Terminal Boryspil

Request filed on 14 th July. Apparently, at this moment the server has given me, a 14-s no tickets and offered automatic 19-e. As I in a hurry, and I still had a lot of work on that day, I almost do not strongly verify that all confirmed and purchased tickets through Privat24. In this case, make a print directly from the site and then another, printed e-mail. Naturally, there were 19 th day, but I have not bothered to check. Citizens! Unlike me, be vigilant and check their tickets! Well, we had the opportunity without the cost of housing to stay with friends in Kyiv – they were even more pleased. So we had no compunction they hung around the neck for six days, for which they thank you so much! 19 th arrived for registration in two and a half hours to get the normal place for us with the child. Despite this, the place we got 23 in the middle of the cabin.

I tried then ask the normal place, but we remained sitting on the ground in the best traditions, as they say. To get out of the taxi we took a free () cart for luggage. Immediately after the entrance to Terminal Boryspil packed luggage – 25 hryvnia for a place (in my opinion, it's inexpensive), there can be, and weigh the baggage and redistribute, if more than the norm. The question: "What then happens if asked to open the luggage to check?", I replied: "If anything illegal is not lucky, you will not will be open.

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