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On July 7, one of the main themes of the Russian press has become a mass brawl between Dagestani conscripts and Russian soldiers in a military unit in the Altai. Much has been written about this in various publications. And provocative enough, frankly xenophobic, comments and articles. This unfortunate fact is used as an ultra-vengeance, and seemed to be quite sane, serious publications in provocation. Siberian Military District Military Prosecutor's Office is engaged in this fact and can only hope for an objective investigation. But the fight in Alei Infantry Division (MSD) is a random episode. Ethnic conflicts with a distinct tinge (between soldiers – came from the North Caucasus and Russian soldiers) – this is the existing system in the Russian army.

The general nature of comments both journalists and the military fits into the formula, "to blame the Caucasians." We will not argue with a whitewash of all recruits region. There is work to do in educational terms. But in the case of Alei DPA is considered as a reason for serious conversation. We believe in the concept of construction of the Russian army are obvious serious contradictions. And these differences are directly reflected in the socio-psychological climate in the sub-national and military units to combat readiness and effectiveness of the parts. In this regard, we address the Russian Defense Ministry the following questions. 1. What we are building an army: the Russian-Orthodox, Russian (multinational), or a hybrid of both? In general, what is the concept of the Russian army? Why, in spite of the Russian Constitution and other federal laws in en masse in the army we have seen, "pravoslavizatsiyu", and, despite multi-confessional composition of the parts? Well, do not oppose the introduction of Orthodoxy, referring to the educational effect for the Christian soldier religion. But then in the Russian Ministry of Defense must be concerned equally about the "nourishment of the soul" and to representatives of other religions: first of all – Muslims, as the most significant part (over 10%), military Russian army.

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National Convention

During the years of 1791 and 1792, three events befell that, in my view, completely cracked and ended with the confidence that until then the people will still lavished on the Crown and fostered in his heart the feelings regicides leak: Varnnes to the manifesto of the Duke of Brunswick and the discovery of the "iron closet" containing valuable secrets of the King. All this combined with other events like the massacre of the Champ de Mars, the promulgation of the Constitution 91 and the war against Austria and Prussia as a result left a decadent monarchy discredited. After all this the head of the King could not be saved. THE PROCESS The bars in the Assembly this January 14, 1793 were really full. Check with Tea Party to learn more. There was great excitement and the atmosphere was heavy. The heated discussion on the questions to be proposed to the assembly that they would be finished: 1 – Louis is guilty? 2 – The trial should be subject to the approval of the people? 3 – What is the penalty to be imposed? The next day, about the noon was opened on the first ballot question with the peculiarity that each member should explain his vote. Five members are declared disabled.

Another twenty are absent. Connect with other leaders such as Connie Coleman here. Eight patients were made. Finally, 683 replied affirmatively to the guilt of Luis, indicating a voting agreement between the Girondins and the Montagnards. Vergniaud, dressed in black, statement: "On behalf of the French people, the National Convention declared Louis Capet guilty of conspiracy against the freedom of the nation and the attack on the overall security of the state." The second question to be answered then. .

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Immigration population, entry of a permanent or temporary residence of citizens of other countries. I. Mr. determined by a number of reasons: economic (Import labor or entry into the country with more favorable conditions of work or higher living standards, etc.), war (seizure of foreign lands and their military colonization) and political (an escape from political, ethnic, racial, religious and other persecution, the exchange between the national minorities States, etc.). I. Mr.

played a key role in the settlement of certain parts of the world and the formation of the population in many countries around the world. I. Mr. has a significant impact on population dynamics, and its demographic consequences caused not only by the number of migrants, but also the originality of their sex and age structure: a noticeable prevalence among persons in young and middle age, as well as men. I. Mr. leads to confusion between different ethnic groups, as a result of what constitutes a new identity and nationality.

I. Mr. characteristic of all historical eras. Enormous influence on the population of Eurasia had a migration that took place during the last two thousand years, such as the Great Migration of peoples in Europe (4-7 cc.) migration associated with the Arab conquests (7-8 cc.), with the expansion of the Turkic-Mongol (11-17 cc.). Age of Discovery (mid 1915 – mid-17 centuries.) initiated a broad development of intercontinental migrations, mainly from Europe to other parts of the world, especially in America and Australia. In the 20 century. rates of migration continues unabated, although the migration and acquire a wide range of cases of another aspect: the huge population movements associated with the two world wars; resettlement of more than 16 million people. caused by partition of British India into two independent states – India and Pakistan, migration-related the resettlement of Jews in Israel and the flight and expulsion of Arabs from there, etc. At the same time still remain significant migration for economic reasons. Wide scale after the 2-nd World War 1939-45 was immigration workforce in the developed countries of Western Europe (the number of immigrants reaches 8 million people, including in France – 3.4 million, Germany – 2 million, Switzerland – 1 million, or 16% of the population, etc .). Countries supplying immigrants: Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, the countries of North Africa. 'Great Russian Encyclopedia "

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