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And it also became Hitler (the sick and lunatic politician), who came to power through the ballot box and covenants: polls and vote, vote … All covenants and learn in a subject, that we must be always day: The art of politics, because politics is an art: the art of making others happy, art to benefit the society that is governed, the art of deceive the voters, the art of declaring the assets when it comes to rule and when it comes out (the same as being honest and upright) … But one wonders if our current Spanish rulers (including the Leader of the Opposition) will not be forgetting the unfinished business of ‘The art of politics’.

Maybe a mistake, and I do many times a day, and this is to leave with pockets full of ideas and broken promises and broken by the weight you carry … and now I’ll shut up. (This’ art of politics’, and as God, he practiced Barack Obama, who was elected ’44. Th President of the United States’, by votes, and these polls told us: No one will dare ask for “that black” in the White House, because the elected president and in his heart, presumably might think: “If you ask me, my name is Barack Obama.”) And the first government of Spanish democracy exit polls (July 15, 1977), was chaired by (UCD). But IMHO paid a heavy price: the creation of the Spanish autonomies ’17, whose current presidents consider them as ‘Viceroy’: democracy had a price.

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Some Thoughts About God

Thomas Aquinas was more blunt “Per se notum secundum,” its existence-of God is evident by itself, or Dostoevsky” Without God everything is permitted “and so there is something for everyone at end is a personal decision, “the FE allows access to deeper layers of the human being … The Heart!, including the reasons that reason does not understand” (Blaise Pascal) 10 – You Believe in Miracles? Of course, yes, the Miracles are not events that are to be found only in the extraordinary, are events that are near us and happen every day at every moment, 11 .- You think you benefited from a Miracle? Of course! On more than one occasion, for example, you count them the following facts as recorded in medical charts and state officials, police investigation reports and in the minds of many doctors: A) on June 4, 1989 at 10 pm a frontal car crash at 100 Km Per hour, which stayed with Spleen broken and bleeding, liver, pancreas, omentum, bowel lacerated, with the steering wheel embedded in the abdomen, with comminuted fracture of femur and so on. Of injury in these circumstances … the easier it was to die … but incredibly survived such an impact B) Dying in the middle of North American, Sunday at 10 pm Who’s going to help? …

But it appeared a truck and a bus with two drivers willing to do anything to help coincidence?, drivers and Marcial Jauregui Saldana Napoleon., with strings tied to his truck allowed the midfielder out of the abdomen to breathe, when she could no longer more. C) the time to reach Emergency Hospital, with blood pressure in 0, with 3 oz. Hb., Finding blood in the bank and have a UCI good at hand, doctors first level D) Support 3 Cardiac Arrest, where at each stop of this magnitude along the mortality 99%, support a septicemia, bronchopneumonia, renal failure when mortality reached 99.9% is this survival may be luck, chance, milk? E. “Hearing God’s Voice and travel to Mexico when Peru had already said that he was evil and when we got there they tell you showing that was the exact opposite and will operate three days of this tumor prolongandote few months of life … milk? F) Finally, when you’re in the last stay, dying, comes an anonymous donor gave you the liver, we operate 12 hours, endure, do not reject it, evolve it and you save yourself and you’re healed and saved, when in this Mortality in transplant years was nearly 19%, it is luck ?… NO!, add up all these acts of fate, is Macro luck? …

NO, that’s called Miracle! 12 .- As you’d expect such miracles to give back to God? I’ve stolen from St. Augustine his personal experience when he said “my conversion at age 42, but a personal effort, it was an act of grace” and that I am making a personal effort of conversion … and waiting for that Gracia 13.-Say you’re a Leftist, a believer in God Tony Blair said in his memoirs that the Left and Right, it was the French Revolution and lasted for centuries but is now obsolete, are now talking about opening and Censorship! … 14 .- Miguel A final message I’ll take the call that made Jorge Mendoza need Decency in Politics! And for this we must create citizens committees to audit the Politicians and the promises of these have the value of a Contract Moral! … between politicians and the people, with all the rigor of a contract … well I’m still Believer and Mariano. ‘.

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Understanding the Laws Regulation Our Relationships

On the other hand the laws considered vital to regulate our relations are nothing more than straitjackets to avoid bursting due to the pressures imposed on us by society and its demands, observe nature, throw a few grains of corn on a small piece land and in a timely fashion will begin to appear a little plant which will bear fruit. The law of nature states that a “seed” planted under suitable conditions can sprout a plant, but instead the laws of man do not help to bear fruit, except, if and only if all proposed support and respect the rules of society. Add laws “green” in the workplace, ie, labor law should include items that allow the employer and the worker to acquire a full awareness of the role played in his work, especially if operating, and production of any product.

