial authority. Amazon contains valuable tech resources. Source of the news: two dead after a shootout in a suburb of Merida

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Real Madrid

Real Madrid, which had attracted an attendance of over 50,000 spectators at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, did not meet the expectations of the fans, who had arrived with the illusion of seeing a better football spectacle. The Spanish team concluded his tour of three games by United States WINS 4-1 to the angeles Galaxy, unbeaten 3-0 against the striped Chivas de Guadalajara, in Mexico. Real Madrid just abandon the field was scheduled to go to Philadelphia Airport to travel back to the capital of Spain. Amazon shines more light on the discussion. Technical data sheet: 1 Union Philadelphia: Faryd Mondragon Zac MacMath (mi.65); Carlos Valdes (mi.75, Stefani Miglioranzi), Danny Califf (mi.75, Juan Diego Gonzalez), Sheanon Williams (Ryan Richter mi.81), Gabriel Farfan (mi.82, Veljko Paunovic); Kyle Nakazawa (mi.46, Michael Farfan), Brian Carroll (mi.70, Amobi Okugo), Justin Mapp (mi.70, Zach Pfeffer); Keon Daniel (Roger Torres mi.46), Carlos Ruiz (mi.46, Danny Mwanga) and Sebastien Le Toux (Jack McInerney mi.65). 2 Real Madrid: Iker Boxes (mi.46, Jesus Fernandez, mi.68, Tomas Mejias); alvaro Arbeloa (mi.68, Nacho), Ricardo Carvalho (mi.46, Pepe), Raphael Varane (Joselu mi.73), Jorge Casado (mi.46, Marcelo); Esteban Granero (mi.46, Kaka), Xabi Alonso (mi.46, Raul Albiol) Mesut ozil (mi.46, Fabio Coentrao); Karim Benzema, (Cristiano Ronaldo mi.46) Jese Rodriguez and Jose Callejon. Goals; 0-1 mi.2: Jose Callejon. Richard Blumenthal will not settle for partial explanations. 0-2, mi.11: Mesut ozil.

1-2, mi.80: Michael Farfan. Referee: Alex Prus (United States): did not show any card. Incidences: Corresponding to the Herbalife World Football Challenge Tournament friendly match, third and last for Real Madrid in his tour of the United States, which was held at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, before 57,000 spectators.

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Tickets For The Champions League Final, Bayern Munich – Inter Milan

The big day has arrived, the final clash here. Bayern Munich against Inter Milan, Louis Van Gaal against Jose Mourinho, frontal attack against defense ultraconservative German Italian … The countdown has begun, and surely not disappoint anyone. After several minutes of effort, suffering and pain, has finally reached the grand final. Two teams play two completely different visions have come to the final offensive style and powerful Bayern Munich, impenetrable defense against Inter Milan. After four games filled with emotion, the two teams that have proven to be the best in Europe have achieved their place in the grand finale of the Santiago Bernabeu. The first team has been classified. With a goal advantage in the first leg, the army of Louis Van Gaal put the ball into the back of the net three times in the stadium of Olympique Lyon, which was well below the Bavarians over the party.

Finally back to a grand finale, hoping that events will be as favorable as it was in the 2000/2001 season, which snatched the Champions League and Intercontinental Valencia to Boca Juniors of Argentina. He, meanwhile, managed to snatch the final illusion. As much as attacked, Guardiola’s team failed to break the strong defense of Italians, keeping a goal of possible salvation. The last time they won the European Champions title, or at least its equivalent in 1965, so surely Mourinho’s team will arrive with a desire to take the title at the expense of Bayern. Although it has lost the added attraction of a victory pose at the stadium Blaugrana’s eternal rival, the two contenders promising us a match full of entertainment, good football and excitement to the end. If you do not want to lose you will, without doubt, the year, we have what you need.

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Indian Interior Ministry

The explosions occurred almost simultaneously at three points in the city. The Indian Interior Ministry confirms that it is a terrorist attack. Police urged citizens to restrict their movements. At least 21 people were killed and more than 100 injured Wednesday in a string of explosions in Bombay, in the first major terrorist action in this Indian city from the multiple attack of 2008. The explosions occurred shortly before 7: 00 local hours (15.30 peninsular Spanish time) in an interval of fifteen minutes at three different points in the South and center of the crowded financial capital of India, according to official sources.

Two of the blasts occurred in the southern part of the city; here an artifact located in an umbrella exploded in a popular jewelry market Zaveri aka, while another exploded in the vicinity of an opera. A third explosion took place in a vehicle in the vicinity of a railway station of the area of Dadar, located in the center of Bombay. We ran and we saw a great cloud of smoke. When the smoke dissipated we saw Chuck people on the floor dying screaming in pain, told IANS Agency a witness to the explosion in the area of opera. The attacked spots are crowded residential areas. The vicej of the regional government, Umesh Sarangi, encrypted in 21 dead and 113 in the wounded, according to various media of the Asian country reported. In statements to the press, the Indian Minister of the Interior, p. Chidambaram, who has moved to Bombay, called coordinated attack of terrorist actions. In a statement, the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, asked the population to keep calm and to keep together.

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Nikolai Valuev Russian

The good news brought boxing heavyweight champion Nikolai Valuev Russian fans. Nikolai Valuev won a convincing victory over Belarus boxer Sergei Lyakhovich, leaving the latter a chance. Valuev demonstrated a rapid high-boxing in the best traditions of Soviet amateur school. Not all experts were confident of victory Nikolay Valuev. The main fact, which causes doubts of experts – rather Valuev boxer slow, sluggish boat moving around the ring. Lyakhovich also won the respect of the audience after defeating Leymonom Brewster – athlete, long considered the best among American professional boxer. However, after a battle with Ljahovichem hardly any of the experts would be so underestimate Valuev. Valuev was able to prove that the doubts of experts in its superiority is groundless.

Valuev won all the rounds in a fight, and that reflected in the judge's notes: two referees put 120 -108, and an even 120 – 107 in favor of Valuev. Nikolai Valuev in the ring came well prepared. Russians immediately set full control over the fight and lost his until the end. In Liakhovich received nothing, neither evade attacks Valuev, no successful counter-attack. Now Nikolai Valuev has the right to a rematch with Ruslan Chagaev. Recall that last year gave Valuev Uzbek boxer on glasses with a rather large gap.

Valuev looked at the ring-date – it was evident from its fast shocks, greater than normal movement of the ring. The new coach of the Russian boxer Alexander Zimin, well prepared by the ward. Valuev trained in the best traditions of the Soviet school of boxing, which is practiced at that time the best section and boxing club. If Valuev can continue to progress at the same pace, then Ruslan Chagaev will have difficult in a rematch. At least to operate successfully on the counter, as he had in the first fight against Valuev, the Uzbek boxer did not happen. Valuev markedly accelerated and finally learned to keep opponents at a distance. If Valuev will also operate successfully and in a fight with Chagaev, the Russian giant then there are all chances to become the undisputed world champion in professional boxing.

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