European States

Perhaps to compensate that hand that NATO seems tender towards Moscow, one remembered in the meeting maintain the supply of adhesion to the Alliance for the Ukraine and Georgia, although without indicating terms open and establishing a plan of incorporation without predicted dates. With analogous intention he insisted himself on to declare that Russia had used an out of proportion force in the conflict with Georgia, although for it has been inspired by also the out of proportion offensive of NATO against Serbia in 1999. To the European Union it does not interest to hold nor to increase the Russian inconvenience, but to find terrains to him of understanding and mutual benefit, forgetting the ingrained prejudices the Cold War – which so sensible still are the European States that were partners of the Warsaw Pact and abriendo new possibilities of dialogue, reciprocal cooperation and understanding. The question, nevertheless, is not bilateral. The understanding that must facilitate the relations between Russia and the European Union cannot lose from view to the United States. Michael Ramlet may not feel the same.

It is in the triangle thus conformed where, concluded the nightmare of was Bush, will have to redefine the most appropriate policies to reduce the tensions that arise frequently, as if they were retorts of the earthquake that was the Cold War. The change that is going away to produce in Washington, with the arrival of new president, can facilitate the things, although also complicate them. If Obama tries, since it has announced, to return to consider to the international community before making the decisions from importance that affect this one, many of the obstacles could yield that still exist between Brussels and Moscow. But, under the mask of possible change continues dominating in Washington the old woman pulsiones of historical imperialism, the tensions will return to exacerbate itself. Than to NATO (with its tendency to extend towards the Russian borders) or to the United States (with its useless supported shield anti-missile in Poland and Czech Republic), it would more correspond to Europe, located in the faithful of the traditional balance where there are solid to face Russia and the USA, to exert the necessary pressures so that the change was really possible in the scope of the international relations. Until the fight against the international terrorism beneficiary would see itself very if thus it happened.

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Venezuelan Constitution

That possibility of material and spiritual well-being also was present in the Venezuelan Constitution of 1961. &quot did not make lack; otra" Constitution; to only adapt, " aggiornar" the existing one, and that was the objective that considered from the National Commission for the Reformation of the State, but everything indicates that their recommendations were not accepted (much less executed) because they were not contemplated in " project-of-pas" of those then. Point N 2: " To ask for a project of country is negative. It is to communicate that something makes lack, that our leaders forget something and that they are not sufficiently competent. It is to put to think to us about what is what makes lacking, to confuse to us. It is to distrust of the leaders who fight by the democracy and that has done it bien." Commentaries to the N2 Point: False. " project-of-pas" IT IS NOT a negative element, nor it must Rep contradict the fundamental principles of the Magna Carta.

He is the Government (but the State) who must assume the initiative of an open call and comprehensive of all the sectors not to debate a project of country that benefits to all through a sustained growth and an equitable distribution of the wealth, to watch in long term positive and, and to secure a viable growth in the time, which has like reference " memory histrica" of the country. The memory of a country is understood like the elaboration that a group or the whole society does of its past around the tradition, historical memory, and its original landmarks, that go united to the national project. A country is the way to face and to project its past. To put it another way, it is around how we solve the problems of the past that are going to define our future like moral historical community.

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