French Rudolph

Rudolph R. Leytsinger sought to attract tourists to the North Caucasus and in Pyatigorsk and this has created a Mining Company. The deceased was a famous mountaineer and his name appears in print English, French, German, Swiss and was an honorary member of many societies. Even a few years before his death, he, along with his father – the elder raised at Jungfrau. The deceased was a man of the public – he was in many societies: the Committee of sobriety, the benefits the poor, aid to poor students. Pyatigorsk, by Rudolph R., strengthened Boulevard on Teplosernoy.

R. Rudolph was a founder and member of the association of brewers, factories Pyatigorsk. And a half years before his death opened the licorice plant, and a small coffee mill. R. Rudolph was a good family man. He put on their feet, not only their children, but gave education and family. – The irrepressible old man – were talking about the deceased.

Yes you will, a citizen and a man, the earth down! ". Say goodbye to Rudolph Rudolfovich came representatives numerous organizations, local governments, residents, who in the funeral procession, the flag and the sign of the clc, with singing 'Holy God' marched through the streets and the Royal Teplosernoy the Lutheran Church From all all of Russia and – for the border, where R. Rudolph was a member of many societies, have received letters and telegrams, among them a prominent place occupied by letters from students – tourists, there is a free, user-friendly shelter in the hospitable home of Rudolph Rudolfovich. They expressed their last wishes: "peaceful sleep, grandfather of the Russian mountaineering in the Caucasus." In our days in the house of Rudolf Rudolfovich on Teplosernoy, the Center's Children and Youth tourism and tours, which celebrated its 15 anniversary. This organization can be named successor clc and noble deeds 'restless old man' of child development of tourism not only in Pyatigorsk and cms, but also in Russia, as in their work tsdyut and E plans to regional events and competitions and the Russian scale. November 30, 2001, the day of the anniversary, workers tsdyut and E and its veterans for their excellent work among students were noted of thanks Letters Mayor V. Vasiliev. So that employees tsdyut and E are worthy of white – the blue flag of the clc, and continue the work begun in the early last century by Rudolf Rudolfovich Leytsingerom.

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Administration One

But if desires can be very diverse, everything depends on imagination specific person, then chances are quite material and did not depend on imagination, but from the man himself. Who's fault is it that you can not? This fault is only one person – you. No one else to blame that you do not have money, and you can not carry out his wishes. Money – a measure of opportunity and as a consequence – the embodiment of desire. And yet, most of all I like it when people think that it all the time someone has to. Remember, nobody owes nothing to! We should and must only their parents! And the man who saved our lives (if any). All anyone else! Why do we think that the government must must president of the Administration to put leadership must With what a drunken joy to us somebody has? Be thankful that all live freely, but there will come a new governor and we will live under serfdom. That is when the law will shake if the count does not go to jail.

Sure 100% that if someone from the most disaffected, besides the most honest and principled, bit of a trough and give the power, then this very dissatisfied, honest and principled will with a clever kind to do the same thing as his predecessor and to pretend that all is well. He (a former disgruntled and principal) will steal, take bribes, and chhat will be those of the series that came out. That's, excuse me, tested repeatedly, it is an axiom that does not require evidence rule, if you want. Of course there are exceptions that only prove the rule. An experiment, imagine for a moment that you have unlimited power, but you have little money (and there are always small). Presented? Really, you'll eat a potato and bread, and a neighbor or friend to drive to a restaurant and buy a lobster? "How did it for what it is I'll do that, I owe him nothing should?" – You ask, and'll be right. Exactly as well, and you no one should.

Do you know why we believe that we should? It comes from my childhood. When the parents ran to our first whim and cry when they laugh at any of our trick when buying toys for our requirement. That's when we imagined that we navel of the earth, and the most important thing on this planet. And when our zasranchestvo goes to a great life, it continues to believe that it is important and that he does not have to. But such major as he – each first. All those who surround him, too, consider themselves first and did not want to acknowledge his greatness. Therefore, there is a conflict, such as "They should, but do not " To sum up: Stop whining and complaining! It's in our hands! Our features depend only on us, and the opportunity – it is the fulfillment of our desires! No need to complain about someone or to complain about something, you will understand that something needs to change, but do not have to change "them", start with yourself. Start today, every night before bed, ask yourself: "What I did today in order to change something, what have I done to implement their dreams." And doing something is necessary, though millimeter short step to the goal, but every day, even in 2 minutes day, but do try.

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