TLC Economy

This has a clear explanation: the good performance of the Colombian economy has come generating an improvement in the economic situation of the population that is itself reflected in the growth of the consumption. The perspective for the consumption are positive. Signs of deceleration in the consumption of the Colombian families are not seen. Even, from the point of view of the investor, a market in growth is seen and by far space to grow. And if the economy grows well and the internal demand is fortified, the investment finds a development scene optimal.

And if to the macroeconomic stability the institutional stability is added to him, far better. It is what explains what has come happening to the investment in Colombia, that is been growing to rates of two digits in the last years. Until here, we come well with the evolution of the Colombian economy, that finds in the economic growth, the improvement in the consumption and a greater level of investment a vicious circle but: Exist preoccupation centers? I understand that yes and that the preoccupation centers that persist find by the side of the external accounts and by the inflationary front Nothing outside the common thing in relation to the situation of the rest of the Latin American countries. With respect to the external sector, although in the first two months the Colombian trade balance registered a surplus of US$ 42.6 million, Colombia is being affected negatively reason why it happens to two of its main commercial partners: EE.UU and Venezuela. I do not create to add nothing new if I say that the negative impact from the EE.UU comes from the effects derived from the crisis by which it crosses the economy of the north, while the approval until the moment of the TLC on the part of the Congress of the EE.UU is not making him lose to Colombia many opportunities of growth.

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