Wedding Toast

If you are invited to the wedding, then you must make sure in advance not only for their appearance and gift for newlyweds, but also about the wedding toast, which pronounce for the wedding table. In compiling wedding toast, be aware that a good wedding toast should be: concise, but not stingy (forget toasts General of the movie 'Features of Russian hunting'!); original but not bizarre; 'politically correct' or tactful (avoid insulting allusions that might offend as newlyweds and their relatives). A good wedding toast can not be: very long, boring, sentimental, congested one-liners. During the wedding toast can recall some amusing stories about the groom or bride is actually a wedding tradition, the tradition of a wedding feast. However, one should bear in mind that in the wedding toast is enough of a severity: do not try to fit in a single wedding toast all come to mind anecdotes.

You should also remember that wedding toasts, of course, decorate the festive meal, but all the other guests waiting will be, finally, a toast! If you are nervous, then just say so: the guests will treat your condition with proper understanding. Most of them also feel uncomfortable, saying the public speech, even very short. It is better to propose a toast at a relatively cool head to avoid the uncontrolled flow of emotions. During the wedding toast, a glass should be kept at around third button man's shirt, that is no higher than shoulder level. Uttering a wedding toast, you need to turn our gaze to the person to whom you are forwarding it.

Sip a drink, to revisit toast. After the wedding toast made to clink glasses. At the same men need to keep their glasses (glasses), just below the glasses ladies. And finally, remember that you can not secretly or openly drinking alcohol before the first toast was pronounced! Happy wedding to you!

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