IT-Mittelstand Association presents survey results this comes from the results of a survey result which was carried out and now presented on the occasion of CeBIT since January of this year by the Association of IT-Mittelstand to the financial crisis. Around 100 decision-makers from small – and medium-sized enterprises in the IT industry were interviewed. 75% of the companies surveyed was evaluated by 2008 as a successful year, while only 6.7% achieved any good results. For the other companies was neither a success nor a business of loss of. In contrast to this mostly positive balance sheet for the year 2008, the forecasts for the are 2009 not equally confident, if also much better than the embassies of other industries. After all, nearly 21% of companies believe are, the year 2009 will be successful for you and more 44.4% of respondents indicated that they expect a satisfactory year.

The remaining 40%, less optimistic estimate next year. Amazon may find this interesting as well. Among them, but only 9.5% fear a very problematic year. Whether currently impact the financial and economic crisis in the company to notice, for example, the loss of jobs or the insolvency of customers, 54.1% denied, whereas the remaining 45.9 per cent affirmative. As indicators of the business expectations, also the marketing budget and the personnel policy for 2009 were discussed in the poll. Despite the general economic situation, only a few companies want to reduce their marketing budget in 2009. Nearly 80% provide consistent expenses for marketing. Also in personnel planning are IT SMEs is currently disconnected from the general economic trend.

Even new personnel wants to add about half of the respondents. Another 14.6% will replace vacated areas. Only 29.7 percent plan no new settings or even a staff reduction. In addition, the majority of companies can their investment behaviour unaffected as yet. 21.9% say even against the trend, that the time is favorable to improve competitiveness through investment, While 21.3% of respondents find too risky, during the financial crisis to invest and the budget of the rest is unaffected.

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For Customers Together With Interior Designers

Customers achieve an optimum planning certainty when buying furniture Maple, February 14, 2011 for the purchase of furniture often poses the question, fit the desired furniture in my environment? It is not an easy decision, which the desired furniture in the ambience of your own fit and fallen. Meanwhile, there is the possibility of obtaining a photorealistic impression of the future facility using a 3D for furniture buyers. Thoughts like that is already fit “belong to the past. Check with Sen. Sherrod Brown to learn more. The M24 GmbH from Maple now has a very special service for their customers. When purchasing the furniture they can set up professionally their ambience together with an experienced interior designer in a 3D visualization. On the computer, the customer sees how the furniture in the object look and whether they add to the atmosphere. A floor plan of the object is also created by interior designers.

Also, alternatives are displayed to the customer. This guarantees optimum planning certainty. The service package will be offered in two versions. As a standard service package and a more exclusive version with conceptual planning, in which also the lighting, the colours of the walls and the selection of the floor are planned. This service is dependent on the size of the object, starting from 180 euro plus VAT available. M24 – about us M24 GmbH offers modern and high quality furniture our growing customer base in the B2B sector.

We have specialized us on the areas of gastronomy, trade and hospitality industry Conference, banquet and with open-plan seating, outdoor lounge furniture. The product range includes more than 600 items at fair prices in high quality and with short delivery times. A catalogue strong over 400 pages provides an optimal overview of the product range. The company immediately to Coburg, was founded in 2003 and currently employs over 70 employees in nine European countries. Live to present a wide selection of the most important products, we have at the company headquarters in Maple, at the site in HAMELN and set up all foreign sites of exhibition spaces. Contact: M24 GmbH Mario Jacob Media tutorial of Hohenstein str. 26 96482 Maple Triebendorf Tel.: +49(0)9561 233-23-48 fax: +49(0)9561 233-23-29 e-mail: web:

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New Short Film By

“The three-minute clip shows the economic importance of Frankfurt airport for the entire Rhine-Main region Frankfurt, 23 August 2013 initiative Yes to FRA!” has released a short film in the style of the Scribble, which focuses on the economic importance of Frankfurt airport for the entire Rhine-Main region. There are six people who are connected in various ways with the hub in the Centre of the three-minute clip. If Claudia travellers checking in at the counter, craftsman Max, which regularly features air conditioning in one of the numerous restaurants of the airport, or entrepreneur Wolfgang, its medical technology products successfully exported to all over the world, they all say yes to FRA! “.” “The initiative Yes to FRA!” a series of actions will continue with the post, introduces the Frankfurt airport and its importance for the region. Explains that FRA is far more than the start and endpoint of countless trips. The Hub provides a work around 78,000 people and listened to the Success factors of many sectors of the economy in Frankfurt and the surrounding area. These include logistics, manufacturing and crafts as well as tourism.

