Political Dimension

In the history of Brazil, considering the question of the education in a political-pedagogical dimension, we hardly located to the learning of the form subject integral-objective of the investigation. We know that political implications exist, of conscious or unconscious form, in all the educational action. The contained political dimension in the educational action, is result of a logical consequence expressed by the image of man and world that all the educational theory bases. According to Morin (2000) the education this always ligature to all the areas of social action and the discussions surround problematic of corporeidad indicating, to restore the relation between the body and the mind, or between sensible and the intelligible thing. We understand of this form, that the emergencia of the subject corporalidad appears like proposal for the overcoming of the mechanist, separating vision of the principle of the unit of the human being. That permea subject all pos-modern society, under the name of liberator of the oppression that afflicts to the less lucky towns.

It is difficult to perceive a political speech in which the education is not placed like in two main redeeming ones of the chronic delay of several nations, including Brazil. According to Pilletti (1996), the History of the Brazilian Education developed ruptures excellent and easy to be observed. The first great rupture of the History of the Education Brazilian complic with the arrival from the Portuguese to the territory of the New World, being engaged in a register of education of Europe; what it does not mean that the populations that lived this way, no longer owned own characteristics of to make education.

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Political Poulization

The political populization do not have their correlate in the economy. That the Venezuelans say to it, but, where its greater originating entrance of the petroleum, and that he would drive to reforms that really increase the well-being of the economy of the country, it seems to be being ultilizado in making political. Their commentaries a can send me: With the Price of Petroleum at its Better Moment, Chvez Every time Worse Buenos Aires, Argentina 20 of March of 2008 the price of the crude one is at the moment in levels never reached If, it is truth that reached levels record in nominal terms But the strong growth of the quote of the barrel of crude which it experimented from the past year caused that the income of the oil countries were increased strongly. He is for that reason that one can think that Hugo Chavez would be happening through one of its better moments to the front of Venezuela. Clear that this would be truth if everything were limited which it happens with petroleum. Perhaps the fact to see an Hugo Chavez very put in the subjects of other countries or in using their energies in confronting with the EE.UU can make think that are no great problems in its Venezuela But the reality seems to indicate that it is not so thus. The problems by which it crosses the Venezuelan town seem to be of such magnitude that, paradoxicalally for a government that it tries to be Populist, the approval of the management of the Venezuelan government is in the minimum level in five years, being located in around 34%, and with a strong fall against 43% that it had at the end of 2007. This data really surprised to me and it generated the following question to me: What can be happening in Venezuela like so that the popularity of Chvez it has fallen of such way? I intuit that they have not been nor the intervention in the conflict between Ecuador and Colombia, nor the reiterated fights with George W..

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TLC Economy

This has a clear explanation: the good performance of the Colombian economy has come generating an improvement in the economic situation of the population that is itself reflected in the growth of the consumption. The perspective for the consumption are positive. Signs of deceleration in the consumption of the Colombian families are not seen. Even, from the point of view of the investor, a market in growth is seen and by far space to grow. And if the economy grows well and the internal demand is fortified, the investment finds a development scene optimal.

And if to the macroeconomic stability the institutional stability is added to him, far better. It is what explains what has come happening to the investment in Colombia, that is been growing to rates of two digits in the last years. Until here, we come well with the evolution of the Colombian economy, that finds in the economic growth, the improvement in the consumption and a greater level of investment a vicious circle but: Exist preoccupation centers? I understand that yes and that the preoccupation centers that persist find by the side of the external accounts and by the inflationary front Nothing outside the common thing in relation to the situation of the rest of the Latin American countries. With respect to the external sector, although in the first two months the Colombian trade balance registered a surplus of US$ 42.6 million, Colombia is being affected negatively reason why it happens to two of its main commercial partners: EE.UU and Venezuela. I do not create to add nothing new if I say that the negative impact from the EE.UU comes from the effects derived from the crisis by which it crosses the economy of the north, while the approval until the moment of the TLC on the part of the Congress of the EE.UU is not making him lose to Colombia many opportunities of growth.

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Laws Of The Universe

Your brain is designed to validate those beliefs that you have; it is why your beliefs become experiences in your life. It is important To modify those beliefs on the money that does not benefit to you. Changing your system of Beliefs you will modify your approach and your brain will only work to your favor validating in your experience those beliefs that you to the prosperity and the abundance. When modifying your beliefs , give your brain the opportunity to only focus in what is opportunities to you and possibilities so that is that in which you allow to believe and what you create you end up creating it in your own life. Usually people thinks about seeing to think, I invite you to create and then you willsee from your own experience. The most effective way to increase your internal value of creating wealth is deliberately to design the type of Beliefs that generate Prosperity to you. You cause everything that happens in your world through your thoughts.

