The Freedom

According to moralista Kant, the not only effective reason as power to decide, but also exerts its force on the will, wants imposing, wants constrangendo, wants coercing. The external freedom is basic condition so that the state can exert through the right the coercion of the individual will. The state has the function to guarantee the coexistence of the individual freedoms. In this context, when the state punishes the agent who if finds threatening the freedom of another one, removing it of the social conviviality, is glimpsed, a freedom annulling to another one, that is, the external freedom through the state, annulling the individual freedom (internal) of the agent. The legal law destines it rational beings that do not act of course in compliance with it, having in the corresponding categorical imperative its exemplary formula of execution.

The man is under the legal law in way that its freedom meets in the idea, submitted to the conditions of the external legislation, according to which the will of a man can be jointly coexistente with the will of another in agreement man a universal law. When conceiving, in the idea, the limits of the freedom of each man with regard to all the actions of its fellow creatures, reciprocal and mutually compatible between itself, Kant supply the intrinsic bedding of the right that legitimizes the physical coercion morally as motivation for the observance of the legal laws. As my freedom is of beforehand conditional the other people’s action, subsistindo each one of them morally for the convivncia of the external freedom according to universal laws, all coercion that if opposes to any one of my action, practised in disrespect to such conditioning, is not unjust. This means that the act coercitive, delimiting physically a external freedom to the scope where the freedom of action of each man meets in any morally conditional way for the categorical imperative right it, does not harm its free-will, no matter how hard it can affect its physicist.

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