Sigh Retroceded

It is disappointing when this happens. The expectation is so great, mainly when at this moment it would be the occurrence most different of the last times, it drugs! My father always said: – He does not place much expectation in the things for not frustrating itself. Although that, also nor she was so full of expectations thus. After all, the mixture of ingredients was not of the best ones, one was manufactured and another one comes of the antiquity. What I am finding difficult to identify is if this manufactured will have real effect or will be only one manipulable ingredient as the necessity. The domination I believe will be able to come of the antiquity, the experience in the negotiations with certainty will make its distinct presence, will not be as in the last ones, where it was substituting of time why the other or died or why he was dismissed, even so I believe that this does not go to change the situation of my sigh. My sigh, exactly that it had not retroceded would go to retrocede immediately afterwards therefore, occured declarations however regarding this new ingredient of that it would leave to come back to be used tungada, that comes back and stocking is revived in a new version, and that she is never effectively used for the such determined prescription, only exists as a camera of monitoring to all other prescriptions. It is difficult to believe that one prescribes thus ‘ ‘ to’ ‘ important she has not been used in the campaign when the two ingredients paraded for all the cantos with promises of great sighs. Ah! has more, the other ingredients that are the watch to be used here however however acol, also makes choir, that as soon as pass these times of parties and recesses will come back with all persistence to increase the value of each ingredient so that none of them is below of the value deserved or very next to that small parcel that only makes to suspirar for irrisrios increases, after all they already has set of teeth, already they eat yoghurt and chicken, has cellular and digital TV, some up to two cars, does not have what if to worry few they know to read and many are happy therefore can travel in 24 installments and optimum never they are joined stops for one end in this mixture of deteriorated ingredients that encircle the sphere of the society. looks at, wants to know? .

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River San Francisco

By consequence, the country is dominated by the corruption in all the levels and the judiciary power collaborates with everything this due to seriousness and punishment. The question of the infrastructure as housing, sanitation, treatment of garbage, roads, arborization, urbanization, familiar agriculture, leisure and healthy diversion, the come back preservation of the environment and questions stops familiar values, ethics, honesty and education, all had been forgotten and banalizadas. A people who loses its education and ethics if becomes poor person, vulnerable and without route. The president of a nation that is governing the country from the cabinet, if becomes only one figure of joint for interests of the great entrepreneurs and political parties. We daily attend the propagandas of the government that they completely show Brazil far from the reality that we also live and, we only hear a colloquy for the radio that is the communication channel of our president with the people, that is an unilateral colloquy. In the last few decades, the proven cities and in the interior had had a decreasing curve in all the directions. The managing plan, urban planning does not exist exactly and therefore: urban housing, feeding, colleges, schools, hospitals, roads and transports had gotten worse very and. The cities of the interior are in a true abandonment and the better capitals are not nothing.

E therefore we see these floods attacking hundreds of cities. The rain that would have to be a source of wealth and solution for the population, due to planning and preventive infrastructure if became disaster reason and destruction and when it is not rain, dries the retrocession complete. In fact, it has necessity of a connection between the problems and the necessities and entailing and otimizaes of the measures and solutions. We reiterate our invitation our president of the republic for a trip of all the cities and towns, of bus, that can be bus of plateaus with its comitiva, together with the ministers of the interior and the cities. After a trip of these the government it will know what it is happening in Brazil, and only will perceive that the current measures are very superficial and isolated, that the set free mounts of money for the city halls for the governments are not used to advantage of correct and efficient form, that the people did not have no improvement of life with the majestical workmanships, and that only the great companies had been benefited.(Example: Transposition of the River San Francisco). Perhaps laterof this trip the government will initiate a true construction of Brazil.

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Anatomy Technologies

Conceptions of technology the crisis in the health is reflected in the attendance offered to the population, whose evidentes traces are the impessoalidade and descompromisso of the workers of the health. Salient that it is necessary to modify this form to work and to produce action to minimize the suffering of the user. To produce technologies it is to search to produce ' ' coisas' ' that as much can be material as symbolic products, however, they must satisfy to the necessities. When it speaks in technology, is not if exclusively relating the equipment, machines and instruments, but also the certainties to know constituted for the generation of products, also to organize action human beings in the productive processes, even though in its dimension Inter-human being. technology is in the different ones to know that they look for to read our human world of the point of view of the health and the illness, the normal one and the pathological one, of the life and the death, searching to construct efficient procedures of intervention in these processes (22,23). Technological knowing is to know to make, is what it must be made before, as it must be fact, when if it must wait to carry through the following acts of the production, and implies in inventive intelligence and capacity. In technological knowing, it has the convivncia of the work dead and the alive work, simultaneously, in the concrete production of the imagined product. The technologies are classified in hard, light technologies leavenings and technologies.

