This proven scientifically that the atheroma are films that form around the walls of the arteries that both contain bad cholesterol and triglycerides, and the accumulation of them produces the infarction. But is also scientifically proven (and this I think is the greatest contribution of this article) that stress produces atheroma! Therefore, as a logical consequence, greater stress, greater amount of atheroma and greater chance of heart attack. They have done numerous studies indicating that relaxation in any of its forms, can contribute to the control of stress. same conclusion. Jacobson and Bernstein scientists discovered that the progressive relaxation through visualization exercises in the imagination, where the causal problems of psychological stress, are isolated and destroyed mentally and focuses the solution and not the problem causing the stress. Relaxation which is achieved this way relieves anxiety and mental anguish. However there are still effects in the human body physically talking about. The way of alleviating this problem is through tension and muscle relaxation exercises. That is applying the principles of the elastic League, and following appropriate methods, muscles are tautened and distensados managed to make feel a very convenient relaxation..

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