Law Three: Law of the Attention: You create that one in which you focus on. Strategy 3: focus your goals , the route to wealth. The goals are powerful, concentrate your thought, they give approach you and they organize your internal world to obtain your desires. What is what I want and Why? You want an example clearer than it is theself fulfilling Prophecy? I put specific goals with dates. It remembers if faults in planning you are planning to fail. The goals are a statement of faith in yourself, it gives a powerful message him to your unconscious one of which you begin to trust you and in the life.

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Venezuelan Management

The venenezolano scene presents/displays great turbulences, political instability that has affected significantly economy, social, political, the cultural one and mainly in their enterprise productive sector where many companies have closed and others are with a low production that the consumer has affected significantly, dice to that many products have had to acquire from other countries to a nonfavorable price and taking step to a dependency of very harmful import. The certain thing, that before this reality, to the excellent incidence of the policies, programs. strategies of the present government have entailed to that today more than ever the Venezuelan management that confronts this reality it must be reorganized, generate new approaches administrative and mainly to know how to confront and to face the challenges. Before this evidence it does not surprise that it is said that the Venezuelan scene presents/displays great turbulences in the economic thing, political, social, cultural, educational that a generating management of changes demands, able to face the turbulences a roll, determinant in everything what can to lead to leave windy these turbulences. The Venezuelan management must adapt to the new knowledge that demand the present scenes, cannot remain anchored in the past, applying old woman theories, tools, models that attempt against the survival of the organizations where they toil. Today the scenes are more dynamic, put under constantly changes, innovations, to turbulences, where the Alliances are determining figures in the opening to conquer new markets. I consider that many of the characteristics that I show next, correspond more weaknesses than strengths since far from to grant to the organization productivity and competitiveness, generates retrabados, inefficiency and inefficiency. Weaknesses Are many the weaknesses that at the moment the management confronts that can be transformed in: Very little knowledge of the modern administration.

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Basic Styles Analogical

When you are going to buy a security camera, it is important to have a basic understanding of the different styles from cameras, as well as the different ways. At present there are three main styles of body: the bullet, the cupola and the box. Like his tocayo, a bullet camera is elegant and slim, and normally it is placed in the high curves of a room. The camera dome of cleared style is connected directly to the ceiling, to the equal as you see in many stores or supermarkets them. A drawer camera is the style of cameras of more traditional security and is less expensive than the other styles. Any camera of security, independent of the style, belongs to one of two categories: analogical or analogical IP is the traditional way of the security cameras, these types of cameras are connected to a coaxial cable and of audio standard of transmission of video signals. The analogical cameras have limited the quality of the image and are forced to one of both types of marks and resolutions: The PAL or NTSC. A camera of security IP, on the contrary, this connected to a data network and has an associated direction of IP of her. In any place of a data network, this type of security cameras can be implemented. In addition, the cameras of security IP can execute to be able and the information on the same cable, as well as provide a clear image but with the quality in the infinite resolution.

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Madrid Campaign

What squalor! The toledistas voting by Humala Hummm, hummm! How many ministries will ask to him? Begins repartija? By the way Toledo must be thankful to him to Brushes that he is not president thanks to the fact that introduced in the political debate the support to the abortion, the union gay and the legalization of the drug consumption, subjects other people’s to the Peruvians and that the Church Catholic finished burying. The thesis of which the unique party that endorses votes is the APRA turned into a myth. The announcement was a gross error that the apristas disciplined ones would vote by PPK. Here yes there was political blindness and worse still, it disobeyed it to the militancy. There they are the poor votings of Kuczynski in the north, that demonstrate the treason of one of their allies, the Alliance by the Progress of Coins, that only worried that the family Coins entered the Congress and they forgot the presidential candidacy. Of all ways, PPK had a great campaign thanks to their marketeros Hugo Otero and Abel Aguilar and to the use of social networks impelled by Baella. As Humala or has the sambenito of the chavismo, first that is going to do it is to take a new photo with fascinated Lula or to use the one that or it has and to spread it so that some Peruvians abran the mouth. He is able to look for the photo until with Pope Benedicto XVI.