Hard technologies are understood as those consisting by equipment of the type organizacionais machines, instruments, norms, routines, structures. They are related to the instrument, generally tied by hand of the professional or when making technician, as for example, the estetoscpio, the oximeter, among others. Technologies leavenings to know structuralized are them, as the physiology, the anatomy, psychology, the medical and surgical clinic and as much others to know that they act in the work process.

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So Lus

In its government it gave emphasis to the road system, the net of energizao and sanitation of the interior and one politics of settling and sanitation of the interior and agrarian settling. In the field of the education it instituted the State Advice of Culture and the Cultural Foundation of the Maranho with sight to one future state university. In the economic field, beyond the politics of agrarian settling, the activity of the bank of development of the Maranho, and the creation of the Federacy of the Superior Schools of the Maranho, the Company Progress of the Maranho; in the security field, the internalization of the Military Policy, with the creation of 5 battalions, headquartered in So Lus, Caxias, Pindar-Mirim, Empress and Release. Port finished the construction it Itaqui. v2 MANDATE (1973 a1976) In year of 1972 new elections in the country had been become fullfilled. Alves Matos and Joca Soares de Melo concurred for the Municipal elections of Good Adroaldo Garden; being elect Mayor Municipal Adroaldo Alves Matos and Miguel Alves Meireles, vice-mayor. The councilmen had been: Jose Nile Ribeiro, Mauzol Miguel de Sousa, ngelo Jorge Vieira, Aldimar Da Silva Port, Joo To sound of Melo, Martinho Gomes de Azevedo, Raymond Nonato Figueiredo, Antonio Carvalho and Zeferino Gomes Pear tree.

MAIN CARRIED THROUGH WORKMANSHIPS Implantation of the deliverering net of energy electric, proceeding from the Hydroelectric plant of Good Hope under administration of the CEMAR. Conclusions of the services of water supply carried through by the CAEMA, construction of the municipal public market of supplying, construction of schools in the agricultural zone. CONTEXT OF the NATIONAL POLITICS AND STATE PRESIDENT vPresidncia of Geisel Ernest (1973 a1976) with priority Goal of its government: – To develop the Railroad, Fluvial and Maritime system; – To increase the exportations, mineral research and the exploitation of the shale and the coal; To develop whatever the cost the national technology and to extend the Agricultural border in all the production areas.

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Industrial Revolution

Cibercultura in Development. When we relate in them to the contemporaneidade, we cannot to occult what cibercultura flame, imagining itself an influence that the technology comes causing the man/woman, transforming the way, modifying the perception concerning the reality, creating certain virtualismo when conceiving a world from the technological phenomenon. To speak of technology, retraces to an analysis that searchs certain genealogy in primevos times of the origin human being, that is, the development ' ' tecnolgico' ' of the first homindeos, passing for the societies grafas, the ecloso of said ' ' first civilizaes' ' , not disrespecting relegated periods the certain iluminista preconception, as the Average Age – some had arrived to conjecture not to have havido' ' progresso' ' technological -, also adentrando periods as the Renaissance and finally, arriving at the considered technological apex and bigger exponent of the society contemporary, the call Industrial Revolution. The development of industrialization is distinguished for the period from which the process of form production, being conceived totalizante, makes to come out a voluminous production of excesses on a large scale, needing a man power increase, that it would drastically come to be reduced by the same technology, in the truth the ones that if serve of it, where the citizen depersonalizes in way to the conditional environment the certain productive normatizao, since the regulation it time, until the depreciation of that it produces on behalf of the supervaluation of the product, an alienation. With technological sophistication, where I reserve the right to exceed diverse stages of the call evolution of the technology, we arrive at a simulation universe, where the individual becomes a coadjuvante, exactly having been protagonist of the current conjuncture and still to be implicit to the simulations keep out of society that it. Such process conditions subject to a technological dependence, where it passes to be observed not from itself, but of the determinative technological factor of its condition in being, projecting it in a reality that desumaniza.

