Belarus One

At least, so say other observers. The whole point is that these small countries, the languages are not absolutely dominant, therefore, with regret waiting for their appearance in one list with Belarus. As well to save a dying language? Still, during the period of rapid globalization, the national color (and the language, of course, refers to it) should be kept carefully. It is not far off a situation where half the world will be loudly and leaping to speak Chinese, and the rest to answer them in English and in Russian (yes, I forgot about the guys from Iceland: they too will participate in this celebration of life). Here, Of course, you can cast iron argument: we are with you in this marvelous season, probably will not live.

But to think so – it is, simply, as an army without soldiers, I mean anarchy and chaos in its purest form. So, progressive thinking part inhabitants of our planet, and the specific teachings of one of American universities have developed (and not only developed, but also money from the government drove) a project to preserve dying languages. To do so would be through the establishment of Electronic translators, who will still be surviving speakers of these languages with the support of linguists and programmers. The special value of this project is that the result is not an ordinary dictionary (which translates individual words), and the electronic mechanism for constructing phrases and sentences (not to be confused with publicly available on-line-translators whose value is to put it mildly, exaggerated), that is precisely the main problem for survival of small languages. By the way, this project was started in 2002-2003, so in the near future we can expect concrete results. And what, actually, it was all? Just information for consideration. Yes, one more thing. Before explore the rare language, consider this: not whether you'll be in ten years, one of five hundred of his proudest carriers.

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Prime Minister Putin

The head of environmental agency said that the increase in fees is ten times – it's exactly the amount of funds needed for construction of sewage treatment plants. Thus, the business itself or to build sewage treatment construction and will not pay anything extra, or pay the state, then the state itself to build wastewater treatment facilities and will monitor the discharge of sewage, the minister said Trutnev. The fact that the existing the rates of payments for the discharge of pollutants into water bodies are minuscule, agreed, and Prime Minister Putin, proposing Ministry to prepare a proposal for changes in payment for discharges of wastewater into water objects. Neekologichnym trucks from entering the center of Moscow will be closed from September 25 to September, 25, the Moscow government will introduce a ban on entry to the city center within the Third Ring Road for trucks, class engine which does not comply with environmental standards Euro-2. Today Moscow's fleet consists of more than 3.5 million cars, and their number is constantly growing.

According to ecologists, every car in Moscow, isolated atmosphere over a million tons of harmful substances. Particularly acute this problem is felt in downtown areas. Moscow has long been choking on exhaust emissions of road transport and to reduce them would choose to to prohibit entry into the city center neekologichnogo trucks. As noted by environmentalists in Moscow have long been working towards the betterment of road traffic conditions and environmental safety. And the recent decision to confirmation. True, these restrictions do not apply to vehicles operating and emergency services, special-purpose vehicles of urban services, involved in cleaning the streets, as well as vehicles, accompanied by traffic police patrol vehicles, which may not correspond to the ecological standard Euro-2.

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Iron Chancellor

And got the same cherished goal – with an iron fist united under Prussian rule fragmented Germany, which map to Bismarck's contemporaries were compared with a patchwork quilt. After he first provoked the war with France, and then its you-play, had no any obstacles for the implementation of his plans. A conceived Prussian politician as much as the return on the political map of Europe, the German Empire, destroyed by Napoleon. In 1871, at the suggestion of the Reichstag, the imperial crown took the Prussian king Wilhelm I, and he also transferred all the actual power of the chief creator of 'German miracle' – Bismarck, appointed to the Chancellor. Nearly two decades of 'Iron Chancellor' ruled the country, which he himself created, like every great reformer, causing admiration for the minority and a deep murmur of the majority.

Since 1888, when the throne a new emperor Wilhelm ii, Bismarck star politician sunset. The new monarch has made it clear that the two kings in a kingdom not get along, and true German 'ordnungu' Chancellor submitted his resignation. Contrary to popular belief, the policy was not only the passion of the Chancellor. All his life he remained a compulsive gambler – in politics, cards, love. Could lose head, carried away by another beautiful woman, as happened, for example, in Biarritz, where 'iron' heart broke a Russian aristocrat graphite ae Orlov. And very upset when you do not bloomed his favorite lilies – because he was superstitious: if they did not bloom, do not be a treaty between Austria and Russia! And as it relates to food! Bismarck dined usually twice a day, and each of the meals included at least five changes, all washed down with a fair amount of wine. Rabelaisian feast in the house of the Chancellor hit even worldly-wise fellow.