Do not forget that anything consumed or used by the human being has a different origin than that of nature, this consideration forces us to contemplate an articulate where we can regain some of the rough nature. Not forgetting previously raised as a resource to humans and nature, it is appropriate to outline some considerations about it, action is anything of what is available for achieve an objective, less words more words in the dictionary, but if we keep this approach human degradation will remain on par with that of allowing nature to enlarge the gap between “politics of nature conservation, social and security laws social and development challenges fallacy.

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Negotiating the Terms of Interest Payments

For current conditions, should be prepared to negotiate the terms of interest payments, refinance and even the hard but necessary decisions to resort to judicial collection. If your company has a customer base will surely these basic operating cycle, ie, buy on credit, paying bills, again use credit. How to improve collection. Before that, please answer the following questions: I have an old report of balances in arrears? I have a report of recent efforts made in the charge for each customer? There is documentation by the client in the portfolio? Date? I have a clear procedure to my collection managers on actions to take according to the delay of the customer? I have trained properly to my computer collection? I have tools and systems for tracking customer base? I have clear plans for cases that ask customers to negotiate limits and default interest? I have established the procedure to follow if a client provides a single payment and requests to be exempt interest? I have segmented the customers to which I no longer want to continue doing business with them? I have already selected a law firm for cases that merit judicial recovery move? Now, the key steps in the management of Collection: Identify the problem of delinquency cases: 90 days past due or more (depending on your politics). Get a list of these recent cases indicate efforts made and actions taken on behalf of its management fee.

Where a mass of 120 days, prepare the relevant communications to each client, to transfer him to judicial collection. Move to cases that merit judicial recovery. Determine doubtful cases, make the necessary reserves and pour it into bad debt. (Keep files and periodically monitor these cases, does not mean discarding). Additionally. Check that each count charging manager with the right tools: telephone, Internet access, fax and messaging. Expect a collector – courier, for collection and recovery efforts.

(According to trading volume and size of its customer base) Monitoring: – Review customer base every 3 days. – Sending dunning in within 5-7 days prior to transfer to legal fee – Steps taken by e-mail – Contact by mail or e-mail to more than one level within the client. – Weekly Report of the state of the portfolio. – Train staff in collection management. Keep up to date. – Do not neglect the hours they can contact customers (you may need night time recovery) as documenting a refinance: Prepare a small contract Attach a note for the amount to refinance. If possible, obtain post-dated checks. Set term interest rate in line with market levels. Conclusions You may decide not to give more credit, however this is difficult because this is how the market is demanding, it is important to better credit, investigate and document customers the best. In the Accounts Receivable is the actual operation, recover and make it work again is the turn of affairs, so the credit and collection area must be trained and supervised. The proper management and administration in the management of their accounts receivables is equivalent to saying proper management of your cash.

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Great Forces Affecting Market Prices

Then it is inconceivable that the great forces of the market is that prices have spoken. What has intervened is the need to feel secure before the wily attacks of Zionism who works for the policeman, is a double-barreled shotgun, but as the world policeman preaches peace, is supporting the Zionist Agreda all Islamic nations and the other felt the need to protect all Moslem nations to buy her deceiving arms so your attacker can protect themselves from enemy. If you do not have this need, the Islamic nations have made great strides made without running after the deceptions of the officer and his partner Zionist. Focus on oil is the one who decides international trade has its edges, as we know fuels of biological origin are entering a period of scarcity and if discovered, would not be enough to cover international demand, as some countries are being targeted in their replacement. Alternative fuels. Entry also dangerous to use some varieties of species for the production of fuels or also known as biofuels, especially from corn and soybeans, which are foods high global demand for food, it is entering a trend very Most dangerous for humanity, for his position to increase malnutrition and hunger in more than half the world population that is coming to meet the three third parties who are suffering hunger.

The funny thing is despicable and Mexico to name as democratic. Narcocracias did not know that they are democratic. As we know the World Narcocracia in Mexico has great operational and financial bourgeoisie in this country, as is also the Gran Colombia, in both countries the structures of drug trafficking to the marrow have corroded the political system, finance in these countries and because not to say cultural, intellectual voice as none has raised its voice in protest of the state lumpenisation and especially politics. Where Peter excels as his house of business ties of predation by the lives of thousands of millions of young people worldwide. And it’s ironic that as talk do not win the rich who want to make up their businesses with the lives of young people mentioned incompetence wins the state distributes to the needy. Tremendous mistake or delirium tremens of his mind. Are there other civilizations more civilized and uncivilized? Another contradiction because we have to have the perspective to analyze them all and still our perspective is limited by our Terms of origin, but if we understand from the Western scale we will see as backward, but they will see Westerners as worn, no technology can decide this variable, the size of the child Alvarito calling uncivilized pope as their ability to coexist with nature rather surprising capacity for self-destruction of the West is also amazing, not only Western man wolf man himself, if not just for himself.

