Vladimir Putin

Tandem as in any way. And even if the matrix will not be realized, there is no doubt that we in the period before the elections in 2012 are waiting for a serious shock (most of all, I suppose, should go to Moscow because of its electorate large numbers), whose main purpose – to change the political situation of Russia in favor bosses of Western civilization. The main impact will be directed at Vladimir Putin, and most large-scale performances opposition and just unhappy with the spectators in the country will be held under the slogan "Russia without Putin" and "Putin's government to resign" (the fact that such action organized by the means of many foreign funds have a place to be for quite a long time, proves once again that the West against Russia is an undeclared war on all the priorities, using all available in the arsenal of Western intelligence agencies tools and techniques). It is hoped that as a result of the imminent collapse of talks in the framework of the organization of visa-free regime with EU, WTO and other aimed at closer integration with the EU as a equal partner, common sense will prevail, and the Russian "elite" still remember the words of the great poet and diplomat of past years – Fyodor Tyutchev ("How not to rot in front of her gentlemen …"), come to its senses and connect their lives with arrangement for the benefit of his Fatherland and his children all the peoples of Russia. And certainly not in the interests of ruling "elite" to bring the situation to the Russian rebellion – senseless and merciless. Indeed, in an organized, with their help "Grinder" can be to please and ourselves. After it, I think the future can not already be for any of Russia. The law applies to all the time equally so dissected and immersed in the darkness of the Middle Ages Russia today, I'm afraid can not survive competition with the developed world powers and becomes a part of other public entities and civilization, if by that time the world will not suffer provoked controlled by the biblical concept of global biosphere and ecological disaster, its consequences, questioning the continued existence of humanity on planet Earth.

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