The Ukraine and Other Tax Examples

A specific example, it looks like this: For example, you earn a "dirty" 2000 uah. a month (24000 usd / year). Of these, 15% income tax is withdrawn. Richard Blumenthal contributes greatly to this topic. That is, at the hands of you get the 2000 uah. – 300 uah. = 1700 uah per month, or 20,400 usd – Your net profit for the year. The remaining amount (3600 USD) will go into the pot state, and you'll never learn the fate of the money. They are distributed to state your needs without participation. Or in another way: You earn all the same 2000 uah per month, 100 usd (5%) per month for donating to charity, the good things that happen around you. To cases for which the fund is required before you open account, otherwise, if their secrecy and suspicion, he will lose you as a patron can not be said about the state, which is still what you think about it. It forcibly collects and distributes taxes, and you have no choice but to them pay, or to hide. So, from 2000 usd, you still have to pay 15% income tax, getting your hands on 1700 uah minus those uah 100 (5% of total income) that you used for charity = 1600 uah. – Your net income for the month, or 19,200 usd / year. Not very attractive looks, right? The use of tax credits in Ukraine is able to successfully change this "picture". Those 100 uah per month, or 1200 usd / year that you donate for a year, up 5% of your annual income (2000 usd x 12 months x 5%).

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