Where Are The Turiferos ?

In the festivities of the peoples of those Arguedas deep … all the blood!, Like in the old peoples of Asia and Africa had a Saga of people known as the TURiFEROS … Turiferos?, Yes, people walked spreading incense smoke and flooding to the community. Currently the Company is tossed and stalked by shoals and reefs, is a long list of problems that buffeted, but still an unknown Turiferos Saga of smokes. Vast sectors of the Peruvian population parade through the streets of Peru, shouting problems, needs and Justice …

however, as Pablo Neruda would say are … just words without echoes!, As the incense and smoke fill the pages of newspapers and news , ranks first and absorb the public attention at the expense of those screams … then who are the turiferos?. Serious questions afflict the country's daily life, but the smoke and make verbal floripondio appearances actually acquire hierarchy. Occur strange and savage deaths to people who were at the peak of public attention, amidst strange behavior of the Judiciary and the Police … Who are the Turiferos? The economic crisis hit the pockets of individuals and the family budget, unemployment and underemployment grows and grows, but still fuming Turiferos Turiferos unknown inflated balloons, create shapes and characters with feet of clay, creating fictional heroes, fill the pages of sports tabloid with characters who have never won anything, celebrity figures exhibit only moral misery spreads in the World is the exaggerated fear of a strain of virus, selling a pandemic and generating excessive concern with the support of local craft … then what Who are the Turiferos? Serious questions further weaken the discredited country's political class, but the incense fills us with a comic Melopea makes us look elsewhere. At the end like the old people of the world, parties and Life still awash with incense and smoke and people keep getting drunk with wine and beer sold bamba in the tavern of Power, meanwhile unknown Turiferos are still hiding in the shadows spreading smoke and incense in the form of strange deaths in the form of Pandemic exaggerated fears as unfounded, that the settlers did not uncover the hidden Sentina in all branches of government, so that the people do not discover the swineherd who should be trembling behind the smoke … behind the curtain.

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Policy Conflicts in Jalisco

The political situation in the state of Jalisco is immersed in hosting many problems in society caused mostly by the Governor Emilio Gonzalez Marquez and his government’s current model, which is full of benefits to society outside Guadalajara, the only thing that has been notorious apathy of not reaching agreements that benefit society unified and Jalisco. Coming to bad decisions, loss of state money and Retaliation. First we have pending, the manifestations of Macrobus on line 2 and 3, which has become too expensive politically, retaliation by the government justified by a blockage of roads, this event has now gained a better organization and support different entities which are against retaliation policy that has entered the government? If you do not have a more objective way of resolving this conflict can end in a state of disgrace.

Well I’m asking too much for someone who can not arrange for track and even politics, but rational and peaceful. In the second instance we have the final part of the Pan-American and Pan American Games, where he has invested so much money and time for two years, where he has flourished politically discontent (by borrowing) and neighbors of the park Morelos which of course are happy to have been torn down since the initiative to build the village in Morelos park located in the heart of our city, besides the time is over and Jalisco may run out of Pan American games, all without doubt a large flowered tantrum by our governor has since taken a very apathetic about other suitable sites for construction of the villa. Finally we have the conflict in the Lamar school where young people in the same way they are demonstrating for such overcharges and arbitrary attitudes, it is true this is outside the government but in the same way has remained the method of retaliation giving low students of the same institution. So when he got all these kinds of attitudes of our institutions, which outraged the rule of law and arbitrarily use the legal avenues for abuse of power. There is an old saying: a Todo what starts bad ends bad hopefully at the end of this government is only one bad shot and not cause major conflicts and misfortunes than sorry.

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Coming to Terms with the Global Economic Crisis

Already in the beginning of 2009, manifest the concerns of the countries that comprise this globe, with regard to the economic crisis in 2008 did not leave, crisis has had a significant impact in many countries, its economy gave way to recession , upon even the powerful and emerging. As in the European Economic Community. As well as other serious problems such as armed conflict between Israel and Palestine. a This is how we review what swissworld org. hana is gathered in Suizaa host the World Economic Forum (WEF), an international organization that it brings together prominent political leaders and business to sponsor a forum for discussion of promising policies for development in the future.

The town of Davos, Switzerland, is hosted this year in that forum, which at its thirty-third edition adopted the theme: a Construyendo the Confianzaa . The main points are: corporate challenges. Global economy. Global governance. Security and geopolitics. Trust and values founded in 1971 by German economics professor Klaus Schwab, the WEF has its headquarters in Geneva. It reminds us gestiopolis. com, the Forum is organized by a general committee of foundations dedicated to setting goals short and long term.

On the other hand there is a committee dedicated to monitoring the enforcement of the mission of the forum and another that is responsible for the administration of human and material resources. There is a collaboration of academic, business, international institutions, ONGos and religious associations of all kinds. a In 1992, he created a group called the a Lideres Global Mananaa , composed of young people whose interests are art, business, politics and civil society, they are encouraged to make decisions that benefit their communities.

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