Soon we will see in action its Brazilian marketeros to make up it. In addition, it is certainly the fight against the corruption will be one of its props in campaign. It must be regreting than it said in Madrid on the terrorist most bloodthirsty Abimael Guzmn, of which he was " Robin Hood ". What not it must to forget is what it is written in its plan of government, who is his great weakness, against which says in the average estrados ones and of diffusion.

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The Patrimony Of Our Politicians

When I see the declaration of goods of many politicians enter desire to give them alms me, of as poor as they pretend to be. And it is that, in accordance with the patrimony declared by the ediles of the Community, some of them would have to be refugees to the charity. Of the few that have given account of their money, according to it reads in the WORLD, only four are millionaire, in strict sense: Carlos Fabra, Vicente Aleixandre and the mayoresses of Curled Carlet, Maria Angels, and of Carcaixent, Maria Dolores Bottle. Of the others, why to count. The ilicitano mayor, Alexander To be accustomed to, say that he must more than he owns. Poor man. Other that so are their colleagues of Fontanars, Caturla Maximum, of Alfafar, Emilio Muoz, and of Alaqus, Elvira Garci’a.

Also they give to pain the one me of Castelln, Alberto Fabra, to that after discounting debts only it has left 20,741 Euros, and Mercedes ediles Horseman, that nothing else have in box 6,914 Euros, and Maria Paschal Jose, who remains in 1.000. Seeing those numbers, there is no fear of which only they end up dedicating to the public life " civil servants and people pobre" , as Durn i Lleida fears, because it is that we have already them installed in her. As one is cured of fright, it is not asked in what our representatives have wasted the money, since he knows that the exhibited numbers respond in their majority to logical countable artifices. She is that in this country the rich being is worse sight than to have seborrea, reason why people apply to her anachronistic goods cadastral valuations, with mortgages of the double and until of the triple of her real estate value. In order to diminish their amount even more, the marital estate, the patrimonial societies and other financial equipment are used soon.

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Government State

The system of government in Argentina takes the representative, republican and federal form (National Constitution, Art. 1). The town directly chooses its representatives. Forms of Government: it makes reference to the division of the Power without having I tie with the territory. Republic: the form of government opposed to the monarchy, in which the headquarters of the State is provided by election, or direct by means of the vote of the Electoral Body, or hint as a result of the uprising of special an electoral school or the Parliament is understood today. Monarchy: the Poderconcentrado in a person. Aristocracy: the Power had by a few. Democracy: the Power had by many.

It forms of State: distribution of the Power on the basis of the Territory. Unitarian: To be able centralized, is integral and it is not divided. Federal: To be able decentralized. A Central Power with power had from the States or Provinces exists that integrate that territory. Confederal: To be able decentralized. The Power is in the hands of the Member States that they delegate some attributions to the Central State, like being the diets. The Tools that they regulate to the Allied States are the Pacts.

Federal Sovereigns: the provinces dictate their own Constitutions. Allied: they delegate only some attributions. The Member States conserve the rights of Secession and Nulificacin. Secession: it can separate aside of the Central Power like a State. Nulificacin: it can not fulfill some rules ordinate by the Central Power. In Argentina Confederation existed from 1832 to the dictation of the Constitution of 1853 and in complete form when Integra the Province of Buenos Aires in the reform of this constitution in 1860. To be able Constituent: the town like titling of the sovereignty. It can: Original: First, it determines the reform mechanism.

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Street Journal

Facebook, MySpace and other social networks accused to be envoy information to publicity companies that could be used to find information personal, in spite of the promise that had realised of not distributing this information without the permission of the user. The form they are doing as it is that when a user clicks in an announcement publicitacin, the name or YOU GO of the user or another personal information is sent automatically to those agencies of publicity. With this information that is giving these systems, the advertising agencies manage to create a better profile of the possible clients according to the profession, personal location, age and other data that make differences of the others. Wall Street Journal has identified several companies that are receiving this information and between which are DoubleClick (Google) and Average Right (Yahoo), which said that they did not have knowledge of which these social networks were sending them personal information through system of them, but who they do not have used that information. Now with the social networks it is much more easy to spread personal information. With only a click the system can send direction IP of the person along with the profile automatically that it has in the different social networks, these profiles normally include varies personal information that it can help to segment better the markets or until a to make acts criminal. The benefit that the technology has offered to us from the beginning is something that is to admire, because if not outside by her we would not have the huge things and facilities that we have, but is important to know and to recognize that the technology and systems badly used can generate prejudices for the people. By similar problems days ago we published the news, where some users are making call to leave Facebook. Twitter: @Gabatek Original author and source of the article.

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