Gypsy Tarot

Tarot of Marseille and Gypsy Tarot: a love story during the hectic 15th century emerged in Europe the tarot of Marseilles deck. Despite that, curiously, not precisely in Marseille. A city which, however, deserves thanks for having saved the tarot of oblivion and decadence that fell in Europe mentioned century, after its rapid emergence in Italy. Years later, the Gypsy tarot feel yours that vital and colorful medieval prints harness, and become his inseparable companion. The rest is history.

Tarot begins to spread in Europe from the North of Italy, in the mid-15th century. In 1499, the French invasion of Milan took tarot to the South of France. The ambiguity regarding its marseillais origin comes from the 30 years of the 20th century, when the French historian Paul Marteau assigned that origin whereas, since 1466, Marseilles decks of all Europa.Durante the 16th century manufacturing centre, tarot enters decadence in Italy, and already almost nobody cares about him. Not been for teachers postmen of Toulouse, I would have perhaps lost forever. Later, when interest in tarot returned to be reborn in her original wedge, Italy, harnesses were longer, forever, Marseilles, with their typical and immediately recognizable illustrations inspired by the stained glass windows of Gothic religious art. Roma then simple and wandering, unaware of luxuries.

And the tarot, until the invention of the printing press, it was: the plates were painted by hand and only the rich could access them. With the advent of the printing press, decks began to occur in series and to spread much more massively. Thus came the tarot of Marseilles to the Roma people. And thus was born a love forever. The story may not be especially romantic, but the truth is that, with its simplicity and clarity, and his cheerful colors marseillais harness was designed especially for getting along with the Roma people. Perhaps that is why until today, new technologies are within reach of the clairvoyants a infinite variety of mallets, the Gypsy tarot remains loyal to the French letters, in a relationship of mutual understanding, respect and affection. And it is not every day a friend able to stay faithful for more than 5 centuries. Source: Press release sent by juancarlosmontillo.

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The Ego

Peace is a benchmark that has to walk, and primarily responds to a model of coexistence and sustainable development. Education function is the transformation of the human being. A consequence of this transformation is peace, justice, freedom, democracy, tolerance. We must not forget that at the root of violence are economic inequities and poverty, stagnation of development possibilities, authoritarian governments, discrimination, social injustice, unfairness and that the resolution of these social and economic problems is a priority for building the awaited peace. Spirituality to be a top feature, affects the material and the social giving them proper limits and sense.

The path of spirituality is a path of peace, dialogue, and reconciliation. It allows us to see that everything is connected with everything. It has a deep sense of healing and goes to the root of human suffering to heal the soul and make it healthy. The human being who lives spirituality is responsible, is not violent or vindictive, since nobody WINS in war and violence. It is an immediate and direct experience of the whole, is not reduced to a sensory or mental experience, he is a transpersonal experience.

It is an awakening of that numbness, we go beyond the ego. It is an awareness of unity. It is an experience that transforms attitudes, behaviors, goals, thoughts, relationships, appreciations, motivations, is an awakening to what we really are, Concord, union, brotherhood, agreement and agreement between human beings factor. It is guarantee of patience, respect for diversity and recognition of human freedom, it is a bond of solidarity and friendship that remains integrated to humanity. Spirituality leads us to compassion and this is the solution to most of the problems that the world is facing. The exploitation of nature and pollution that is destroying the Earth, originated by the lack of widespread awareness. From the spiritual intelligence you can then reconstruct the education because it integrates all of the educational field.

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