The men’s and women’s faculty to act according to their free will; the power of the citizen or citizen to think according to their feelings; his authority exercised with responsibility for their own actions, is called freedom, individual freedom, where human activity is divided into two different meanings: moral and political. Moral freedom, manifested from the internal point of view, or, from the sensitive spiritual externalisation to the intellect, and political freedom in its direct relationship with the social life, customs and norms. This allows reveal that freedom gives and guarantees the right, in turn, has limit to express themselves and communicate in everyday life. More, the situation becomes chaotic, confusing, anarchic, when freedom divests it of ethics, and contravenes it is, becoming politicking that deceives and floats in the swirl of bad events; and from that worn conviction of change forget basic and ethical standards for the existence of the collectivity. It is, the progress of civilization only, not distort the nature of free will, in not invite extremists that interwoven personalistic convictions that have already left in the total backlog to societies, and have kept them under the yoke of the master on duty in a suspicious manner. Respect for the lifestyle of each one’s fellow citizens is vital for good coexistence; freedom of thought is omen pretend civilized progress, otherwise, only incurred contempt for unnatural force to the citizen, to have a thought without delay, without opposition.

Confession to a necessary revision of procedures must be carried out quickly and effectively as well as also, away from thoughts that build a comprehensive power as wasted and utopian ambition. Measured pronouncements; spaces for discussion and reconciliation of ideas; vocabulary which already do not smite the ears; and transparent oversight, are testimonies that every day people with their wisdom, will demanding as precept of its sovereignty. It is that reflection is now a flower from the lips of every citizen and citizen, and is the light of the human awareness that will face any prospect of constitutional inconsistency wishing the breaking of liberty in all its claims. Repeated attacks on the media, journalists, is generating animosity among the people, and in turn, divided opinions that will inevitably lead to confrontation, what makes forget that, the press and journalism are the bases of a democratic and independent Tribune, what constitutes diffusion of thinking that meets with the Grand objectivethat is, reaching a great analysis of opinions having to reflection as a result. Thirty years of return to democracy, must be experience to find the correct answer to the benefits of good living, collective welfare, without exerting any interference in the decision-making of a people, because we know that the people we all are.

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