Universe of Freedom

They do not constitute two universes, but two structural dimensions of the universe of the freedom. Right and duty coexist in it two necessary elements, complementary correlatives and function correlative integrated and one to the other. The bond and responsibilities of the freedom are other names pra. Pra it to function corretamente, it requires the functioning of these two basic elements of the healthful human relationship. The freedom will not be able to only function correctly in the dependence of one of these elementos, the expenseses of the other.

If this to happen, it will outside act of its axle, generating right in excess for few, and deveres in excess pra majority. Therefore, right and duty are for the freedom as well as plates are pra scale: without them, the scale does not function. Free fondness to be considering right without the duties, is as to weigh merchandises in one balance of a plate alone. Therefore, if I am object of rights, also I am subject of duties. The freedom if moves between these two extreme and complementary polar regions. It does not have as to escape of this dualidade without alternative. Therefore, I cannot have right or only alone to have: both need to function integradamente. Not it can have right without having, nor to have without the right correspondent.

When few have rights and the majority, duties, the privileged ones oppress the majority. There it is the root of the injustices in the world. Justice is part of the duties of the citizen, independently of the creed. However, to have is debit. My duty is my debit with the fellow creatures. who must, needs to pay.

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