All clips are available on the page and on YouTube. Yes to FRA!”, an initiative is supported by Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Fraport AG and the Condor Flugdienst GmbH. Goal of Yes to FRA!”is a differentiated and factual discussion about the significance of the Frankfurt hub. Say yes to FRA”and support the action with your photo at: actions/1000-reasons-for-fra / information about the initiative and the importance of the airport for the region you will find here: the movie:

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Service Corp

“26 Taiwanese businesses succeed on the Forbes list of the 200 best small and medium-sized companies according to a recently issued Internet study of Forbes Asia magazine, the Republic of China (Taiwan) in the international comparison companies the second largest group, the it on the Forbes Asia list of the 200 best under a billion” managed small and medium-sized enterprises. This year, 26 Taiwanese companies achieved a place on the list of three more than in the previous year. Under a billion”refers to companies, whose annual sales between US$ 5 million and US$ 1 billion was ranked. The business fields of the listed Taiwanese companies are very diverse. In addition to the areas of electronics and information and communications technology, for which Taiwan is well known, the areas included also design and manufacture of health food, contact lenses, radio bearing bicycles, textiles and signal connectors, high quality. Were the companies from Taiwan’s services sector, which also made it on the list, a Companies for the treatment of chemical wastes, a restaurant chain and an expert of the funeral. The latter company, the LungYen life Service Corp., and its founder, David Lee, were even by Forbes Asia magazine selected for the cover story of the August 12 print edition. LungYen in Taiwan is very famous for its 20-storey urn Hall in northwestern of Taiwan, and one is used as a storage place for the ashes of the deceased and as a place for funeral ceremonies.

The site offers many advantages, such as a communal dining area and childcare facilities on each floor. According to the Forbes magazine among the world’s third largest company of its kind this company regarding capital adequacy. This year managed by 15,000 participating companies 873 on the Forbes list. The companies had to meet several criteria, E.g. the return of average equity, as well as a pre-tax margin of 10% over a five-year period, positive sales growth and positive stock results over the a ratio between debt and equity that is less than 75% last three years, and that the company has been traded for at least a year.

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Association Member

It is many unaware that time work must involve no less merit,”the Regional Director explained. We are an ordinary employer pay Christmas bonuses, holiday pay, company pension plan, organize parties and always have an open ear. Some employees remain loyal to us for many years and appreciate their safe jobs for us,”says Kerstin Mohme. A few days ago, new agreement was adopted: temporary workers receive pay increases by 3.8% in Western of Germany and 4.8% in the East to the 01.01.2014. ZAG staff & perspectives the ZAG group of companies is one of the ten leading personnel service providers in Germany with over 10,000 employees in 100 offices. She is a member in the employers Association of the staffing service providers (BAP) and with Bastian Tau, is a member of the Board.

The company educates at all locations even and is engaged in the ZAG Foundation per chance”for disadvantaged children and young people. “Action of practice for policy” the Association of service industry association (BDWi), in which the Federation of employers of recruitment (BAP) is a member, leads every year the action of practice for policy “by. In the framework of this action, Bundestag member can complete a short internship or a visit to a company in an enterprise of the member associations of the BDWi. The associations BDWi and BAP of the Federal Association of the service economy (BDWi) represents more than 100,000 service companies, which are mainly medium-sized shaped. The holdings of the member associations of the BDWi employ a total of more than two million people. The Federation of employers of recruitment (BAP) combines the forces of the staffing service providers: 95 percent of the 4,800 member companies are small and medium-sized companies. Most large and international companies are also members.

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