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Einstein Beauty

Beauty and excellency if find and the talentos serve for the conquest of this excellency and the fake of the being does not stop. The talentos are not genetic, in contrast, they are the possibility of the Beauty. For old, the talentos gifts of deuses at the moment of the birth were considered and in exchange for the innate talentos, waited deuses that they helped them to the men. Thus, the guide for the accomplishment of the talentos is the Beauty. Some, although the difficulties, are capable to carry through its talentos.

When we look at for personalities as of Einstein, Freud, Kant or same Spinoza, do not see another thing that not Beautiful it, that is, the accomplishment human being in its more raised form. Michkin, the personage of Dostoievski, although constructed, is another example of beauty in the platonic direction. In common, all are examples of beings that had immense passion for what they made and they did not fear its talentos, for tormentosos than if they showed. What then in them it differentiates of personages and personalities as above shown? We have talentos, however, we are not educated to carry through them. In Plato, the talentos had been given to the man so that this could become each More beautiful time. However, the true talentos alone if express when the citizen arrives the conclusion of that it is here only for improving the world where lives and never the opposite. The beauty, however, is not in looking at only for itself, but to also see (to love) the other. The first step is to recognize it itself as exactly Beautiful, stops at one another moment, to have the capacity (possibility) to see in the other one somebody so Beautiful how much itself exactly.

The most raised technology human being it is the Beauty. It does not advance to give knowledge to the man without teaching it the search to it of the Beauty. The knowledge is instrument and not Beautiful it in itself. The education in aid swims the individuals to discover its talentos. We confuse the man with its profession and in this trick we forget to construct the man (the true one). The society archaic Greek glimpsed the ideal of the man as that one moved by a passion, that is, for Eros (the creative passion). This creative passion if called daemon and was exactly what the masters needed to discover in the pupils and to help to develop. In this direction, Daemon is a magical guide who makes with that the subject choice what she gets passionate to it, but that she demands, at the same time, that it walks in search of its accomplishment. It is that energy stirs up in each being makes that it to take great decisions in the life, despite difficult (it is irrational for the modern, but it is enough to be educated to listen to the voice of daemon e, consequentemente, if to guide for the Beauty). Stranger who daemon of the old ones turned Jewish demon in the Christian tradition, therefore our traditions do not like people whom they think on account proper, and to value daemon mean to think constantly about itself, consulting itself exactly e, in this way, valuing and understanding the other.

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Street Journal

Facebook, MySpace and other social networks accused to be envoy information to publicity companies that could be used to find information personal, in spite of the promise that had realised of not distributing this information without the permission of the user. The form they are doing as it is that when a user clicks in an announcement publicitacin, the name or YOU GO of the user or another personal information is sent automatically to those agencies of publicity. With this information that is giving these systems, the advertising agencies manage to create a better profile of the possible clients according to the profession, personal location, age and other data that make differences of the others. Wall Street Journal has identified several companies that are receiving this information and between which are DoubleClick (Google) and Average Right (Yahoo), which said that they did not have knowledge of which these social networks were sending them personal information through system of them, but who they do not have used that information. Now with the social networks it is much more easy to spread personal information. With only a click the system can send direction IP of the person along with the profile automatically that it has in the different social networks, these profiles normally include varies personal information that it can help to segment better the markets or until a to make acts criminal. The benefit that the technology has offered to us from the beginning is something that is to admire, because if not outside by her we would not have the huge things and facilities that we have, but is important to know and to recognize that the technology and systems badly used can generate prejudices for the people. By similar problems days ago we published the news, where some users are making call to leave Facebook. Twitter: @Gabatek Original author and source of the article.

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Game Companies

The effectiveness of the games of companies; 6. What games of companies teach. Basic characteristics of the games of companies: 1. The games of companies present a simulated environment quesubstitui the elements of the real system not explicitamenterepresentados by people in the games. 2.

All the decision 0 variable are express in the model, emboraalgumas of clear and defined form, while others are only disclosed demodo sufficiently vacant and superficial. 3. They look for to develop the interactions between the participants and the meiosimulado one and of them enters itself, as firms disputing a market. 4. The games of companies, for more complex than are, will be always simpler than the real world. 5. Definition of clear papers, is these structuralized or not; 6.