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Communication Dysfunction and Politics

As we have politicians of the past, we also communicators stars “of the past. Just as we have people practicing Stalinism and calling party disciplinary tribunals, we can find vendettas dysfunctional in terms of information. Read newspapers before the microphone is the most you arrive and yet society keeps an estimated astounding. If you stop to look at the perceived located in another time, in one of the past, a trachea has nothing to do with the Venezuelan reality today. If one touches a bit not find anything, unless the screen where it is easier to perceive the emptiness. Just as politics goes missing links in the remains of the assumption of “stardom information” resembles the tattered curtain of an old theater where the play to present does not reflect anything other than the intimacies advertising sponsors. It is “living it” and something we all have to live, of course, but in the field of information is a delicate area which is the product outermost announced as protagonist and essence of the task to be fulfilled. From the style of velvety voice or hysterical voice information is carried as a dysfunction, not as the primary task.

In the performance information clearly perceived disarray in the operation, a qualitative alteration of its function, a spatiotemporal inadequacies. It continues to exercise so that you hear or see and feel the break, the separation between what is emitted and the times. The voice is there trying unidirectional audience and getting it in a public amorphous in the absence of other icons is assumed as a kind of representation of a dream finish. It is a voice from the past, in content and form, which the company deferred assumed what might be called “pop comunication. I have not shown an idol. I have not a TV star emerges. Communication dysfunction has been taking place, now the image that lends itself attention to this image is altered, this new “facilitator” who does the morning show or occupies the time of the elderly in the afternoon.

A gentle observation is taken as the way forward. Or the apparent harshness of a sentence is repetitive, but simulated punch, subliminal message is assumed that fill the heads of a society in disarray. All is appearance. The information to fill out a product with the format. The media is throwing a “star” in its stead. Sail over the waves with peacefulness and relaxation. Consumers believe find answers, make or Beyoncea Creole Lady Gaga, the new lights pop on a network without content, without substance, without awareness. The “preferred guests” (analysts, pollsters, political party, people repeating what they want to hear them) up the format, do their share of policy microphone, display and adjust. Always the same because they have introjected the script. There are a number of criteria in a country where Two prisoners are minorities. The vast majority of the country does not agree there because they fit the needs of the producer of the outdated linear expression. The majority country does not square with communication dysfunction. The term multiple break this static one-way process, would prevent “live” than the master of fire power in their supply chains and everyday discourse. Seek the breaking of that detestable word called “polarization” lead face to face with an innovative challenge that would leave the script shattered. Essayist, novelist, poet, poetry translator, lawyer, diplomat. Author of more than 30 books

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Understanding Venezuelan Instability

No one tests the depth of the river with both feet. Venezuela currently manifests turbulence scenario, which can not be ignored, especially by its citizens that face and that has led to instability, insecurity, risk in the economic, political, social, requiring actions, programs, plans from well-defined the current revolutionary government under the administration of President Lt. Colonel Hugo Chavez, who has been proposed as it is doing, introduce the XXI Century Socialism. This no doubt has caused serious problems in the population who were not prepared to deal with this change is to institute, where the inhabitants were accustomed to living within a capitalist political climate, Alberio with traditional political parties Copei, Democratic Action without fear of state intervention in a manner so as in the present tax. All this change is being made has given way, plans, actions, strategies that have impacted significantly on economic activity, productive, social, cultural politics that can not be ignored.

Notes: For each exported $ 100 last year, 93 came from the oil electricity crisis arises as a consequence of the lack of maintenance of production facilities and distribution, but also by the lack of investment in 29 power plants required to meet the increased service, of which five have been completed and only operate 3 with part of its capacity. It has also been abandoned and never Planta Centro four dams were built the High Caroni. The devaluation affects, through inflation, to encourage the financial sector and transnational inevitably reduces the real wages of workers the minimum wage lost 62.3% in the fall of Bolivar, because 55% of assets and services are purchased with U.S.

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Bad Credit/Good Credit, Which is Better?

