The Security

The security guard told me how to put documents in which folder to put where to go and even give different advice and answered questions. Ran for 4 people every 10-20 minutes. By 11.00 applicants in a tiny room was (may be mistaken) about 30 – 40. Why is that many women of pension age, who needed, in gentlemanly, give 'sitting' position. So I had to wait for the result stood.

interview result was not immediately apparent. Once was interviewed in a room N'2. Pretty to look at, dark-haired lady, age 35-37 at interview me just 'tearing'! It was a shame. This lady, and so I take away! Although it would be softer because for me it was obvious that she looks great, and I noticed it! But, nevertheless, in a conversation I just tried it 'Knock out'. I think the reason for such 'assertiveness' was my intended short visit to Toronto to study English, namely the total for the month.

Perhaps the reason was another thing I do not know. Under these circumstances, I have a 'letter of motivation "that the English, I almost do not know, because already with a 1-curves of high school courses simply forgot she could not understand why I fly only for a month, not three, if I need the language skills, which she flatly suggested for the month I did not get it. Here is an example of dialogue. Key phrases are what I remember them. Although at the time the brain does not work on the perception of information, but on the pitch.

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