Clear rules and understood well by the participants; 7. Creation of conditions for attractive and involving game. The company game is, by itself, a process extremely dynamic. Suaflexibilidade allows that the professor can not only adapt it economic and social stendncias, but also to the changes that alegislao obeys. In almost all the games of companies, diferenasentre the groups and participants already are enough for torn-losdiferentes of a course for another one, since the aspects human decomportamento of the members of the groups will be always different, no matter how hard if it tries to standardize them. The phases of a game of companies: 1. Preparation: creation of an adjusted climate, with an exercise, has debated, or same some simulation. Clarification of the objective of the game, as elepode to help the course, the desirable attitude, the attention for certoscomportamentos etc. 2. Instructions: definition of papers, definition of the scene and rules of the game. 3. Assay: in complex games, use of assays becomes, for ' ' aquecimento' ' of the group. 4. The game in itself: the professor and eventual coordinators must acompanharo transcorrer of the game, to observe details of the paraposterior dynamics quarrel and to supply eventual aosparticipantes clarifications and to monitor the course of the game.

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Personal Communication

The professor today has the paper of mediator-facilitador-entertainer of the education process learning to form critical pupils whom they search to construct its proper one to know. FRES affirms that ' ' the resource current of the technology, the new digital ways: multimedia, the Internet, the telemtica brings new forms to read, to write e, therefore, to think and agir' '. The pupils many of the times already are made familiar to the medias (they are native digital) but do not perceive its educative importance. The simple act to edit a text makes with that the person interprets of different form the text that she uses or that she is producing. The use of the TICs in the pertaining to school environment does not have to be seen as a tool only for presentation of a subject, therefore we use when it we are modified by them e, as many professors how much pupils obtain to improve its knowledge and to acquire new. The professor does not need to become a specialist in TICs so that these technologies are implanted in its lessons. It needs is of incentive, of stimulaton to be able to change its pedagogical action and to have conscience of that it is a facilitador of the knowledge and that the pertaining to school changes leave mainly of the professors. Finishing we can cite MORAN, that affirms that ' ' It has drastic changes in the world of the work.

The companies are substituting all the tasks of routine, previsible, for technological solutions, programs or equipment. (…) People that they know to decide problems, work well in such a way individually as in group that is extremely eficientes' '. Therefore, it is that the pertaining to school environment has that if to innovate and to search in the TICs an allied to form people qualified and that they can supply the necessities of the market of current work. Consideraes final We can perceive that to use the TICs in the pertaining to school environment what we need is of professors stimulated and opened to the new knowledge, that they perceive that its pupils are native citizens of the technologies and are if developing in set with them, discovering to each to press of button a new world, and that it, professor, must lose the distrust to press the button and ruin the machine. Everything starts in the school and with the aid of the professors and the TICs it is that it is spread for the world. Bibliographical references FRES, Jose R.M. Education and Computer science: The relation Man/Machine and the Question of the Cognition? MORAN, Jose Manuel. Challenges in the Personal Communication.

3 ed. So Paulo: Paulinas, 2007-p.10-15. VIEIRA, Fbia Magali Saints. Management of Educative Computer science: according to a systematic thought? temg7/gerinfo.htm (nov/2002) VILARINHO, Sabrina. Brazil team School. < Portuguese. For Regina Dutra Maria. Graduated Social Sciences, teacher of History for the final series of Basic Ensino and of Sociology for Average Ensino of the state net of Minas Gerais and actual tutor of the course of Graduation of Geography for the Unimontes, in the polar region of Pompu.

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One is due to distribute in this level one education independent in the field of the reading and writing that is that the student to begin reads what wants because when young Lee which it likes, motivates in the car learning and he shows to interest and good attitude to realise all the activities oriented by the educational one until sometimes there are cases that they propose to do others. If the permanent motivation in the students exists it managed to develop the comunicativas competitions that the educational one requires since they are creative and innovating; here the excuse does not fit of which the educational one says the school where work is very poor does not have anything of didactic material I am working with the nails ; the educational one with good methodologic strategies, takes advantage of the human resources that it has to his disposition and it places the children to make his own material of work. It is had to have well-taken care of of which the student does not fall in the error to stop the processes lectoescritura them and that falls in the mother of all the vices the laziness with an evil use that they are accustomed to to give the new technologies where they consider easy much more to copy and to stick a text by Internet that to produce it by its own capacities. He does not know himself that the new technology of the information favors the access to the knowledge and that stops such attainment is needed that the educational one enters this fashion and to orient them towards its good use. In his revision of Literature on this subject, Bawden he mentions that: the technological alphabetization includes (among others characteristic): to know which are the functions of a technology like, for example, the computer, knowledge to choose between its functions to find the application adapted to the task that faces 12 at a certain time. .

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