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” I think that I should really lucky. After all, I was fortunate enough to meet simultaneously with “two” Maskinymi. Since the Ukrainian mova for me – almost my own, I had the opportunity to enjoy a double: authentic Russian-speaking Maskinym plus the Maskinym that perfectly rozmovlyae on Ukrainian move in a beautiful translation of Oksana Humeniuk. Boris Krieger masterful ability to juggle words manifested even in the “Kitchen of Philosophy” and “thousands of lives. And in “Maskine” a play on words at all inconceivable.

That Ukrainian perekladachu also had to excel, to be on the level The result was just great! The author and the translator as if made a roll call, a couple of playing the fool. For example, the president of one of the almost unknown countries surname Bushkin. And in the Ukrainian translation – not just Bushkin. He Bushkin. That in the reverse translation from Ukrainian into Russian means Bushkon. This is just super! (Probably for the Russian-speaking reader should clarify that the name Pushkin – in Ukrainian, of course, Pushkin, and Pushkin is not any.) Yet this “indulgence” of the author and translator: Plato – Platoshkin – Plankton; Aristotle – Aristoshkin – Ariston.

So I had to constantly switch from Language Society on the tongue and back – to enjoy a double. I read in Ukrainian. Funny! “Oh! And what there were in the original? “Looked:” Ha-ha-ha! Wow! “For example, let’s look at the description of known historical events in Maskina interpretation: “By order of Maskinogo Left sneaker passed through the World Wide Web Monkey Spider-dabyl dabyl-dabyl-Yushkin, shot cruisers ‘Glutton’ heel of the palace was the signal for the beginning of the heroic assault on “the last stronghold of .

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