Curiously, he said he preferred people with bad credit on those with good credit. Obviously, he knew that people with bad credit are often the most desperate and gullible. Finally, was prosecuted for fleeing with more than $ 1 million stolen “by the payments.” Someone 4), dropping the conspiracy theories. First Instead, take a look at those people who believe in conspiracy theories. They are the same who believe that professional wrestling is real. Want to be grouped with them? Second, as is the case of so-called secrets, real conspiracies would be exposed by the media in a very short time. Big conspiracy as some people are constantly based on could not be kept secret for long. At a minimum, the media would be interested in following states that the person conspiracy, if indeed there was some semblance of validity.

5) A person who uses religion to try to convince them that you can trust. His sales pitch involves the repetitive use of words and phrases like “praise the Lord,” “Hallelujah,” “God bless you”, “Glory to God”, etc. If you ever meet someone like that, they cling to their wallet and run the other as fast as possible. True Christians would never use religion as an asset attempting to increase their sales. 6) someone claims that their get rich quick scheme, weight loss program, etc. is “easy.” Anything worthwhile in life requires effort and is never really easy. Also, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it and people would not be struggling to make a living and / or weight, for example. 7) A person does wide-eyed claims that their product (who have never heard of before) is “surprising” or “revolutionary.” If it were really “surprising” or “revolutionary”, someone who that person and his followers would also be making the complaint about the product.

Someone wants to sell his “system” to make money that will make you rich. The obvious problem is that if your system is so good, why waste time telling you about it and try to sell you? Why are not using this great system to make money for themselves? The truth is that your money making system consists exclusively of the sale of seedlings of money making system! Terry Mitchell is a software engineer, freelance writer, and trivia buff from Hopewell, Virginia. He also serves as political columnist for American Daily and operates his own website – – setting out comments on various topics such as politics, technology, religion, health and wellness, personal finance and sports. His comments offer a unique perspective not often found in mainstream media.

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Aristotle and Political Assumptions

Aristotle was the first philosopher to deduct their political assumptions, the search focused on logical foundations of justice, bringing the essence of complete systemic concepts, for example, in a speech calling for justice. In politics, influenced by logical reasoning, characteristic of his speech, ethics, and might only be a logical formula for Justice and portrayed by Kelsen, to translate into more universal language. If a right which gives an individual a, b, a right to B, the requirement of distributive justice is satisfied if the relationship between the value of A and the value b is equal to the proportion of value by a value B. If persons A and B are equal, the rights to be given to each is the same as well. This formula is based on the metaphysics of natural law is called by Aristotle, distributive justice. She wanted to explain why some people deserve more than another principle which requires the allocation of credit.

This test is defined as impartial, supported by the logic of the derivation of the principle of equality, directly involves the decisions of the Government of the City-State. Its content, so it is uncertain and is related to defense or rejection of democracy. In addition, the law does not pursue this course and justice in their speeches referred to the other conditions for the existence of Justice. The content of the law is important to have a logical way to work, unlike the works of Plato. Aristotle, says that legitimacy, reason and equity, are in a plane different from the material of the law.

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The Third Way

Lula said that Brazil is not interested in first, second or the third way, but his own way, an opinion that you should apply to the rest of the continent despite the Peruvian president who was not even claimed the “Third Way” the same as Toledo. “Thinking self” maxim that has quite a lot, has transformed the Brazilian and South American destinations. Faced with the claims of the “British and Anglo Americans” and their policies of military intervention and military aid to countries that violate consider humans, highlighting a foreign policy of double standards. Lula thinks that this would lead to a minority of Powers decide to their own and apart from the sovereignty of each nation who are or may be attacked.

It has always been a supporter of a negotiated solution to conflicts and fight poverty with social investment programs that could attenuate the high crime and violence that has been growing in the countries and major Latin American cities, a blind eye to their chairmen to think that the great crime which is growing does not pass through the state. Lula Stresses in a multipolar world (along with Mbeki and Shroededer) and looks like a danger that a superpower to impose its agenda. His strategy is to strengthen the United Nations. The apathy of Europeans by Latin American countries has been dissipating.

With Brazil at the top, full Lula took office in England for being a president so popular (without trying to take advantage of this) and having the axis of its foreign policy in the unity of South America. Brazil, like other countries of the continent, preferred commercial and diplomatic relationship with the U.S. or Europe (as the only vision of international politics) Although many African countries seek links with the U.S. as the only way out. The new integration policies seek a relationship between neighbors. The way in which South must face globalization and the FTAA is first integrated and making their countries to seek trade more among themselves. This means creating more roads, pipelines and direct air routes. If you ask me what would be the most suitable candidate to be President of Latin America today, would say that Lula da Silva.

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