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In Cantabria, the PP has been the voted party more in the municipal elections, with 152,427 suffrages, and has obtained 477 councilmen, 49 more than in the 2007 elections. In Extremadura, the PP reclaims with absolute majority the mayorship of Cceres, that lost in 2007, and maintains the leadership in the one of Badajoz. Leon, for the PP In Galicia, the PP has been the voted force more, with 709,816 suffrages (44.84%), followed by the PSOE with 411.458 (25.99%). The third force is the BNG, with 261,513 votes (16.52%). The popular ones have obtained absolute majority in A Corunna, Santiago and Ferrol and have snatched the historical socialist Mayorships of A Corunna and Santiago, as well as the fluctuating one of Ferrol. In Lugo, a foreseeable pact between PSOE and BNG will maintain to the Socialists to the front of the coalition government, and the same will be able to happen in Vigo, where the Abel Socialist Horseman has resisted the Corina pull Porro (PP). In La Rioja, the PP has been the voted force more with 83,345 suffrages (49.87%), followed by the PSOE with 55,096 (32.97%) and the La Riojan Party with 9,197 (5.50%).

The Socialists are lost the mayorship of Logroo, where the PP has obtained the absolute majority, an advantage that the popular ones have reinforced in Santander, where they already governed. In the Canary Islands, the Socialists lose the Great mayorship of Las Palmas from the Canary Islands when obtaining the PP the absolute majority. In Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Coalition, until now in the mayorship with support of the PP, low a nine ediles, whereas the popular ones raise up to nine, and so the town hall is again in the hope of pacts. In Aragon, the PP has obtained 36.71% of the supports (251,170 votes), whereas the PSOE has remained with 31.26% (213.865). The PAIR, on the other hand, obtains 11.33% (77.542) and the CHA 7.76% (53.103). One of the few joys at night in the PSOE has taken Juan to it Alberto Belloch, who will be able to return to be mayor of Saragossa if he agrees with CHA and IU. Although the PP has gained the elections in the capital manna, has remained to a councilman of the absolute majority and the PAIR, that could be its natural ally, has not obtained representation. In Castile and Leon, the PP is the voted party more in municipal elections with 48.16% of the votes, followed of the PSOE, with 30.53%.

The Earth de Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Leon, has the absolute majority of the PP. The popular ones also have snatched the PSOE Palencia, whereas they have reinforced his absolute majorities in Salamanca and Valladolid; they have maintained it in Burgos and The Avilas have obtained and it in Zamora, where they governed in minority. In Segovia, the Socialists are lost the absolute majority, but they could maintain the mayorship with the endorsement of IU. The exception in this community is Soria, where the PSOE will be able to govern alone. In Ceuta, the PP has been the voted formation more with 20,023 suffrages (65.20%). They follow Mackerels to him, with 4,404 votes (14.34%) and the PSOE with 3,578 (11.65%). In Melilla, the PP has devastated with 53.93% of the votes (16.820); the second voted force more is CpM, with 23.70% (7.391). Source of the news: The PP snatches to the PSOE almost all their municipal and autonomic power

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