Social Media Recruiting Conference

The social media recruiting Conference comes again to Vienna on 28 and 29 June 2012 the second social media recruiting Conference will take place in Vienna. For companies currently, there is a need of a change of strategy. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Amit Paley. The growing skills shortage and the growing importance of generation Y”, requires an adjustment of the recruiting and employer branding on the new technologies of the social Web. On the social media recruiting Conference, inform social media experts from the personnel practice about the future of the recruitment strategies of social recruiting and present their personal best practice cases. As a guest speaker, the attention and PERSONAL Organizer have? inform, among other things, the social media recruiting experts of XING AG, Vorarlberger electrical and metal industry (VEM), ffluid, karriere.at and fliplife GmbH are invited.

On the first Conference day practical and in-depth lectures focus maintained HR marketing and recruiting with Facebook, generation Y recruiting, employer branding with blogs and serious gaming as a recruiting tool. On the second day of the Conference, there are the possibility of intensive seminars to deepen the knowledge of the previous day. The optimal usage is taught in small groups of blogs, Facebook and Twitter for recruiting and employer branding..

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