VIII Politics

The security of the information must also protect the assets and people who work or manipulate the information, in order to guarantee that the interested people in the information, as customers, partners, and the proper institution has safe, trustworthy and available an information whenever necessary. To take care of these necessities, they are elaborated manual of better practical, politics of use of services, politics of access and authentication, beyond directive of groups, among others controls, with the objective to foment the creation of one politics of security that they enclose all and any asset that adds value to the businesses of the company and that they need to be protected. Enterprise VI.Logstica – Governana of YOU – the quick company for the company all a service of logistic lined up the governana of YOU, searching to structuralize and to organize the relationship between people, processes and technology inside of the target of organization. It is exactly this that the area of logistic search to make, executing the organizacional planning, stimulating the contract management with suppliers of technological services and the internal processes, searching a balance between the institution and its suppliers, partners, customers, competitors and agencies fiscalizadores providing the institucional security with the organization. VII.Servios of telecommunication – the company Inter-measured the act of contract of lines of communication of data for the diverse agencies of the State of Par, giving assessorship in the accompaniment of its installation and operation, keeping resident technician and support 24/7 to guarantee the efficiency of the given services. Digital VIII.Certificao; It possesss the interest to mount an infrastructure of public keys (authority certifier), in set with other agencies and institutions of the State, with responsibility for the management, renewal and revocation of digital certificates for its customers, making possible the adoption of the digital signature in its electronic documents, starting to guarantee the integrity, authenticity and not the repudiation of the information.

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