Leaving Work

Well, maybe not so dramatic in your family and at work. Maybe. Do not argue. There are all sorts of situations. Some lucky. But even if we are lucky – let's take a look into the future. Do you think this is impossible? But we still try. Imagine that many years had passed and now, today, you retire.

Rather it will happen tomorrow, but today you last time at work. We say goodbye to the team. Depending on whether and to what position you promoted, or you organize a small sitting in the back, or order a posh dinner in the dining room of his establishment. The essence remains the same. Scenario about the same. That covered table. Here you are headed to next with the director and chief accountant.

All in turn stand up, say what you are good worker, good man, a reliable friend. You can rely on. To like you the world holds. You have done so much for home organization and team. Your photo is permanently posted on the board of honor, etc. Then the director said that such a reliable, time-tested staff so sorry to let go, that everything you love and appreciate. Then buhlalter a standing ovation hands you an envelope with the last premium. Sounds good music, guests help themselves, begin to dance. To suit you colleagues in an informal setting wish all the best. That's nice. You have full friends all love you, appreciate and respect. You yourself feel that today is the day of your glory, almost finest hour. It's a pity only that this day is almost over. Grand Final – you sit in the director's official car and you with lots of gifts and flowers being taken home. You say goodbye to driver, climb into his apartment and happily go to sleep, turning over in my head warm words and wishes that you said now former colleagues.

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