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Collection Of Problematic Loans

Problems of non-performing loans in particular often occurs in our state, as changes in politics and economics, the era of primitive accumulation, the crisis periods, and generally the Russian mentality creates a large many situations where standard methods can not recover the debts. To bad debt conditionally include debt repayment which is a challenge for the company without the assistance of experts in law, qualified human rights activists and other experts in this field. General tactics work on long-standing claim to the debts is as follows. The first stage – gathering information about the problem, the study of systems in which is a deadbeat. Study circle of acquaintances with which the borrower voluntarily or under compulsion pay debts. At this stage, relations are sought for the conservation of which the debtor will be ready to pay the debt.

At this stage, should take note of not only legal, personal relationships, but also financial, economic and information: impact on work colleagues, relatives and contractors, etc. Should be made not only as a couple, after which the most effective for them to work. The next stage – a simulation of the defaulter actions. What is required to articulate what is needed from the debtor and communicating with people on whom pressure is carried out. The Organization of Action of the borrower need to understand whether there is a possibility to achieve the desired goals within the law. This stage is easier when the main task – to force the defaulter to pay the debt. If there is any likelihood of unsafe actions in response, then we must be prepared for a defensive campaign. The best means of Defense is considered the procedure of general publicity procedures for recovery of debt in which any sort was a response action may be brought against others, or any central figure.

The next step – the conditional logic finding of debt. When the direction of the actions the holder of the credit built, it must be desirable to provide as a result and determine what actions, circumstances may be the motivation of this image action. Certainly, it is necessary to investigate possible situation in which actors, on which the pressure, and their distinctive features, the pressure to become effective. This level is especially needed for work motivation due to the fact that, based on the logical opposite of the chain finding Debt constructed a number of threats that serve as an incentive for debtors to return the loan. At the same time threatening moments are considered both in terms of performance, and with the position of the current legislation. On the foundation of the inverse logic reclaim funds based tactics of the loan, which comprises in any ongoing priority pledge of trouble, the alleged scheme for solving the debt problem and advice to the debtor. The final stage – the program for recovery of debt. At first, necessary to carry out serious, but least costly for a lender threatening factors (the spread of the facts, etc.), and then threatening factors that demonstrate the pr legal activity, so that the borrower has developed the belief that in any If the credit will be charged. Finally, as standard, the method of forcible collection of debts through legal proceedings, the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings, initiation of professional proceedings.

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Monument Kuchma

This morning at the Square of Glory appeared monument former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma. Though not quite a monument, but only the layout. But it is not so important. The interesting thing is that he appeared before the elections. pr? Absolutely! When than free. Well could not the same journalists do not go for such a momentous event as a monument to the former president. And the fact that it was the layout – is a different matter.

Press releases flying in many media. Thus, and pushing the block "Kuchma. It is very significant that the attitude to Leonid Kuchma himself above the block has nothing to do. Yes, they profess to idealize ideology and his policies. But he, Mr.

Kuchma gave no consent to use his name. And the monument is hardly seen, and even more so, it coordinated the construction. Roman emperor with curly hair and head of Leonid Kuchma – is so memorable for the former president? The idea of block "Kuchma" – very interesting. It is only logical that 3% of the population of Ukraine are satisfied with the policy of ex-president. Therefore pozaigryvat them quite naturally. And the fact that Leonid Kuchma did not give consent is not taken into account. He's retired from politics. Yes, and how not cool, not every policy of erecting a monument, let alone a sign hanging from the bottom of the sacramental words: "Danilych, sorry!"

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Ice Age

To read something interesting about the player with such that name or surname, you can certainly make a kind of search in any search engine, but the final, for sure, just not satisfied. Since the selection will produce a robot system, and put it totally is definitely something expected from him. In practice, most likely bound to be exposed to the turn of the pages on which there are words or phrases that are actually slaughtered in the search engine. And because the end result actually find any sort of information that can actually for football in general, do not even relate. And what to take, in the form if you absolutely want to know something, for example, the footballer Diego, and not about what you like politics. In this case, the best result would be to find the real facts about the biography of a football player with a name or surname Diego.

Now is definitely for all of our Russian people began to see a rare opportunity to choose all the important information. At this should only enter on the theme website. With the help of which really easily find out what happens in life, such as soccer player Maradona, and of course read about his personal idea of the near future. Needless to say, this portal will be necessary not only to Russian-speaking citizens who are interested in a sport like football. Web site is full of truthful information about the reality of all well-known personalities, and thus even a character with the name or the name of Diego. And just such people on our planet, is not enough. Among the men on the planet, definitely that glorify his personal name or surname, well-known writers, popular actors, artists, and even cartoon characters, like for example the tiger from the movie 'Ice Age'. Once on the website, really fully satisfy their curiosity about the most famous people with the name or the same surname Diego, and in addition, be absolutely sure that all available information is correct.

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